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Signing up is easy. Earning CloudCred will take some skill.


Today (Wednesday), join the VMware Community Podcast for a conversation about Certification updates.

Plus, find these new & updated resources, and a complete selection of Certification Tasks in the CloudCred VMware Certification Badge.

Newly Updated Task 3217: 2017-18 VMware Certification

New Task 4223: VMware Community Podcast: VMware certifications update

New Task 4222: Earn your VMware VCP7-DTM Certification

New Task 4221: Earn your VMware VCP6.5-DCV Certification



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Most of us are interested in what our fellow community members are innovating and creating.

Are you involved in a new initiative, or know someone who is?

Let us know so we can share it in our occasional spotlight: What are you working on?



vSAN6.6 Tweet.png

Get to know this significant vSAN release - 6.6.

New Task 4214: vSAN 6.6 Demo - Duncan Epping

New Task 4218: vSAN 6.6 Technical Overview

Task 4210: VMware Community Podcast: Introducing vSAN 6.6

Task 4211: What’s new for vSAN 6.6?

Task 4212: What's new in vSAN 6.6?

Task 4213: What’s New with VMware vSAN 6.6

Task 4214: vSAN 6.6 Demo - Duncan Epping