• ESX 4  -  /vmfs/volumes   RED flashing storesin VMware ESX 4

    Long story short.   DATA POINTS: Running ESX 4     Prior to a physical migration of my current network, i was required to gather data from all physical HDDs on my network .. thus resulting in a comp...
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  • VAIODK debug on ESXi with debuggerin VMware ESX 4

    I want to debug VAIODK filter, it states that in order to debug with debugger I need to install ESXi debug or beta version, for example: ESXi 6.5 7389243 (debug) or ESXi 6.5 5969304. Where can I find debug versions of...
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  • How to upgrade ESXi 4.1 w/VMFS 3.46 to allow greater than 256 GB virtual diskin VMware ESX 4

    Hi:   I have a Dell PowerEdge T410 running ESXi 4.1 with VMFS 3.46 cfg. at 1 MB block size, thus 256 GB max. virtual disk size.  I need to allow greater than 256 GB.  Can I upgrade VMFS, or would I nee...
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  • Rebooting Switch Connected to VM Datastorein VMware ESX 4

    So here is the case, I have QNAP datastore and VM Server connected to a Switch.   The topology looks like this :   Storage ---------------> Switch <---------------VM Server   The problem is, i ...
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