Hi everyone, well conference season continues and this past week the AWS re:Invent conference was held in Las Vegas. VMware was very prominent at the event and was also a major sponsor. We had many sessions as well as showcasing our VMware Cloud on AWS solutions at the Expo, and our CEO Pat Gelsinger on stage with AWS CEO Andy Jassy. There have been many milestones and updates to the VMware Cloud on AWS over the past year or so that have been released on a 90 day cycle which you can follow here, and these were also showcased at the event. If you were able to attend I hope you managed to catch up with some of the VMware folk there.

AWS reinvent Las Vegas:
VMware and AWS CEOs made a HUGE announcement together on stage about the new VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts, and VMware Cloud Foundation for EC2:  as well as the re:Invent Keynote with Andy Jassy and Pat Gelsinger here: (2:28 – VMware Pat Gelsinger!)

We also are pleased to welcome some new bloggers today to the newsletter from this week that will be included as part of the regular newsletter cadence:

  • VMExplorer
  • vNinja
  • vSwitchZero

Check them out below!
Have a great week everyone, until the next newsletter which will be our last of 2018.

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