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Hi everyone, lots of news this week and a bunch of product updates, many of which include compatibility for new versions as required with the current new product set. I suggest you check these out especially if you are waiting on these for an upgrade.

vForum Sydney planning is in full swing. I have submitted my presentation for review and look forward to my presentation session on Wednesday on the first day of vForum. The planning for the vForum lunch is also happpening at a rapid rate. Check below in the TAM section for the agenda and make sure if you are a TAM customer and coming to vForum that you have registered (speak to your TAM).

Enjoy the newsletter and please feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

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Newsletter Archive:

-       vForum Sydney and TAM Lunch
-       Update to vSphere vCenter Server, version 5.1.0A released
-       vCloud Director 5.1.1 Released!
-       VSA v5.1.1 Released
-       VMware vSphere 5.1 is now supported with VMware View 5.1 and above
-       Available on the App Store - VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal

Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP) Is Now Available
Start building your partner pipelines with EPP, a new token-based licensing program that provides a flexible, cost-effective way for customers looking to make a strategic, long-term investment.
Announced at VMworld Barcelona earlier this month, EPP offers the speed of transactions associated with smaller volume purchases and the procurement efficiency, cost savings and product mix-and-match capability typically associated with large ELAs.
EPP is ideal for customers who:
-                              Are spending $250K – $600K USD on VMware products and solutions and seek to take advantage of maximum discounts
-                              Have soon-to-expire budgets but have not identified the product mix needed for the next 1-3 years
-                               Are running a pilot using VMware in one department, but seek to expand to other departments once the pilot is complete
-                               Are looking for ways to efficiently manage VMware licenses across multiple departments or teams within the organization
-                              Want to be able to adjust VMware license deployments to meet evolving business conditions or requirements
Ready to get started? Read up on program features, benefits, steps to getting started and eligibility guidelines in Partner Central.

Join Thousands of IT Professionals at vForum 2012
The most important annual event in the virtualization, cloud and end-user computing calendar is here. vForum 2012 is your chance to get up-to-date on all that’s happening with the latest technology and its applications to transform IT and your business.
VMware executives and industry leaders discuss the latest technology and trends
Learn in more than 75 Sessions and build your technical skills through the Hands-on Labs
Engage with the many IT organisations showcasing the latest virtualization, cloud and end-user computing solutions

Wednesday and Thursday
14 & 15 November 2012
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre,
Exhibition Hall 5.

Sessions List -

October 4, 2012 VMSA-2012-0014
VMware vCenter Operations, CapacityIQ, and Movie Decoder security updates

VMware vCenter 4.0 Update 4a Patch is available for download at:


·       October 23, 2012
VMware Reports Third Quarter 2012 Results
October 15, 2012
SpringOne 2GX 2012 - Tackling Today’s Biggest Enterprise Development Challenges with Spring, Groovy and Grails
·       October 09, 2012
VMware Introduces Enterprise Purchasing Program


VMware @VMware
#vForum2012 ANZ: Learn to design & architect your Cloud in Software-Defined Datacenter. Register for All Areas Pass!

Manfred Meier @meier_manfred
Stop vs Pause with vSphere Replication:

Apple, VMware Work To Make iWorks Work in View?:






Managing the Realities of a Multi-Platform, Multi-Cloud World


November 6th 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)


VMware vSphere 5.1 QuickStart Series Part 1 vSphere 5.1 Platform, What's New


November 7th 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)


An Overview of VMware vCloud Suite


November 8th 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)


Big, Fast, Flexible Data with Cloud Delivery


November 13th 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)


VMware vSphere 5.1 QuickStart Series Part 2: vCenter Server 5.1 What's New


November 14th 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)


Getting Started with Virtualization on the VMware Platform–Fast, Easy and Efficient


November 15th 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)






vForum Sydney 2012 – TAM Day Lunch – Agenda (Register via your TAM)


12:30pm:Registration (foyer, Level 2)
Welcome and introduction by Mike Walshe, TAM Program Manager, VMware APJ
12:45pm:Steve Herrod, CTO and Sr VP of R&D, VMware Inc.
1:20pm:Neal Mueller, Product Marketing Manager, VMware Inc.




