VMworld 2016 NSX Center Competition

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Join CloudCred in Las Vegas for a competition that will keep you running, Beaming, streaming, and learning.  Get ready to have fun with us – and WIN BIG!

On August 27, find 25 new tasks in the CloudCred NSX Center World, including 3 new badges. Each task is designed to either connect, challenge, or entertain – with an NSX/Networking focus.

VMworld NSX: Village Badge

Fun, engagement tasks: Meet people, try out new gadgets, get your heart rate up.


VMworld NSX: Experts Badge

Meet, connect with, and learn from the NSX vExperts in our community


VMworld NSX: Learning Badge

Take advantage of all the excellent NSX-focused resources at VMworld


Awesome! How do you win?

First to Finish

and get to the CloudCred Booth!

The NSX: Village Badge

The NSX: Experts Badge

The NSX: Learning Badge

1st to Beam (Task 3698)

1st to Meet ALL the Communities Team Members (Task 3699)

Finish ANY of these first, and win a MyPassport Hard Drive!


Daily Leaders Draw

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Land in the Top 10 on the NSX Center World Leaderboard, and you may be selected to win a BOSE Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker!


Random Draws

3 Winners selected at random from players earning the VCA6-NV Badge (Task 3670)

Win a Fitbit FLEX!


2 Winners selected at random from players committing to write tasks for CloudCred (Task 3678)

Win a Fitbit FLEX!


3 Winners selected at random from CloudCred NEW players!
(Task 3701)

Win a MyPassport Hard Drive!


3 Winners selected at random Wednesday from all those completing

The NSX: Village Badge (1 winner)

Win a Roku 4 Streaming Device!


The NSX: Experts Badge (1 winner)

Win a Roku 4 Streaming Device!


The NSX: Learning Badge (1 winner)

Win a Roku 4 Streaming Device!


Plus: Bring a Friend to CloudCred (Task 3700)

And win a CloudCred Ball Cap!

Bose Soundlink.pngFitbit Flex.pngMy Passport 1TB.png

Roku4 2x2 copy.pngBall Cap better.png

Players will be notified by email, and have until 2pm Thursday, Sept. 1st  to claim a prize.

Players must be present to win.

Players winning multiple prizes will be at the discretion of CloudCred staff.

Employees of VMware are not eligible for contest prizes.