Back for a 2nd Year!

Hands-On Labs & CloudCredibility.com

2015 VMworld EMEA Labs Contest & Giveaways!


This year, find CloudCred in the Hands-On Labs Connect Area

Join the CloudCredibility.com Team as we partner again with the experts in Hands-On Labs to bring you the 2015 VMworld EMEA Lab Contest & Giveaways.


Beginning Monday, October 12, in the CloudCred Hands-On Labs VMWorld at CloudCredibility.com, you'll find:

  • Over 35 brand-new Self-Paced (Hands-On) Labs
  • 24 Expert-Led Workshops
  • 10 fun engagement tasks


For players who will be attending VMworld in Barcelona - every CloudCred Task you complete in the Hands-On Labs VMWorld during the event will increase your overall Hands-On Labs VMWorld total and advance you up the Leaderboard. The more tasks you successfully complete, the better your chances of winning one of these great prizes!


How to play:

1) Sign up at CloudCredibility.com - Have to be a CloudCred player to participate!

2) Complete Hands-On Labs and/or Expert-Led Workshops in the Hands-On Labs Venue in Barcelona!

3) At the end of each lab or workshop, make a note of the unique key word.

4) At the end of each lab, where you find the survey, scan the QR code (in the CloudCred banner) with your mobile device, and it will take you to the corresponding CloudCred task.  You will not see a QR code in a workshop. You must access CloudCredibility.com from your computer or mobile device. Then, find the corresponding CloudCred task from the list of tasks in the Hands-On Labs VMworld.

5) Complete that task by submitting the correct key word - and earn your points!


The more labs and workshops you complete, the more CloudCred tasks you can finish. Each CloudCred task earns points and moves you higher

on the Hands-On Labs VMworld Leaderboard!


This year's prizes are as great as always:

HOLGoPro Hero3 Correct.jpg

  Daily 1st place Leaders!

  GoPro Hero Cameras

  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

  CloudCred Hands-On Labs VMWorld Leaderboard






HOLgeneric laptop2.jpeg



Overall Grand Prize Winner!

Thursday - 1st Place: CloudCred Hands-On Labs VMWorld Leaderboard











Overall 2nd & 3rd Place Winners!

Fitbit Charge, Wireless Activity Monitor

Thursday - 2nd & 3rd place: CloudCred Hands-On Labs VMWorld Leaderboard











Overall 4th & 5th Place Winners!

MyPassport 2TB Hard Drive

Thursday - 4th & 5th place: CloudCred Hands-On Labs VMWorld Leaderboard

Additional Prizes include: CloudClub 1K Tees; Hands-On Labs Tees; vCloud Air Tees; The Challenge Guru Stickers; Mophie Chargers



Mophie Charger.jpg  HOL Tee.png  HOLChallengeSticker.png   Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.30.59 PM.png







Employees of VMware are not eligible for contest prizes.

Players must be present to win.

Players qualifying for multiple prizes will be at the discretion of CloudCred staff.

Please play responsibly.