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As of December, 2015, CloudCred players will have two ways to sign in: Using a My VMware account, or using a Twitter account. Other social channels will no longer function to sign in.


However, your CloudCred account is accessed via the email address used to create it.


So, if you find yourself unable to access your CloudCred account because it’s using an email other than what’s associated with Twitter account or your My VMware account, you have two options:


  1. Create a new Twitter account using the email address that is currently associated with your CloudCred account.



  1. Kindly submit a request to the CloudCred Community Manager, asking for an email update to your account so it matches your Twitter email. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing. (Kidding – but Option 1 will create less work for the Manager.) or


As always, thanks for being a valued player at