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VCP5-DCV Exam Prep Task Series - Part II

April 20 at .


CloudCred announces the second wave of the VCP5-DCV Exam Preparation Task Series.

+80 DCV-EXAM tasks have been available since February at CloudCred, covering the first four of the seven sections outlined in the VCP5-DCV Exam Blueprint.

Now, as of April 20, we've added +100 brand new DCV-EXAM tasks, covering the last three sections.




+100 New Tasks:

  • Live Monday, April 20
  • Can be found under the DCV-EXAM Badge at
  • Continue to follow the VCP5-DCV Exam blueprint, version 3.5
  • Begin with Introductory tasks for each section which outline the resources and knowledge points covered in that section.
  • Progress in order, and thoroughly cover each objective listed for a section
  • Include links to resources
  • Include challenging questions using varying formats: File uploads, Multiple-Choice, Text-box fill-ins, and/or True/False
  • Are authored by vExperts & IT professionals with a breadth of experience and expertise
  • Will make five lucky players WINNERS over the next five weeks: VMware Long-sleeved Baseball Tee's

CloudCred is pleased to have partnered with these individuals who gave generously of their skills and time:

Marc Image.jpeg



Author Marc Crawford: Systems Engineer for NJVC & St Louis VMUG Leader

VPC4&5, VCAP5-DCA, CCNA, MCSE, MCTS, A+, Security +, Network +, vExpert 2015


Twitter: @uber_tech_geek







Nigel Image.jpeg



Author Nigel Hickey: Infrastructure Administrator for National Specialty Alloys

VCP5– DCV, VCA– DCV, VCA – WM, VCA – Cloud, vExpert 2014, 2015


Twitter: @vCenterNerd


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.50.36 AM.png



Author Andrew Mauro: IT Pro. VMUG IT Co-founder & board member. VMTN Moderator.

VCDX-DCV, VCAP -*, VCP -*, vExpert 2010-2015, ...


Twitter: @Andrea_Mauro

Mike Medrano pix.jpg

Author Mike Medrano: Technology Consultant, EUC – APAC for Global Tech



Twitter: @GeekieMike