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Hi everyone, well VMworld US 2014 is over and there were so many announcements. While I did not make it to this fantastic event this year I am sure that I will next year. There were so many newsworthy articles produced, tweets and other posts from the many VMware staff at the event and our vExpert's and customers.


I know that with all of the amazing solutions announced that it will be another amazing year to be working with VMware technology.


This edition is dedicated to VMworld US 2014, all of the dedicated professionals who helped make this event a reality and of course our wonderful customers who make this event the amazing success that it is.


I hope you enjoy all of the wonderful news from this most fantastic event.


Virtually Yours

Neil Isserow

Senior Technical Account Manager

VMware Australia

nisserow @ vmware . com


VMworld 2014 US -


VMworld 2014 U.S. Wrap-up


What a great week at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco! As we wind down to recharge and then gear up for VMworld 2014 in Barcelona, here are a few resources to help wrap-up:

Blogs on news and announcements:
VMworld 2014 Bloggers Rollup
VMware Tribal Knowledge Blog wrap-up


Video playlists on VMworld TV (YouTube):
VMworld 2014 Highlights from San Francisco
VMworld 2014 Keynotes and Sessions


Note: Watch for an upcoming blog post on a week of VMworld 2014 LIVE video recordings from theCUBE Interviews, presented by SiliconAngle and Wikibon — and Community Tech Talks, presented by vBrownBag from the Hang Space. 


NEW! Watch video recordings of the Top 10 Sessions for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from VMworld 2014 U.S. (available for everyone). Scroll through the pages for top 10 from all 3 days. For all sessions, you must be a paid VMworld 2014 U.S. attendee.  Attendees will be notified when available in early September.


Watch for variety of offerings from our VMworld Social Media & Community page as we head into VMworld 2014 Europe. For example, the VMworld team curated a series of community postings into a VMworld Storify account. We will also be posting VMworld 2014 photo albums on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest.


VMware Bloggers


KB Articles

Accessing the gateway-va URL in VMware Horizon Workspace fails with the error: HTTP 404 Error (2085347)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
Launching VMware Horizon View Hosted App from the VMware Workspace Portal fails with the error: Invalid SAML credentials (2086314)
Date Published: 8/20/2014
My VMware
How to edit your notifications in My VMware (2086791)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
VMware ESX
RAMDISK corruption causes new RHEL or CentOs to fail (2086520)
Date Published: 8/20/2014
VMware ESXi
Hotplug and unplug of disks on H710 controller (2077312)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
Hot unPlug and Plug of disks on P420i controller (2077426)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
Creation of native snapshot fails on an NFS datastore due to an issue with NetApp NAS plug-in (2085612)
Date Published: 8/20/2014
Unable to delete a storage policy (2085640)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
Virtual machines appears as Invalid immediately after it is added to the inventory (2085907)
Date Published: 8/19/2014
Hotplug and unplug of disks on LSI 9271-8i controller (2077427)
Date Published: 8/19/2014
VMware Horizon View
Using location-based printing in VMware Horizon View to map printers from a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) or share path (2086646)
Date Published: 8/21/2014
VMware ThinApp
Uninstalling the VMware Thinapp application fails with error: Failed to add Application in msg for UNINSTALL operation, vm install type not found (2085049)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager
Upgrade of Chargeback Manager sets the INSTANCE_UUID filed as To_INITIALIZE (2085461)
Date Published: 8/19/2014
VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vApp)
Unable to register a vCenter Server in vCenter Operations Manager following changed UUID (2068856)
Date Published: 8/21/2014
Attempts to access the vSphere UI using only the IP address fail (2084752)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
VMware vCenter Server
Cannot login to or manage vCenter SQL Express instance (VIM_SQLEXP) running on VMware vCenter Server (2063510)
Date Published: 8/19/2014
Creating Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs) using a VMware legacy vSphere Client fails and reports the error: Basic support (2078639)
Date Published: 8/20/2014
Historical Performance charts do not appear in vCenter Server 5.1 with an Oracle database (2085985)
Date Published: 8/20/2014
Running the VMware vCenter Server Proactive Oracle Checking (VPOC) tool for vCenter Server 5.1/5.5 (2086126)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
VMware vCloud Automation Center
Backing up the VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) Postgres database (2086958)
Date Published: 8/21/2014
VMware vCloud Director
vCloud Director 5.5 requirements when using NFS for the transfer server storage (2086127)
Date Published: 8/19/2014
VMware View
Logging in to a VMware Horizon View desktop in a multi-domain environment fails with the error: Authentication Failed (2085374)
Date Published: 8/18/2014
VMware vSphere Data Protection
Configuring VDP services to run as VDPBackupUser (2086674)
Date Published: 8/19/2014
VMware vSphere Replication
Missing or corrupted OVF environment in VMware vSphere Replication (2084652)
Date Published: 8/21/2014