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I wish all of you a fantastic week ahead and for those in the San Francisco Bay Area next week is Super Bowl 50 week, I am sure that there will be so many activities around the city for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. Of course during this time we will provide our TAM services to ensure that our customers are kept running smoothly during this event.


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Getting IT involved with the business
PowerNSX : PowerCLI module for NSX
Introduction to the VMware Validated Designs via @YouTube
VMware’s 3 Big Bets for 2016 |
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TAM BLOG (Editor: Kelly Dare)
Federal Security and Compliance Get a BIG Lift from TAM Services
By Michael Hurley

Federal IT security challenges are unique for a variety of reasons, one of which is the rigorously structured approach the government takes to identify and respond to security threats. As a result, the federal government uses VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM) Services to both identify and help mitigate threats and deliver solutions in process-friendly ways, so they can be implemented quickly.

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New Horizon and vSphere Videos Added to the Learning Zone


VMware Learning Zone offers one year of unlimited access to our cloud-based video training library taught by top VMware experts, with two subscription options available: Standard or Premium subscription. We are constantly releasing new videos to the library, with two new ones added in the last mo...

Jan 29, 2016 4:44:48 PM


Federal Security and Compliance Get a BIG Lift from TAM Services


By Michael Hurley Federal IT security challenges are unique for a variety of reasons, one of which is the rigorously structured approach the government takes to identify and respond to security threats. As a result, the federal government uses VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM) Services to bo...

Jan 28, 2016 10:01:39 PM


VMware Virtual SAN Delivers Enterprise Level Availability


This post originally appeared on the Storage & Availability blog Virtual Blocks and was written by Rafael Kabesa. Rafael is a product marketing manager at VMware, and is currently working on VMware’s Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) offerings. Rafael has been working in the technology space f...

Jan 28, 2016 12:27:37 AM


Making Security Easier – An ESXi Fling for US Federal Customers


Running systems in the US Federal Government presents its own unique challenges. From specific system login requirements (CAC/PIV smart cards) to specific regulations like DISA STIG ’s, managing systems in this environment comes with a healthy dose of security. Today we’re taking a small step tow...

Jan 26, 2016 6:33:31 PM


See How VMware Certification Helped Other IT Pros


Last fall, we asked VMworld 2015 attendees to share their experiences with VMware Certification: how it’s helped their career, how they prepared, and any advice they have for people thinking about getting certified. Five people agreed to share their stories with us, and you: Ariel Sanchez Mora Sh...

Jan 25, 2016 4:08:37 PM


New paper on Virtualizing SAP on vSphere on All Flash Storage


SAP HANA is the preferred database for all future SAP applications. Columnar databases and the in memory capabilities of SAP HANA make it an excellent platform for all SAP applications. Virtualized SAP HANA (SAP HANA) provides significant advantages over Physical HANA implementations by providing...

Jan 29, 2016 9:23:52 PM


Extend the vCloud® API and Enhance Your Experience with VMware vCloud® Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers


Since we announced the VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers (vCAT-SP), our goal was to give service providers the reference documents they need to construct cloud platforms and service offerings built on today’s VMware technologies. Today, we want to give you an update on vCAT...

Jan 28, 2016 5:00:47 PM


Fault Tolerance Performance in vSphere 6


VMware has published a technical white paper about vSphere 6 Fault Tolerance architecture and performance . The paper describes which types of applications work best in virtual machines with vSphere FT enabled. VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT) provides continuous availability to virtual machin...

Jan 27, 2016 11:57:11 PM


VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager: Most Frequently Asked Questions


By: Eiad Al-Aqqad , Consultant Architect and Author of . If you are not familiar with VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager, then please read my following blog post: Hybrid Cloud Manager is your bridge to the Cloud . This post will cover some of the most frequently asked q...

Jan 27, 2016 5:00:03 PM


vTech Talk: Register and Watch Our Top Webcasts Now! Part 1


Are you looking for additional resources to get the most out of your vCloud Air service? In addition to the vCloud Air Community , the vCloud Air Cloud Academy is another great place to start. In this new vTech Talk series, we’re highlighting top webcasts that you can register for and watch now, ...

Jan 26, 2016 5:00:26 PM


Finding NetApp Bottlenecks with vRealize Operations


By: Chuck Petrie, Blue Medora Storage can be difficult to troubleshoot. Maybe the hardest question is, should we even be blaming storage right now? In vRealize Operations, management packs can be tightly integrated with the virtual layer. The Management Pack for NetApp Storage provides a holistic...

Jan 25, 2016 11:01:51 AM



Top Mobile News this Week: Super Bowl Super Cell, Microsoft’s Thumbs Up, EMM Ch-ch-changes


Want to get the top mobile news in your inbox every week? Sign up for our Friday newsletter on your right. Verizon gets started on their Super Bowl cell-ebration. Verizon Wireless is turning San Francisco into a sort of super cell for Super Bowl Sunday and moving forward on a 5G network so sports...

Jan 29, 2016 3:39:08 PM


2 Massive EMM Changes Every Enterprise Must Know


Enterprise mobile management (EMM) may be a common phrase among companies and workers now, but considering the swift of evolution of this concept, EMM is still in its infancy. It was only nearly a decade ago that AirWatch pivoted to focus on managing mobile fleets as smart devices and connectivit...

Jan 28, 2016 3:30:40 PM


Saying “No” at Work—without Destroying Team Communication


Nowadays, anyone can solve problems, take on new responsibilities and build a reputation as a “yes” employee just by logging on to a team communication tool or enterprise social network. But sometimes, there’s just not enough time to answer every question, join every project or take on every task...

Jan 27, 2016 6:18:03 PM


Securing Your EMM Deployment with VMware AirWatch & FireEye


Securing your digital workspace in the mobile-cloud era has become critical as cybersecurity threats increase against mobile devices. All signs point to mobile, cloud and IoT dominating cybersecurity threats for 2016. This was bound to happen, as hackers now realize the best way to exploit any or...

Jan 27, 2016 1:24:09 PM


How CASB Collaboration Helps Enterprises Solve the Mobile Cloud Security Puzzle


If you’re using Workday, Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox and/or Office365, you are already part of the cloud revolution. If you are doing it on a mobile device, you’re part of the mobile-cloud revolution. Congrats, and welcome! There is no question that businesses are increasingly going mobile ...

Jan 26, 2016 6:00:05 PM


Municipal Citation Solutions Advances Mobile Ticketing With AirWatch


Municipal Citation Solutions (MCS) created the Violation and Ticketing System (VATS) so companies in the $30 billion U.S. parking industry could help workers in the field more effectively and accurately do their jobs. Find out how the five-year-old, technology-centered parking citation management...

Jan 26, 2016 2:20:45 PM


Transforming Education: The Digital Classroom | Apple iOS 9.3


With the anticipated features in Apple iOS 9.3, classrooms are poised to take another big step in digital learning transformation. Apple is previewing new education features in the developer beta seed of iOS 9.3 that provide even more opportunities to make it even easier to enable a digital class...

Jan 25, 2016 12:44:00 PM