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This week, we want to spread the word about the advantages of VMware’s vSphere over Microsoft’s Hyper-V. vSphere is preferable to Hyper-V because it is more modern and built to last throughout the future, is associated with a lower total cost of ownership, is more reliable, and has the capability to virtualize entire data centers.


This weeks contest is Win an Xbox: See Why It’s the Only Microsoft Product Worth Learning. We have crafted 28 tasks centered around revealing why VMware’s vSphere is superior to Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Of those 28 tasks, 12 are sharing-oriented; we want to help inform professionals of the real benefits of using vSphere over Hyper-V. The remaining 16 tasks are more technical and included in the Tech VM badge, requiring you to review resources about vSphere and its advantages over Hyper-V.


When you complete a task on the list below, you will be entered once into the drawing to win an Xbox 360. Completing more tasks on the list means you will be entered into the drawing more times, increasing your chances of winning the Xbox.


If you complete all 28 tasks before the contest ends, you can submit this task as completed: Task 550: Contest task: Win an Xbox: See Why It's the Only Microsoft Product Worth Learning. As a reward for your dedication and demonstrated desire to learn and share your knowledge with others, those who complete all 28 tasks and submit Task 550 will be entered into the drawing 5 additional times.


Please feel free to reference Task 550 at any point throughout the contest, as it contains most of this information in its description. The contest ends on July 1st (extended from June 17th), so get cracking!


Here are the tasks included in the Win an Xbox: See Why It’s the Only Microsoft Product Worth Learning contest:

Sharing tasks:

Technical tasks:


Don’t forget that completing these tasks will also help you earn more CloudCred points. Good luck to everyone, and keep building your CloudCred!


CloudCred Admin