The 2013 vExperts have been announced!


This year, a record 581 vExperts were named. 444 of the 581 were previously named as vExperts as well. See the list of 2013 vExperts and some information about them here.




What does it mean to be a vExpert? Individuals given the vExpert title have access to private betas, free licenses, early access briefings, exclusive events, free access to VMworld conference materials online, and other opportunities to interact with VMware product teams. Additionally, vExperts get access to a private community and networking opportunities, hosted by VMware.


How do you become a vExpert? vExperts are chosen from a pool of applicants. Individuals can apply to be a vExpert, stating their credentials, or recommend someone else to apply. There are three paths to being designated a vExpert: the Evangelist Path, Customer Path, and VPN Path. For more information about the paths to vExpert, visit the vExpert VMTM blog post here.


How are vExperts chosen? The prestigious award of vExpert is given to individuals who stand out as individuals who have significantly contributed to the VMware community over the past year by sharing their knowledge and passion for VMware technology. This year, the judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a substantial personal platform of influence in those communities.


Congratulations to the 2013 vExperts! Think you could be a vExpert? Test your knowledge by checking out the CloudCred vExpert Badge!


As always, keep building your CloudCred!


  CloudCred Admin