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New Task 4157: New Community Warrior: Wil van Antwerpen

New Task 4156: Join the March 16 VMware {code} Townhall

New Task 4155: Call for Papers - Last Day

New Task 4154: Advanced Power CLI - in under 100 min.

New Task 4153: vRealize Log Insight - in under 90 min.



VMware Community PodcastSAP.png

New Task 4158: VMware Community Podcast: SAP Adapter




Check out this excellent resource, and your chance to WIN a FREE on-demand course and exam voucher!

*This live event occurs via WebEx, Wednesday, March 15, 2017. GMT: 9-10am


Task 4047: Tech Wednesdays - March 15: Design considerations for VDI and RDSH-Hosted Apps

Task 4046: Tech Wednesdays - March 15: Share the news!

Task 4045: Tech Wednesdays Featured HOL: Introduction to Horizon 7

Task 4044: VMware Horizon 7 Fundamentals





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