Hi everyone, it has been a while since we had a VMware TAM Newsletter, the 8th of April to be exact. We try and do a newsletter every 2 weeks but sometimes, on rare occasions we have to move that schedule out a bit. But fear not, this week we have a great edition with lots of catch up news for you. One of the items I would like to point out is our TAM Customer Webinar series. We try and promote the latest of these in each newsletter, depending on timing, and this edition is no different. These are amazing sessions which I encourage you to register for and attend, you will not be disappointed.

This week we also have a new VMware Security Advisory since our last update to take note of in case you are affected, and require mitigation. Here is some further info:
VMware ESXi, Workstation and Fusion updates address multiple out-of-bounds read vulnerabilities.
CVE numbers: CVE-2019-5516, CVE-2019-5517, CVE-2019-5520

Today I would like to introduce you to VMware Cloud Solutions omg Azure. There is currently 2 planned services for Azure, with one of these rolling out now and another planned for this year. If you are investigating a cloud strategy and are a VMware customer then this is a great place to start to get more information on this service and how it may benefit you. Head on over here for more, and chat to you VMware TAM or VMware account team who can assist.

Finally VMware made a number of announcements today at Dell World in Last Vegas. Here are the links to the major announcements:
VMware Transforms Data Center and Edge Infrastructure with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC
Dell Technologies Cloud Accelerates Customers’ Multi-Cloud Journey

We will cover these and more in greater detail in an upcoming newsletter.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahed until our next VMware TAM Newsletter.

Virtually Yours
VMware TAM Team

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May 2019 – SDDC Best Practices: Why Use VMware Validated Designs (VVD) and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

Date: Thursday, May 16th
Time: 11:00am EST/ 10:00am CST/ 8:00am PST
Duration: 1.5 Hour

VMware Validated Designs represent best practices and provide a comprehensive, extensively-tested set of blueprints for building and operating an SDDC. VMware Cloud Foundation offers an integrated platform approach to the creation of an SDDC-based cloud. The speaker for this session will be Eddie Dinel, Senior Director of Product Management for VMware's Integrated Systems Business Unit (ISBU). In this session, Eddie will discuss how the best practices of VVD combined with the capabilities of VCF provide a standardized, scalable private cloud architecture.

Guest speaker:
Eddie Dinel – Senior Director of Product Management (ISBU)

Registration Link:


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