The results are in! After careful evaluation, the winner of the Show Your IBM SmartCloud Cred contest that ended on May 27th has been chosen. The contest required users to complete 16 SmartCloud related tasks, and then post a blog about what they learned about SmartCloud from the contest and tasks. Tasks ranged from watching SmartCloud videos and reviewing SmartCloud articles to more technical tasks which required demoing and installing SmartCloud apps.


After completing all 16 tasks, users were asked to blog about their CloudCred experience. Ultimately, the submitted blog posts were reviewed and the CloudCred Admin deemed user Alex Melching’s blog post to be the best post. Check out his post here:


An iPad will be awarded to Alex for his superior post. Congrats to Alex for a job well done, and thanks to all of our participants. Alex’s blog is also a wonderful resource containing many posts on Cloud subjects and we encourage you all to take a look at it and see what you can learn from him.


For those of you who did not compete in the contest, there are still opportunities to learn about SmartCloud! Here are some tasks that were included in the contest, but are still active and will expand your SmartCloud knowledge.


Task 422: Watch "Build your private cloud with IBM SmartCloud Foundation"

Task 423: Demo the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise System

Task 425: Read "The power of cloud"

Task 428: Install "IBM Cloud for Midsize Businesses" app for your iPad

Task 429: Install "IBM IBV" app on your iPad

Task 430: Read "Success in the cloud: Why workload matters"

Task 431: Install the IBM SmartCloud Provisioning Trial

Task 432: Request a quote from IBM for your business using SmartCloud

Task 434: Review posts on "Thoughts on Cloud"

Task 435: Watch "IBM SmartCloud Services"

Task 436: Read "Choice and control"

Task 438: Install "SmartCloud Quick Reference" mobile app


As always, keep building your CloudCred and check out the current vCloud Hybrid Service contest, which ends June 10th.


CloudCred Admin