What’s Next for you? Winning a Mophie? Introducing:


            CloudCred Contest: Explore What’s Next for You in Technology and Win a Mophie!

VMware Careers is currently running the campaign, Architects of What’s Next, with the purpose of inspiring all people to think about how you will create a future in technology. We’ve created 8 fun tasks centered around the Architects of What’s Next campaign to encourage you to look to the future, be creative, and have fun while you’re at it.

How do I win?

- Complete 1 task = 1 entry into the drawing

- Complete more tasks = more entries into the drawing

- Complete all 8 tasks = 5 bonus entries into the drawing

(After completing all 8 tasks, submit the Contest Task (Task 622) as completed to earn the 5 bonus entries)

This contest will run for one month, from July 20 to August 20, 2013 to encourage everyone to participate.


Here are the tasks included in the contest:

Task 564: Blog about what's next for you and share it with VMware Careers

Task 565: Share What's Next for you in technology with VMware Careers on Facebook

Task 566: Share What's Next for you in technology on Instagram

Task 567: Share VMware's End-User Computing (EUC) job and info site

Task 568: Take a photo of yourself and share it on Facebook

Task 569: Take a photo of yourself with a VMware Careers card and share it on Facebook

Task 571: Tweet about What's Next for you

Task 573: Share an Architects of What's Next video on a social media outlet

We encourage everyone to share What's Next for them by participating in this contest. Good luck, and keep building your CloudCred!

CloudCred Admin