Hi everyone, welcome to another edition of the VMware TAM newsletter. Last week I provided some updates on VMworld Europe and this week we will be wrapping up the event and many of the announcements. This week we will let the newsletter do the talking so please take some time to read through all of the announcements, webinars and of course new security announcements that may affect you. Consider discussing any of these items with your TAM who is always there to help.

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VMware ESXi, Workstation, and Fusion updates address uninitialized stack memory usage.

The VMware Learning Zone (VLZ), your gateway to success

Whether you are new to VMware software or working your way toward advanced level certifications, the VMware Learning Zone (VLZ) is an invaluable source for our basic and subscription level content.  Here is an overview of what you will discover:

  • Learning options range from short videos on the latest hot topics to full On Demand Courses
  • Subscriptions for individual learners up to enterprise-level customers who need to train global teams
  • Deep dive VMware Certification Exam Prep courses

Getting started on VMware Learning Zone is free with the Basic Learning Subscription.

VMware's Intent to Acquire Heptio:

    - Heptio, based in Seattle, was founded by Joe Beda and Craig McLuckie, two of the creators of Kubernetes, with a mission to support and advance the open Kubernetes ecosystem. The team has been focused on creating products and services that make it easier to manage multiple clusters across multiple clouds.

VMware Container Offerings:
    - announcement of VMware® PKS - purpose-built container solution to operationalize Kubernetes for multi-cloud enterprises and service providers to significantly simplify the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters
    - announcement of VMware® Cloud PKS - enterprise Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering in the VMware Cloud Services portfolio that provides easy to use, secure by default, cost-effective SaaS-based Kubernetes clusters
    - announcement of VMware Smart ClusterTM - a key feature within VMware Cloud PKS which enables scalable Kubernetes clusters that are constantly optimized to the application needs, and always up to date with the latest release versions

VMware Virtualization at the Edge:
    - check out this presentation on VMware at the Edge of your data center, including the work we've been doing to run ESX on ARM processors, and ESX running on Raspberry Pi.
Project Dimension for the Edge (tech preview):
    - Announced at VMworld US, Project Dimension is a new managed service which enables provisioning, deployment and ongoing operation of VMware-based SDDC infrastructure, via VMware's ability to push aaS devices to the edge (either IoT or Cloud edge).
    - The two main components are, 1 - the cloud management plane using certain technologies from VMware Cloud on AWS, and 2 - integrated SDDC physical offerings purchased and deployed on-premises by customers in conjunction with OEM partners.
    - The service will allow customers to provision new edge locations in a self-service fashion from a cloud interface.
    - Configuration and sizing of compute, storage and networking will be done online, and the hardware will be delivered directly to a specified edge or customer premises location. Once installed, the zero-touch provisioning procedures begin automatically.
VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5:
    - support for any network switch, existing network architecture, any vSAN ReadyNode
    - support for external NFS storage
    - support for multi-cluster workload domains
    - full multi-site support (vSAN, DR, and NSX)
    - NSX-T support and PKS guidance
    - support for flexible workload domain licensing (use editions as needed by use cases)

VMware Cloud on AWS updates: (Oct 25th Release)
    - expansion to multiple new regions - Ireland, N. California, Ohio, Tokyo, Gov Cloud US West
    - unified in-product support experience
    - enhanced VDI support
    - connectivity and migration enhancements
    - software-based data at rest encryption
    - granular network flow, packet level visibility and firewall rule logging
    - SOC 1&2 Type 2 compliance
    - 2X Scale (1000 VM’s per SDDC)               
    - Hybrid Cloud DR with VxRAIL and VMware Site Recovery
    - Run Citrix Virtual Desktop and Apps
    - AWS Direct Connect Interconnectivity
    - Interconnectivity with NSX Edge IPsec Routed VPN
   - Native Connectivity between Workload and Management Infrastructure
    - Elastic DRS
    - Three host SDDC Cluster
    - VM Affinity and Anti-Affinity rules
    - Many other features announced

Horizon 7:
    - Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS updated to include VDI, RDSH, Full Clones and Instant Clones; App Volumes with the upcoming release of Horizon 7.7
               * this puts Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS at parity with on-premise Horizon 7 (except a few minor features we won’t be supporting.
               * Integration of Horizon 7 with Horizon Cloud Service — this brings unified visibility, health monitoring and Helpdesk services
               * preview of the automated installation of Horizon 7 infrastructure
               * support for bursting and DR use cases for Horizon 7 on VMC on AWS

Workspace One:
    - New capabilities to improve modern management and security across more apps and devices
                * new automation connector in Workspace One to connect to any ticketing or notification system via API
                * easily push out Win32 app packages from Flexera
                * query any system attribute across software, firmware, BIOS in both Windows (announced at VMworld US) and Mac OS (sensors, announced at VMworld Europe) for building automated workflows
    - New in-platform integrations which tie into Ecosystem Partner Solutions
    - GA of Workspace One Intelligent Hub
                * rebranded AirWatch Agent
                * leverage Gmail through Boxer (Workspace ONE Boxer)
                * visibility in to secure, containerized app performance
                * leverage Blast protocol to remote into physical endpoints
                * new Privacy SDK - allows in-app privacy messaging
                * session collaboration with up to 10 employees at once for Linux and Windows sessions
    - Expanded Partner Integrations - Partnerships with Azure, Apple, AWS, Okta, Carbon Black, Google, Nvidia, Samsung, others

Additional EUC:
    - Integration with AppDefense & Carbon Black to prevent detected threats from traversing the data center (tech preview)
   - NSX now available with Horizon Cloud on Azure, to tag VMs and prevent potential threats on virtual desktops
    - Now able to ingest Identity Intelligence into Workspace One, to look for malicious behavior, and determine which applications are using licenses for license tracking and cost containment needs

Network Insight 4.0:  (Includes on-prem and SAAS versions)
    - traffic analysis and security planning for VMC on AWS workloads
    - hybrid networking path visibility between on-premise and cloud
    - significant underlay support for Cisco ACI to provide end to end visibility; BGP EVPN support; new Checkpoint Scenarios, S-Flow analysis; new analytic support with things like dynamic threshold detection for network metrics

    - GA for Cloud Motion with Replication - this is for customers needing to do large scale, parallel live VM migrations into VMC on AWS (brings bulk migration and vMotion into a single solution)


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