Hi everyone, this week I wanted to give you information on another exciting new Kubernetes related solution from VMware in the form of the next version of VMware Fusion for Mac. As I am sure many of you know Fusion has been a leading type 2 virtualization platform on the Mac for a very long time. As the Mac has progressed and the type of applications we consume have changed, Fusion has been a leader in this space. The next version of Fusion has just been announced and is available for you to download and try as a Tech Preview as 'Project Nautilus'. Adding full support for containers on the desktop via an easy to use command line directly into Fusion means developers can create apps for many different platforms and with extremely complex technical requirements, for example requiring suitable databases etc, that are virtualized via Fusion and then accompanying containers as well. This allows them to easily extend their desktop development workflow in a single product.The tech preview is a great way to get to know this new technology. Head over to the blog here for more information.

This week we have a full newsletter with Webinars, new KB articles and of course many interesting articles from the world of virtualization so please enjoy.

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The VMware TAM Lab videos is a series that are run out of the TAM program. They are very informative and are not presentations but rather live sessions of TAMs building, and working on VMware technology in their labs. There are many more on the TAM Lab YouTube page.

March 2020 – Operationalizing Hyperconverged Infrastructure. Ensuring long-term customer success with vSAN-powered HCI Solutions
Date: Thursday, March 12th
Time: 11:00am EST/ 10:00am CST/ 8:00am PST
Duration: 1.5 Hour
What are the approaches we can take to support HCI based solutions (Native vSAN, VxRail & VCF) while ensuring platform stability and safeguarding data?
In this session, Paul McSharry will discuss theory, processes, & gotchas to help prepare for production HCI
Guest speaker:
Paul McSharry – vSAN Customer Success Architect
Registration Link:

VMware Fusion - Project Nautilus
Project Nautilus enables Fusion to run OCI compliant containers on the Mac in a different way than folks might be used to. Our initial release can run containers, but as we grow we’re working towards being able to declare full kubernetes clusters on the desktop. By leveraging innovations we’re making in Project Pacific, and a bevy of incredible open source projects such as runC, containerD, Cri-O, Kubernetes and more, we’re aiming to make containers first-class citizens, in both Fusion and Workstation, right beside virtual machines. Currently a command-line oriented user-experience, we’ve introduced a new tool for controlling containers and the necessary system services in VMware Fusion and Workstation: vctl.

Topic: How VMware IT Manages Large-Scale Mac Deployments with Workspace ONE
Description: Get an inside look at how VMware IT manages its Macs using Workspace ONE and how they transitioned to a Modern Management. In this session, we will share our journey of Mac management in an enterprise environment, including how VMware transformed its Mac estate from certificate management to application delivery. After successfully enrolling more than 15,000 Macs, VMware now easily manages policies, certificates and application deployments, resulting in fewer requests for IT help. We will also discuss our challenges and lessons learned during the implementation, as well as benefits achieved.
Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 from 9 – 10 a.m. PT

Topic: Envisioning the Future of the Workplace
Description: Cast out your antiquated notions of what an office setting should look like and find out how VMware IT uses our Workplace X initiative to re-envision the traditional workplace. This industry-leading program enables IT to deliver highly personalized (and secure) experiences that maximize intelligence. We’ll showcase how next-generation authentication (voice, fingerprint, near-field communication (NFC), face ID) and advancements in mixed reality hardware and software lets colleagues work together seamlessly around the world—where barriers like distance and language are not an issue.
Date: Thursday, March 19, 2020 from 9 – 10 a.m. PT
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