VMworldTV: Orchestrating Non VMware workloads with Steven Bryen - VMworld 2012 Tech Talks

VMworld 2012 Barcelona - VMworldTV Video Round-Up

VMwareTV: What does it mean to be an IT Service Broker?

VMwareTV: What are the Attributes of an Effective IT Financial Management Solution?

VMwareTV: VMware: Real World Advantage: Weekend Update

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere Web Client - Part 2

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere Web Client - Part 1

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere Data Protection - Install and Configure

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere Data Protection - File Level Restore

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere Data Protection - Create and Edit Backup jobs

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere 5.1 - Replication Recovery

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere 5.1 - Replication Protection

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere 5.1 - Networking Rollback and Recovery

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere 5.1 - Network Config Backup and Restore

VMwareTV: VMware vSphere 5.1 - Auto Deploy Stateless

VMwareTV: VMware View Bootcamp: Mobile Secure Desktop - VSPEX Storage and Avamar DR & Backup

VMwareTV: VMware View Bootcamp - Business Process Desktop: Securing Outsourced Infrastructure with Trend Micro

VMwareTV: VMware View Bootcamp - Business Process Desktop: Efficient Management and Monitoring with Lakeside

VMwareTV: VMware View Bootcamp - Business Process Desktop: Acronis Backup & Restore Solution

VMwareTV: Seven Corners: Cloud Management

VMworldTV: OS and Application deployment automation with Razor and Puppet - VMworld 2012 Tech Talks

VMworldTV: Automation with Jeramiah Dooley & Josh Atwell - VMworld 2012 Tech Talks

vSphere 5.1 Network Rollback and Recovery

VMware vSphere Blog: vSphere 5.1 Auto Deploy Overview Videos





Sizing vFabric GemFire – VMware’s Java-based, Spring-Enabled, In-Memory Data Platform


Capacity planning in the enterprise is no easy task. In this post, we provide an overview for sizing VMware’s elastic, in-memory data management product,

vFabric GemFire and a link to an in-depth, technical article.


Setting the Stage for Memory Sizing



How to Leverage Existing Application Director Templates in the New Beta Release


vFabric Application Director has been getting quite a lot of attention recently. The success of our own internal IT project and how they

reduced application provisioning time by 90% and costs by 30% has spread and customers are trying it out. It’s been getting such good adoption that VMware decided to make it even easier for customers to use it by

including it into the newly expanded vCloud Suite, announced at VMworld earlier this month. Additionally, the Beta Program for Application Director has been underway for a couple months and customers are testing out the upgrade paths from their current deployment to their beta deployment.



VMware’s Serengeti – Virtualized Hadoop at Cloud-scale


Not long ago I covered the topic of

Big Data adoption in the enterprise. In it, I described how Serengeti enables enterprise to respond to common Hadoop implementation challenges resulting from the lack of usable enterprise-grade tools and the shortage of infrastructure deployment skills.



Helping People Sleep at Night: 5 Reasons to go for Continuous Deployment


Why do continuous provisioning? Some smart, successful companies with great engineering teams are certainly benefiting from it (see list further below), but what is it doing for them? And what can it do for you?


After talking to our customers at

VMworld about the possibilities of

vFabric Application Directorbeing

part of their vCloud infrastructure,  and last summer’s

explanation of continuous provisioning with Application Director and Jenkins CI Server, we decided to list some good reasons on why continuous deployment is worth pursuing.



ROBLOX: RabbitMQ, Hybrid Clouds, and 1 Billion Page Views/Month


Online video games have amazing software architectures, particularly when they support millions or billions of transactions.


One of the most interesting companies in this

growing industry is



If you haven’t heard of ROBLOX, they allow users develop their own games – creating players, 3D worlds, and objects from

first-person shooters to genres like military and sci-fi. They are able to share these games with others, and, of course, play them. The ROBLOX application also has a built in advertising system, social network, and virtual economy with currencies. According to their

website, they generate:


-                              Over one billion page views, 29 million in-game hours, and 10 million unique visitors per month.


