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 welcomes its newest world

Friday, December 11 -








To begin, check in on Friday:

  • Find new tasks focusing on SAP Virtualization
  • A new SAP Virtualization badge available
  • Some great new prizes specific to SAP!


And as always, remember features several valuable resources - Take advantage of them, and share the word with friends and colleagues!

  • Over 20 specific badge categories, each containing learning tasks specific to that area
  • In addition to the newest Partner Alliance World, 3 unique worlds each with its own tasks and leaderboard:
  • Two VCP-Exam Review Task Series, following the objectives included in the VMware exam blueprints and written by vExperts from within our CloudCred community:
  • New task resources released weekly.

Signing up is easy! Establishing CloudCred tasks some skill - Play today.

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