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After a wonderful 5 months in action, the CloudCred Grand Prize winner has been chosen!

Congratulations to user AndreTheGiant for winning the Grand Prize!

Who is he?

AndreTheGiant, known in the professional world as Andrea Mauro, has worked in IT for the past 17 years. Andrea is a virtualization and storage architect specialized in VMware solutions, with experience in Microsoft, Citrix, and Linux solutions.

Andrea has earned numerous technical certifications including VCP, VCAP, VCDX, MCITP, MCSA, MCSE, and CCA as well as being a vExpert from 2010-present. Currently, Andrea works for an Italian IT company, Assyrus Srl, founded in 2000.

Additionally, Andrea is the VMware Italian User Group founder and board member, VMTN Community Moderator, #vBrownbag and Backup Academy contributor, and a passionate blogger. Be sure to check out his technical mastery, as displayed in his blog,

In the CloudCred realm, Andrea has maintained his position at the top of the leaderboard, currently in first place and leading by more than 13,000 points. Andrea has completed a whopping 966 tasks, earning 13 badges along the way. Check out his CloudCred profile for more details on how he has excelled.

He will be awarded 2 passes to VMworld Europe 2013, 2 round-trip airfares to Barcelona for the event, 5 nights of accommodation in a hotel, and some spending money. This prize is valued at $10,000! Congratulations Andrea!

Disappointed you didn’t win? Don’t worry—you’ll have another shot at the new Grand Prize, which we will be announcing in September. Don’t let it keep you from attending VMworld either! Register for VMworld US or VMworld Europe, and earn some major CloudCred points that could help you towards winning the new grand prize. Check out these tasks for more information:

Task 583: Register for VMworld US (San Francisco) 2013

Task 584: Register for VMworld Europe (Barcelona) 2013

Congratulations again to Andrea/AndreTheGiant, and good luck to all CloudCred players. Keep building your CloudCred and you could be the next Grand Prize winner!

We’ve just implemented a new release of CloudCred!

There’s always ways to update and improve. We’ve analyzed CloudCred and decided to implement some changes to make the game better!

What’s New?

Contests Task Tab

On the Dashboard where tasks appear, there is now a new Contests tab. By clicking on this tab, you will be able to view all currently active contests. On a side note, we have created 3 new contests that can be viewed under this tab now. Check them out!

Task Organization

We’ve made it much easier to navigate the hundreds of tasks available with a “sort-by” option on the main Task tab. You can choose your task view from three different organizational views. This view will be saved in your preferences if you leave the page, so you’ll always be able to come back to it. If you want to change your organizational view, simply choose a different option.

Rewards Page

The Rewards page, viewed by clicking on the Rewards tab at the top of the page, has been modified to include a Featured Winners section and a Featured Prizes Section. Under these sections, specific users or prizes will be featured at the discretion of the CloudCred Admin. Additionally, the Grand Prize display indicates that a new Grand Prize will be announced in the near future. Finally, a running total of the awarded prizes, both personal and professional, is displayed as well.

Admin Consul

We now have the ability to reject individual tasks of users. Why is this feature important? Now, we can reject specific tasks that were completed unsatisfactorily, ensuring the game is played more fairly. If a task is rejected, its point value will automatically be subtracted from the users total, and the user will receive an email notification. They will then have the option of re-submitting the task to re-earn the task points.


New releases can sometimes be tricky to figure out. We’re still working out some of the kinks, so please let us know if something confuses you or if something isn’t working the way it should. We’re excited about this update, and hope you enjoy it as well!