Hi everyone, a quick update on the newsletter and content. A few questions on how often the newsletter is sent. We try and get a newsletter out every 2 weeks unless an event is on such as VMworld for example, in which case we try for a weekly update or as appropriate. Sometimes we are forced to delay a newsletter so it may have a slightly irregular cadence but we will always do our best to get one to you as often as is possible.

Another question we are asked is on content and contributions. Anyone is able to contribute to the newsletter. We prefer pointers to a specific blog post or a specific blogger that we have missed and will always do our best, as appropriate to evaluate and include in the next newsletter, so please feel free to send us any content suggestions anytime.

This week I would like to draw your attention to the updated Skyline features. If you are not running Skyline, please take a look, discuss with your TAM/Account Team/Support Team and consider its use in your organization as we are constantly adding more features and improvements.

I wish you all a fantastic week ahead.

Virtually Yours
VMware TAM Team

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What’s New: VMware Skyline
We are excited to share that 4,000 customers have adopted Skyline, and are receiving proactive support from VMware.
New features!

  • New Automated Proactive Features
  • Consolidated Recommendations with Software Interoperability Checks
  • Automatic Interoperability Checks
  • Horizon Support for Skyline Log Assist
  • VMware Skyline & Dell EMC SupportAssist Integration
  • Skyline and VMware’s New Premier Support

Read the full post here!
Skyline home page here!

Take Advantage of a Complementary Knowledge Skills Assessment (KSA)
Your business is committed to capitalizing on cloud and virtualization technologies.  Is your IT Team ready with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the software defined data center environment?  VMware Education Services can help you evaluate the strengths and development opportunities of every member of your IT team with our complementary Knowledge Skills Assessment (KSA).   The VMware Education Services KSA follows a 3-pronged approach, purpose-built to gauge necessary skills and gaps then recommend customized development plans.  First, we inform what critical knowledge and skills are required based on your installed VMware solution.  Second, we identify strengths and opportunities for development segmented by job role and technology.  Third, we present a customized report with skill assessments and recommended learning paths for each member of your IT Team.  Ready to get started with your KSA?

Maximize your VMware Investment with an Enterprise Learning Subscription (ELS)
A VMware Enterprise Learning Subscription (ELS) is like a “all-you-can eat-buffet” that nourishes your business with 24/7 access to all our official VMware software training and VMware Certification Exam Preparation content.   This is an ideal, cost-efficient solution for IT Departments with distributed data centers and teams located across several locations.  Your teams will be able to take advantage of 1,000+ hours of video content, 50+ eLearning modules, all certification exam preparation lessons and 30+ exclusive on demand courses.  ELS content spans all VMware supported software solutions including vSphere, NSX, vSAN, vRealize, Horizon, AirWatch, Workspace One.  Please contact your VMware Education Sales Executive to learn more.


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