-                              Players created 5.4 million games and spent over 250 million hours of game-play in 2011














Finally! View 5.1 now supports a newly patched vSphere 5.1


It’s been killing me!  As you’re no doubt aware, VMware vSphere 5.1 came out several weeks back and everyone’s been asking “where the heck is View support for this thing?”  It’s quite frustrating to have two great products and have to hold back.



Well, the wait is finally over!  Last night, the vSphere team released an important patch for ESXi:






vSphere 5.1 Auto Deploy Overview Videos


The VMware Technical Marketing team has produced a series of short videos to help introduce and show off many of the new features and capabilities of vSphere 5.1.  I’d like to call your attention to the Auto Deploy videos that I helped put together.  There are three separate videos.



Stop vs Pause with vSphere Replication


Something to be aware of with regards to vSphere Replication is how we handle stopping vs pausing replication.  With a pause we temporarily stop shipping differential data to the recovery site, but with a stop we completely stop the replication, remove it from the UI *and delete the recovery data*.



VMware vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 – Evaluation Videos


VMware vCloud Networking and Security is the leading software-defined networking and security solution that brings the flexibility and operational efficiency to the networks and network services in a data center.


In an earlier post

here, I described the main components of the solution and discussed the concept of logical networks using overlay technology and different network services that are offered as part of the vCloud Networking and Security solution. We have put together the following three evaluation videos that will provide more details on how to deploy and configure the solution in a typical environment.



vCloud Director 5.1.1 Released!


Today, VMware has released vCloud Director 5.1.1.  This minor release has a few important updates, including:



Update to vSphere vCenter Server, version 5.1.0A released


A new version of the vSphere vCenter Server has been released to address some of the issues encountered with various scenarios of deploying and operating the 5.1.0 version. This release is a full version and you can upgrade from 4.0-5.1GA to 5.1.0A


I’ve listed some information specific to the issues resolved however do check out the full release notes for install instructions and a list of known issues with workarounds.






VMware Academic Program Summer 2012 Update


It has been a very busy and exciting summer so far for VMAP. The program has had ongoing success in areas such as licensing and conference attendance, and continues to build out research funding and technology initiatives.


Learn more »



VMware Open Innovation Contest 2012


Have a Fling with VMware and win a free pass to VMworld 2013!


Welcome to the VMworld 2012 Open Innovation Contest. We’re challenging you to share your best ideas for innovative new VMware Labs Flings! The contest will be open from August 26 - October 31.



Read more:





VMware Go Blog: This Week in Patching – 10/26/2012


The highlight of this week was Adobe releasing a new security bulletin on Tuesday.  Adobe Security bulletin

APSB12-23 addresses six vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution and is rated critical.  Administrators should look at applying Adobe Shockwave Player to their affected machines as soon as possible.



Federal Center of Excellence (CoE) Blog: vCloud Suite 5.1 Solution Upgrade Guide


By now you’ve probably heard all the hype around the 5.1 releases of VMware’s vSphere and vCloud platforms – and the vCloud 5.1 Suite, which bundles the latest versions of several VMware key IaaS-focused technologies and delivers a comprehensive cloud solution.  The suite comes in 3 flavors – Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.



Office of the CTO Blogs: Our Elephant Grows Up – New Serengeti Capabilities for Hadoop


Since the

release of Serengeti, VMware has learned a tremendous amount from our customers about using virtualization as the platform for big data workloads and Hadoop. These customer conversations provided us with solid reasons to virtualize Hadoop and other big data workloads.



Office of the CTO Blogs: Towards an Elastic Elephant: Enabling Hadoop for the Cloud


In his joint presentation at Hadoop Summit 2012 titled

“Hadoop in Virtual Machines”, Richard McDougall talked about  the benefits and challenges of virtualizing Hadoop. In particular, he introduced the idea of separating Hadoop’s compute runtime from data storage  on virtual infrastructure and touched on why this architecture is both desirable and feasible in a cloud environment. In this blog post I hope to examine this topic a bit further and present some initial performance results.



