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Congratulations to player and task writer Marc Crawford (@uber_tech_geek). Marc recently won this DELL Inspiron 15 laptop for his contributions to the DCV-EXAM Review Task Series currently available at CloudCred. Marc, along with three other vExperts and community members, wrote over 180 tasks covering the 7 sections of the VCP5-DCV Exam Blueprint version 3.5.


DELL Inspiron.jpg Find the DCV-EXAM Task Series


Join CloudCred to access +2500 Tasks, 4 Worlds, 4 Leaderboards, +20 badges, +10 Prestige levels, hundreds of teams, prizes, and contests. Plus, make new professional connections and learn from hundreds of active players.


CloudCred also congratulates and thanks task writers Nigel Hickey (@vCenterNerd), Andrea Mauro (@Andrea_Mauro), and Mike Medrano (@GeekieMike) who generously contributed their time & expertise to the series. Find out more about the authors.


If you would like to contribute as a task writer, we are currently gearing up for the next VCP Exam Review Series: NV. Please contact the CloudCred Admin:, or Community Manager Noell Grier: