The competition is heating up as July 15th is just over a month away! One user will be awarded the Grand Prize of a trip for 2 to VMworld Europe, taking place in Barcelona this year. The Grand Prize will be awarded to the player with the highest CloudCred score.


VMworld offers an extensive schedule full of learning opportunities that will show you how virtualization and cloud computing can help you spend less time and money supporting underlying IT infrastructure and more time on areas that yield business and competitive value. Check out the VMworld Europe agenda for more details.


In order to ensure that the winner of the Grand Prize has played fairly, the CloudCred Admin has begun auditing the top users. We will be taking a look at players’ completed tasks and evaluating whether the answers provided for each task are sufficient for awarding the task points. The previous top three players were docked a grand total of 42,605 points for unsatisfactory answers, dramatically changing the leaderboard Congratulations go out to user AndreTheGiant for rising to the top of the leaderboard!


Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you determine if you have fairly completed a task:


  1. Have I answered all of the questions included in the task?
  2. If a picture upload is required, have I uploaded a photo that demonstrates I have completed the task?
  3. If a link submission is required, does the URL link directly to what the task was asking for?
  4. If a review about what you learned from a task is required, have I carefully reviewed the paper/article/video and written a thoughtful, reflective paragraph about what I learned?


In general, ask yourself, if you were a CloudCred Admin judging the task completion, would you find your submissions to be satisfactory evidence of thorough completion? If you can’t answer that question with a yes, please reevaluate your past participation and make sure that your future participation is fair and honest.


The quality of your participation is important to us and we encourage you to continue to be enthusiastic about mastering the Cloud and expanding your knowledge of all things technical. Keep working on tasks and building your CloudCred and remember to play fairly for a chance to win the Grand Prize!


CloudCred Admin