VMware Site Recovery manager (SRM), one of most cost effective solution by VMWare …

1. Can deliver RTO (recovery Time Objective) of 30 minutes and above for Tier 1/ Tier 2 / Tier 3 Applications.
2. Five mouse clicks for automatic failover of workloads from primary datacenter to secondary datacenter

  •     All application dependencies are taken care like IP change, Database booting first than applications etc.
  •     Anyone in the organization can do disaster recovery in case of disaster, thanks to VMware.

3. Five mouse clicks for automated failback from secondary to primary datacenter.

  •     One of the unique differentiation where you can simply reverse the recovery plan.

4. Supports both storage based replication & host based replication (vSphere Replication)

  •    Depending on your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) requirement, you can select either of the replication.

5. Manual runbooks are replaced with centralized recovery plans

  •    No more using Excel sheets to maintain disaster plans and update. The automation in SRM will take care of the same.

6. From weeks to minutes to set up new plan

  •     Setup a recovery plan within minutes rather thans hours and days.

7. Frequent non-disruptive testing/drill test can be done in scheduled manner

  •    You can test your DR plan during production hours without impacting production.
  •    One test is done, reports can be utilized from the compliance perspective.

8. DR topologies

  •     Active Passive failover a most commonly used scenario
  •     Active-Active failover where non critical workload can be used at secondary site & can be shut during actual failover.
  •     Bidirectional failover where both sites can be used to host production wherein each can failover on other site.
  •     Shared Sites failover where multiple sites can failover to a single site.

9. Beyond DR

  •     Disaster Failover where actual full or partial site is failed over to other site
  •     Disaster avoidance where you could anticipate potential datacenter outages like planned hurricane alert etc
  •     Planned migration where you migrate during datacenter maintenance or global load balancing etc

10. You can also leverage SRM in the cloud based site recovery which is supported from leading service providers.