VROOM!: Turbo-charge View Video Performance


For desktop VMs using VMXnet3 NICs, you can significantly improve the peak video playback performance of your View desktop by simply setting the following registry setting to the value recommended by Microsoft:


HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Afd\ParametersFastSendDatagramThreshold to 1500


[As discussed in a Microsoft KB article







Link Aggregation and VLAN Trunking with Brocade FastIron Switches


In this post, I’ll be sharing with you information on how to do link aggregation (with LACP) and VLAN trunking on a Brocade FastIron switch with both VMware vSphere as well as Open vSwitch (OVS).



Updating CA SSL Certificates in vSphere 5.1


Over the past few weeks I have been working behind the scenes with a team of people at VMware spread around the globe on the process to successfully change out the self-signed certificates in vSphere 5.1. With the introduction of Single Sign-On in vSphere 5.1 the process is somewhat more complicated than vSphere 5 (ok quite a lot more complicated). But now I’m able to bring you some of the solutions you’ve all been waiting for.



What the Dell just happened? – Dell Storage Forum Sydney 2012 – Part 1


What the Dell just happened? – Dell Storage Forum Sydney 2012 – Part 2



VMware View 3D Gaming Experience


For those of you who

follow me on twitter you may well have seen me tweeting about the View 3D Experience over the duration of both of this years VMworlds.


Myself and a colleague Tim Federwitz ( had been tasked to showcase VMware's vSGA (Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration) that will be released in the next release of VMware View at some point in H1 2013.



Distributed vSwitch Rollback


I’m a big fan of simple vSphere network configurations, one vSwitch with a small number of fast uplinks.  This has been my stance since ESX 3 and I think it’s still a good starting point for a network design.  I have had some concerns about the vNetwork Distributed switch (vDS) with it’s management through vCentre and the inherent ability to make a mistake that break the vDS for every ESXi server that uses the vDS.



Monitoring Storage I/O Control activity with new vSphere 5.1 counters


There was an interesting question posted recently around how you could monitor Storage I/O Control activity. Basically, how would one know if SIOC had kicked in and was actively throttling I/O queues? Well, in vSphere 5.1, there are some new performance counters that can help you with that.



Technical White Paper - Customizing vm-support in vSphere 5.0


The vm-support tool is re-written entirely in python framework from vSphere 5.0. This allows for a plugin type framework and users can run individual modules without the need to change the tool, it gathers and triggers commands to get diagnostic data across different components of the ESXi server.



Free VMware SRM Videos Available


There are some great Free VMware SRM videos available at VMware.


Those videos are provided free from the product page. Even if vSphere Replication (VR) has been introduced recently as a part of

VMware vSphere 5.1 Free of charge, to automate the failover and orchestrate the failover and failback you need SRM.



VMware Mirage Available for Download Now


VMware Mirage offers a unique solution for endpoint management and recovery that combines image centralization and local execution. The images of the endpoints are cloned into the datacenter to enable the benefits of centralized management and recovery while leaving cached copies of the image on each endpoint for local (and offline) execution thereby preserving an uncompromised user experience.



Available on the App Store - VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal


VMware’s Mobile Knowledge Portal brings to you access to the latest and very insightful marketing and technical content created by VMware experts. You can use this handy application to watch installation videos, access helpful demos, read product whitepapers, and benefit from expert advice. We ensure that you stay updated on the latest happenings at VMware and have access to useful information.



Clustering Support on vCloud Director and vCenter Databases


It was good to read recently on Duncan Epping’s blog Yellow Bricks that

database clustering support for vCloud Director is added in version 5.1. vCloud Director now supports both Oracle RAC and also Microsoft Cluster Services or Microsoft Failover Clustering for MS SQL Server for it’s database. This was previously not supported in vCloud Director 1.0 and 1.5. But what is the support situation for all of the other components when it comes to database clustering, including vCenter Server?



vCloud Director 5.1 & Storage DRS


Another feature which was introduced in vSphere 5.1 & vCloud Director 5.1 was the interoperability between vCloud Director & Storage DRS. Now vCloud Director can use datastore clusters for the placements of vCloud vApps, and allow Storage DRS do what it does best – choose the best datastore in the datastore cluster for the initial placement of the vApp, and then load balance the capacity and performance of the datastores through the use of Storage vMotion.






