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Get ready for the VMware vForum Online, an interactive half-day event specifically designed for business and IT professionals that includes breakout sessions, expert chats, and Hands-On Labs Online. will be teaming up once again with vForum Online to bring the fun & prizes to CloudCred players. Every time you complete a vForum Online Contest task, you will be entered to win either an iPad mini or one of two Google Chromecasts.

Pre-event tasks will be available starting this Monday, November 3. A preview of other contest tasks will also be coming your way.

So, mark your calendar! You won't want to miss this valuable event.

CloudCred congratulates two top players who, on October 15, 2014, won the site's top 180-Day Prize


A MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer




Both winners are great leaders in our community and can be followed on Twitter or at his Blog:


Ravi Venka.jpg



Ravi Venkatasubbaiah - "Ravi" topped both the 180-Day VSAN and Log Insight World Leaderboards


@Ravi_Venk - The Daily Caffeine










Allan Trambouze.jpeg



Allan Trambouze - "VirtualQuebec" scored first on the CloudCred overall 180-Day Leaderboard, as well as the NSX World Leaderboard.


@VirtualQuebec - Virtual Quebec







Is the party over? No.

There are plenty of ways to jump in and benefit from the resources provided at


  • Over 1500 specific technical tasks in more than 20 categories, created to both sharpen your expertise and encourage you to share insights with other players.
  • Anniversary Tasks to help new players find what's popular and an easy place to start
  • Over 40 Hand-on Lab Tasks from VMworld 2014
  • VSAN World, featuring over 100 tasks from the introductory to the complex
  • New tasks released weekly, and Triple-Point Tuesday bonus points every week!
  • Prizes awarded for point achievement, and specific contests running regularly


Simply visit and create an account. In less than five minutes, you can Play, Learn, and Win with Ravi, VirtualQuebec, and hundreds of others. See you there!

The results are in for the  "Hands-On Labs and CloudCred - 2014 EMEA VMworld Labs Contest and Giveaways".


In an amazing turnout, CloudCred saw over 1000 new players over the course of the show!  CloudCred Lab Champions had the opportunity to win a GoPro Camera, a 1 TB Hard Drive, a GoLite Battery Pack, and the Grand Prize - a Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop.


A hearty Congratulations to our Winners!


1st 800 "deeabson"  Dee Abson, @deeabson

2st 750 "Scohol" Scott Holliday @sjholliday

3st 625 Harold Buter @hbuter

4st 500 "smkillen" Sean Killen

5st 300 "Guyver" Frank van Egmond

6st 200 "Bert" Bert D’hont

7st 200 "diego" Diego Brianza

8st 200 "JanLD" Jan L. Dam

9st 200 Jens Hennig


This contest might be over, but there are always new tasks and challenges waiting for you at CloudCred. And if you didn't make it to 2014 VMworld, all the Hands-On Labs will be available at CloudCred. Play today at

Hands-On Labs and CloudCred - 2014 EMEA VMworld Labs Contest and Giveaways

WHAT: Hands-on Labs and CloudCred are teaming up at VMworld to reward you for doing something you already love doing, taking Labs!  By signing up for CloudCred and completing Labs, you will have the opportunity to win tons of exciting prizes.

HOW: First, make sure you are a CloudCred player! If you aren't yet, simply access the site and follow the simple instructions to sign up:  Then, once you are at VMworld and have completed a lab, a new screen will pop up asking you to take a survey, but you will also see a QR and verification code to signify that you have completed the task.  All you need to do is scan the QR code and it will take you directly to the CloudCred task for the lab where you can then enter the verification code to complete the task & receive points.  The verification code is unique to you and the lab you have completed.  In order for the lab to count, you will need to spend a minimum of 20 minutes in it.  If you don’t have a smartphone with you, just write down the code and enter it in when you have access to a computer.



Blog GoPro.jpg




Daily Leaders, T-Th: GoPro Hero 3 Camera







Blog Frogz.jpg

Final Leaders, Th, 5th-10th: iFrogz GoLite USB battery pack









Blog MyPassport.jpg




Final Leader, Th, 4th: MyPassport 1TB Hard Drive








Blog Jambox mini.png





Final Leader, Th, 3rd: Jambox Mini by Jawbone








Blog Beats headphones.jpg




Final Leader, Th, 2nd: Beats Solo HD Headphones









Blog Dell.jpg



Overall Grand Prize Winner!

Final Leader, Th, 1st: Dell Inspiron 15, 8gb i5 CPU







Other additional, cool prizes: 1st 4 to find a Hidden QRL Code win either a 3KmAmp USB Battery Pack or a 1 TB USB drive

So get ready to play and win with CloudCred & Hands-On Labs at 2014 EMEA VMworld! See you there!

*Maximum of one prize valued over $50 per player, includes daily leaders