Hi everyone, with VMworld fast aproaching I have 2 call to actions for you. Firstly, if you haven't aleady done so get in contact with your TAM and work with them to create a plan for you while you are at VMworld if you are attanding. If you are unable to attend, you should also speak to your TAM to see what remote options will be made available and any particular asks you may have that they can fulfill on your behalf at the conference.


The next most important item is to make sure you are signed up to our TAM Social Media via Facebook and Twitter. This is important as we will be providing information prior to VMworld as well as during VMworld that is most appropriate. We will also have competitions and more during the event that you will miss out on if you have not subscribed. Please visit either or both of these and ensure you are subscribed to them.




This week we also bring you exciting news from VMUG on VMworld. Check out the information in the VMUG section below.


Finally please check out our TAM Blog's latest article - HOL vs Home Lab.


I wish you all a successful week ahead and look forward to chatting to you next week and on our social media channels throughout the week.


Virtually Yours
VMware TAM Team

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VMUG Member Party - LAS VEGAS
Registration is now open for the VMUG Member Party on Sunday, August 27th from 7:30-9:30 p.m. PST at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Registration is required and limited, so please click here to save your spot!
Save the date for the VMUG Member Party on Monday, September 11th from 20.30 - 00.00 at the Barcelo Raval in Barcelona. Registration details will be posted soon on the VMUG Communities website - stay tuned!

VMUG has created two online communities to help keep you informed of all VMUG activities during VMworld US and VMworld Europe.
Click below to join a community to connect with other attending members, ask questions and stay up to date on all things VMUG during the events:


Three Extreme Performance Talks from the Office of the CTO at VMworld USA
The Office of the CTO will be presenting three talks in the unofficial “Extreme Performance” series at the upcoming VMworld 2017 conference in Las Vegas. In addition, one of these talks will be delivered at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. Each of these talks focuses on important aspects of pushing t...


New KB articles published for week ending 8th July 2017
VMware vCenter Server External PSC storage/logs gets filled in vCenter Server 6.5 Date of Published:2017/07/05 VMware ESXi NICs using ntg3 driver may experience loss of connectivity Date of Published:2017/07/04 VMware NSX for vSphere Adding NSX Edge to the ‘Applied to’ field of DFW fails Date of ...


vSphere 6.5 Upgrade Considerations Part-2
The first post in this series covered Phase 1 of the vSphere 6.5 upgrade process. Phase 1 consists of all the upfront work that one should do before starting an upgrade. This includes getting familiar with the new vSphere 6.5 features and the necessary documents. Hopefully, by now you’ve done you...


Top 20 Horizon View articles for June 2017
Provisioning or recomposing a linked clone desktop pool fails Recommended restart cycle of the VMware Horizon View environment Restart order of the View environment to clear ADLDS (ADAM) synchronization in Horizon View Removing a standard (replica) connection server or a security server from a cl...


DRS Lens – A new UI dashboard for DRS
DRS Lens provides an alternative UI for a DRS enabled cluster. It gives a simple, yet powerful interface to monitor the cluster real time and provide useful analyses to the users. The UI is comprised of different dashboards in the form of tabs for each cluster being monitored. Cluster Balance Das...


Networking Challenges in OpenStack Clouds
Did you decided that it is time to implement OpenStack to build your Cloud? Have you tested in the lab? Evaluated many distributions available and hired specialized OpenStack resources? However, when the environment goes into production, Neutron is not integrating with the physical network? If th...


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Dream Payments is Powered by IBM Cloud for VMware
Every year we honor our partners who go out of their way to create new innovative uses for the cloud. There are a lot of successes, but only an exceptional few can receive our Global Partner Innovation Award. IBM is one of those few. IBM has won a VMware 2016 Global Partner Innovation Award in th...


vCloud Director 8.20 Hands-on Lab Premiers at VMworld in Las Vegas
VMware continues to innovate and invest in vCloud Director, and with the February 2017 release of vCloud Director 8.20, new features and updates enable Service Providers to deploy even more enterprise-grade public cloud offerings than ever before. In addition to instructor-led courses and a self-...


Announcing the VMware Workspace ONE Dev Center on VMware {code}
Developers and app enthusiasts rejoice! We are excited to announce that VMware {code}’s latest addition: the VMware Workspace ONE Dev Center ! VMware {code} will now host a wealth of ongoing developer focused content and support for Workspace ONE and VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management (U...


Mobilizing Learning with VMware AirWatch K–12 Essentials
VMware education solutions enable school systems to embrace the future of education by simplifying the delivery of IT services that support evolving models of teaching and learning. Now, a new offering, VMware AirWatch K–12 Essentials, delivers the crucial management features needed to support mo...


What’s New in VMware Horizon 7.2 & Horizon Client 4.5
We just announced the general availability of VMware Horizon 7.2 and Horizon Client 4.5. This is a significant release for our flagship product, with improvements across the board—from scalability and user experience to deep technical innovations and improved policy controls. Let us dive straight...


Ultimate Guide to Nurturing Leads with Content
With lead generation at the center of every marketing strategy, we know our Channel Partners go to great lengths to find and convert prospects. And although we all understand successful lead nurturing requires relationship building with potential buyers, it is precisely at this stage that many of...


Q2′ FY18 EoQ Close/Cut-off Time
As a reminder, the cut-off time for the end of our second 4-4-5 fiscal quarter (Q2′ FY18) is August 4, 2017, at 6 PM Cork, Ireland local time (for international orders) and 6 PM Pacific time (for orders in the Americas). The post Q2′ FY18 EoQ Close/Cut-off Time appeared first on Partner News .


Monthly NSX Customer Advisory – June 2017
In this communication, we detail the top trending issues with VMware NSX for vSphere and provide you with helpful information on how to address the issues while we build a permanent fix. For up-to-date Top Trending NSX issues, previous and current, see KB Article Trending support issues in VMware...


Ten Years of Spousetivities
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (OK, so it was 2008 and it was here in this galaxy—on this very planet, in fact), I posted an article about bringing your spouse to VMworld . That one post sparked a fire that, kindled by my wife’s passion and creativity, culminates this year in ten years...


VMware 2017 Cycling Kit
I know many of you have reached out over the years and have expressed interest in the VMware Cycling Kits which I have written about here & here. In fact, I still get pinged about this topic every couple of months even though the last time we had ran an order was back in 2014! Obviously, the […]


Latest Fling from VMware Labs - DRS Lens
As VMware vSphere DRS has become more widely adopted now, more and more users are interested in knowing how it works. They need more insights into DRS activity and actions. They want to know the value that DRS provides to their clusters. DRS Lens is an attempt to provide a UI-based solution to he...


Uniquely identifying VMs in vSphere Part 3: Enhanced Linked Mode & Cross VC-vMotion
Back in 2012, I had published two articles which provides details and guidance on how to uniquely identify a Virtual Machine for both a vSphere and/or vCloud Director environment. The primary use case for this information was for customers or partners who have developed their own provisioning sol...


The Snazzy Secret of PowerShell Parameter Aliases
PowerShell functions are handy for making portable code that contain all of the requirements and workflow bits baked in, such as the parameters that can be passed over via the user or another script. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to designing the parameters: the type (string, int, switch)...


Horizon 7.2 Smart Policies for Horizon Applications
This short demo shows Horizon Smart Policies customizing the user experience as they run a Horizon remote application. You will see an example of how Horizon Smart Policies are configured and their impact on user experience.
Jul 8, 2017 1:52:00 PM


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