Hi everyone, we re heading towards the final month of 2019 with the conclusion of VMworld Europe last week, vFORUMs in other countries and many of the key announcements gaining in traction. One of the key items that VMware announced was "Project Pacific". From the blog post by Kit Colbert " - Today VMware announced Project Pacific, what I believe to be the biggest evolution of vSphere in easily the last decade.  Simply put, we are re-architecting vSphere to deeply integrate and embed Kubernetes. The introduction of Project Pacific anchors the announcement of VMware Tanzu, a portfolio of products and services that transform how the enterprise builds software on Kubernetes.". In addition you can also sign up for the Beta here. Kubernetes and the related DevOps services and principles have become key for the IT organization to achieve. Getting started with VMware will provide an enterprise approach, which is more familiar to IT.


If you haven't taken a look at VMware Skyline we have information on the latest edition below. Please take a look and see how Skyline can help with your VMware support. Skyline Documentation.


I wish you a fantastic week ahead, please don't forget to check the new KB items below as well as the updates from VMworld including VMworld Europe videos on the website, which requires free registration to gain access to.


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December 2019 – Container Orchestration using Kubernetes

Date: Thursday, December 12th
Time: 11:00am EST/ 10:00am CST/ 8:00am PST
Duration: 1.5 Hour

Lots of exciting things are happening at VMware with regards to container orchestration using Kubernetes. In this session, Scott Lowe will peer into the future of Kubernetes at VMware and provide some tips for making the most of what VMware is doing in this space.
Guest speakers:
Scott Lowe - Staff Kubernetes Architect, VMware (Cloud Native Apps Business Unit)
Registration Link:

New Version of Proactive Support with Skyline Now Available
We’re excited to announce that a new release of Skyline Advisor is now available, with new features and functionality designed to improve customers’ proactive support experience.
Highlights of the release include:

  • Consolidated Recommendations: Easily navigate through upgrade recommendations based on current product versions, and view the Findings that will be remediated with each upgrade.
  • Analysis Timestamp: Message at top of each page indicates when the most recent data analysis was performed.
  • Data Analysis Message Upon First Login: When customers log into Advisor for the first time after installing a Skyline Collector, they will see an alert message informing them that data analysis is in progress and they will begin seeing proactive Findings and Recommendations within 48-52 hours.

To learn more about these updates, please visit:
Skyline Blog
Skyline Documentation

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