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Hi everyone, I am just back from a trip to Sydney which was very enjoyable but because of this I have fallen behind on some of my additional learning which I hope to catch up on next week.

My customers are almost all finished with their vSphere 5.5 upgrades and many are now turning their attention to other more advanced and potentially valuable projects now that this is complete. One of these that is gaining momentum amongst my customers is preparing for a Hybrid Cloud by ensuring that their internal private cloud which is almost 100% virtualised is being operated in a similar way. What I am seeing now is many customers really asking the important questions not around moving to the public cloud but rather how do they operate their own internal environment more like a private cloud but with the benefits they have enjoyed in their own environment.

I think this is a very exciting time as many of our customers start to shift their highly virtualised environments to a more cloud like structure and I would say that many will then start to investigate the Hybrid Cloud offering from VMware as the next step to extend their current environment for suitable workloads.

This brings me on to my final topic of VMworld which starts this week in San Francisco. Its going to be awesome with literally tens of thousands of VMware faithful descending on the beautiful city of San Francisco for the premier event of the year. There have been so many pre-announcements and one of them which I beieve is gaining much traction is vCloud Air. VMware is committed to the cloud more than anyone else with our rich history in helping organisations with their internal private cloud and now extending that to the Hybrid Cloud to bring even more solution capacity. Get familiar with this and the additional benefits at

If you are in San Francisco for VMworld have an amazing time and have a vBeer on me

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Neil Isserow

Senior Technical Account Manager

VMware Australia

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Solutions Exchange - the Whole SHEBANG!

There are two parts to the Solutions Exchange: the countless number of solutions (try to count – we dare you!) and the exchange of ideas, information, and some great swag. The expo hall  truly illustrates VMware’s story. We are excited to highlight about 250 companies who are part of our very important Partner ecosystem. Malery Lassen, Sponsorship Manager, says “we’re an industry event and we’re happy to let our customers interface with companies who hold different philosophies… seems fitting that 2 out of the 3 major networking events at VMworld happen inside the Solutions Exchange!”

Hang Space Social Media & Community

The VMworld Hang Space is a huge open-space room next to the General Session auditorium in lower Moscone North (just below the escalators).  Whether new to VMworld, or experienced alumni, plan to spend time here networking with bloggers, subject experts, co-workers and VMworld attendees. It's the perfect place to meet-up, get organized, catch up on news & email, write blogs, browse social media streams, charge devices, or just relax.

VMworld 2014 Hands-on Labs – What to Expect

Hello Friends,

We are very excited about another great Hands-on Labs at VMworld and happy to give you an inside peek at what is coming.
Why attend Hands-on Labs during VMworld ?
#1. Be the first to take the latest Hands-on Labs.  Our labs are released every year at VMworld US. The labs feature the latest products, features and solutions from VMware and partners.
#2. Interact with over 225 VMware product experts under one roof. Our experts are ready to provide guidance, share best practices when using our products.  This is probably the only place in the universe where you can get access to this many product experts under one roof.
#3. Interact with your peers, and colleagues. This year we are featuring “Focus Areas” where like-minded individuals can take the same lab and share their experiences in a very casual and interactive manner.


Local Training Classes (Brisbane)

VMware vCloud Automation Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0] 15-19 Sept


VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.5] 22 - 26 Sept


VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop [V5.5] 29 - 03 Oct

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