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CloudCred Version III

It's all about your CloudCred Prestige

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Reach 20K points and you will be ready to move to the next level of play.

There are 15 Prestige levels; each has its own tasks.

Get ready to test your knowledge!  Explore harder tasks the higher you climb.

            Level 2 Tasks           Level 3 Tasks           Level 4 Tasks and beyond…


CloudCred has recruited some of the most senior administrators (VCDX & vExperts) to craft more challenging tasks as you climb up through the levels. You will not be exposed to advanced-level tasks until you reach your next Prestige.





Leaderboards are now focused on where you are and getting to the next level.  Race your team members up the ladder to the next shield. But understand, each time you Prestige, you drop down to the bottom of the Leaderboard and begin again with a score of zero.  But don't worry.  All the repeatable tasks will open back up to help you on your way!

Reach 20K and look for the Prestige button on your profile page!

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Contests and Prizes will be able to operate within levels in order to allow players at differing skill levels to compete for rewards and prizes.

So, get ready to Play, Learn, and WIN in a whole new way!

CloudCred Version III - Releasing August 9, 2014.


- Your CloudCred Admin Team


Fine Print for Existing Players:

For those who have been playing: You have automatically been set to the appropriate Prestige level, and the remainder of your points is saved. Nothing has been lost. Now you will see your appropriate Prestige level & badge, and your rank on the Leaderboards is based on your remaining points.

For those trying to win a 3D printer: Total points have been recorded. Leaders will be calculated and published once a week.