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Did you Open up a hard drive and give a lesson?


(And if not, you can still hurry up and do this...)

We at CloudCred received many many great submissions citing that your children/wives/neighbors/friends enjoyed a hard drive tutorial -

and even some cute pictures of those kids holding up fragmented pieces of your computers!

Your administrative team enjoyed looking at all your family photos...

And we decided that for enduring... I mean enjoying - that hard drive lesson, your partner and you should both win a T-shirt!

BUT, in order to win, your child/wife/neighbor/friend must drop us a line and verify his or her participation, and just say hello.

The first few emails (with accompanying verfiied task submissions, of course!) will win a pair of shirts.

Ready? Set... Go!

We at CloudCred are excited by all the new players joining up to conquer the NSX, VSAN, and Log Insight Worlds - and by so many regular players checking in to kick some bits. It's been a great week!



Bose Speaker.png





The Online Community Forum Contest engaged hundreds of players over the past few weeks.

Are you ready to find out who scored highest and will take home a Bose Speaker or Pebble Smart Watch?

We are too! Stay tuned to find out if that player is you!









Plus: CloudCred members are notoriously on the cutting edge, earning credibility in the most current areas. Engage in our NSX World to learn about this up and coming product and meet other players interested in the doing the same. NSX World regularly features new challenges, and you'll find great incentives to stay involved when you explore these tasks.



CloudCred has something to offer everyone.

Check in soon to join these and other new players as they compete for top spots on each of the four Leaderboards.

Brand new players top this week's NSX Leaderboard, with long-time players right behind.

NSX Leaderboard.png




To jump in to the fun, just use these direct links to CloudCred or an individual World:

CloudCredibility Home

CloudCredibility NSX World

CloudCredibility Log Insight World

CloudCredibility VSAN World

And if you're interested in having a little FUN with VSAN this weekend, make sure you visit this Friday for some new tasks to make you smile.

Thanks for playing - and as always, thanks for being a valued CloudCred player.

- The CloudCred Admin Team

Don’t miss some new NSX World Tasks live today

Task 1353: Read Blog: vCAC and NSX – Dynamically Configure Application Specific Network Services

Task 1354: Watch the Video: Automated Network Provisioning with NSX Overview

Task 1355: Watch the video: Managing Network Profiles for NSX Integration

Task 1356: Watch the video: Preparing vCloud Automation Center for NSX Integration

AND: Did you know? You – CloudCred players only, can request access to the private NSX VMware Community

– and download the (unsupported) NSX bits from there?

Task 1333: Join the NSX private community and get the bits

A sweet perk for being a valued CloudCred player.

But don’t keep it to yourself. Tell your friends to visit CloudCred.

CloudCred Announces WORLDS

*NSX *VSAN *Log Insight


If you are one of the nearly 10,000 players at CloudCred, you’ve noticed something new this week! After months of anticipating, the doors opened to three new WORLDS – NSX, VSAN, and Log Insight.


You can now compete in Worlds, focus on World-specific tasks & gain points targeted at a specific World. 




You can explore our CloudCredibility worlds and jump directly to a world. Here are links directly to the three worlds:


Each world features scores of brand new, more in-depth tasks. Now, players can learn in the area in which they are most interested, ranking on unique leaderboards against others who are – or hope to be, experts in the same field. Instead of one overall CloudCred leaderboard, now there are three. Instead of having a limited number of in-depth tasks in a wide variety of categories, now each World has, or will have, dozens of challenging tasks for every skill level.


Players are competing now, and new players are earning new places as frontrunners. Checkout the vSan

leader board for this week -  Ravi streaks out to a quick lead!



So check in today, and check in often. The future of cloud learning and credibility is already here.  If you haven't played in a while, now is the time to come back and learn some specifics and keep your credentials fresh. Come play today.


Your CloudCred Team!