VMware recently announced its vCloud Hybrid Service, which provides a platform to seamlessly extend your data center into the cloud while still delivering reliability, security, and compatibility. CloudCred has created 26 tasks to help increase the effectiveness of your business through experiencing and learning about vCloud Hybrid Service. These tasks are designed to help you learn about vCloud Hybrid Service, as well as give you credit towards the Tech Cloud and Tech VM badges in CloudCred. People who have earned their Tech Cloud badge have demonstrated a technical mastery of the cloud. The Tech Cloud and Tech VM badges, as well as the other CloudCred badges, are a great way to show your cloud credibility to your friends and coworkers. Don't worry if you're new to the cloud. When you join CloudCred, you are part of a team of experts who are always there to help you. And don't forget - you can win a Fitbit One!


CloudCred also hosts contests, and the current one is about vCloud Hybrid Service. Complete all of the tasks listed below to be entered into a drawing to win a Fitbit One. The contest will run until June 10, 2013 (extended from June 3), and there will be two winners!


Training Materials





Complete Task 512: CloudCred Contest: Learn about vCloud Hybrid Service and win a Fitbit One to be eligible to win.


Good luck and keep building your CloudCred!

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