The VMware User Group is an independent, global, customer-led organization, which maximizes members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events.






VMworld 2012 Interview on Certification


VMware Certification Director, Erik Ullanderson was interviewed at VMworld Barcelona. Watch as he reviews the new certification tracks, discusses the VCP-Cloud and IaaS exams, talks about the VCDX program and more.



vFabric tc Server Fundamentals: Free eLearning Training


vFabric tc Server is the ideal web application server based on open source Apache Tomcat. It adds features to Tomcat such as operations management and advanced diagnostics. vFabric tc Server has a very lightweight footprint so it is ideal for virtualized environment. To give you an idea how you can benefit from vFabric tc Server, SpringSource has released a

free 2.5 hour eLearning trainingcalled

vFabric tc Server Fundamentals.



Over 50 FREE VMware Instructional Videos Available


VMware Education

releases a new video site

with over 50 of our free instructional videos, on products including: vSphere, vCloud Director, Site Recovery Manager (SRM), vFabric, and more.  This is an excellent way to begin your learning journey.  Enhance your IT skills on key VMware products, playing on any device at anytime.  For our Chinese, French, German, Spanish users, keep an eye on the site as we plan to release videos in your language too.

Check it out:



Free Book Excerpt: VMware vSphere 5 Building a Virtual Datacenter


Our friends at VMware Press have provided another

free chapter excerpt from their new book, VMware vSphere 5 Building a Virtual Datacenter by Eric Maille and René-Francois Mennecier.



Meet the Newest VCDXs


Congratulations to the newest VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDXs) who defended their designs during VMworld Barcelona.


-                              Martijn Baecke –


-                              Tomas Fojta – @fojta


-                              Simon Long –


-                              Joep Piscaer – @jpiscaer


-                              Mohan Potheri –


-                              Chris Slater

-                              Chris Wahl - @ChrisWahl


You can read more about them – and all the VCDXs around the world - in the

VCDX Directory.






How to file a Support Request in My VMware

Hey, just a very quick post here to let you know that the My VMware

portal was updated this past weekend. As a result, the process for filing a support request in My VMware has changed ever so slightly. VMware Knowledge Base article Filing a Support Request in My VMware (2006985)

has been updated to reflect these changes.


Mac users cannot upload files through the My VMware portal


We have recently been made aware of an issue that may impact our customers’ ability to  upload files through the My VMware portal.


A recent Mac OS release has removed the Java plug-in. The Java plug-in is a requirement to upload files on the My VMware portal. Apple decided to remove the Java plug-in for Mac OS 10.7 and later, as explained in their KB article,

About Java for OS X 2012-006 and here. Engadget also covers the story:

Apple says no Java for you, removes plugin from browsers on OS X 10.7 and up.



Collecting diagnostic information from vCenter Server 5.1


We have recently updated KB article:

Collecting diagnostic information for VMware vCenter Server (1011641) with vCenter Server 5.1 information, says

Joel Yaross, Technical Support Engineer in our Broomfield Colorado office.



EPP: Enrollment, Overview, and Fund Management


VMware EPP enables customers to purchase software licenses in volume easily, and to benefit from cost savings in a flexible way. We have created three short videos, shown below, to introduce you to EPP and show you how to get started with it.



Implementing CA signed SSL certificates with vSphere 5.1


One of the most common things we see in VMware Global Support Services (GSS), regardless of product, version, or customer, is the need to implement

custom certificates. This could be for a number of reasons:






Please consider checking - regularly for new and updated KB Articles.


VMware KB Digest – New Articles Published for Week Ending 10/20/12



My VMware

Assigning and removing the Administrator role in My VMware (2037543) Date Published: 10/19/2012

What’s new in My VMware (2037715) Date Published: 10/19/2012


VMware ESX

Adding a storage in ESX/ESXi fails with the error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (2037650) Date Published: 10/19/2012


VMware ESXi

Many current.png.xxxx on the /tmp on ESXi host causes hostd to crash and disconnect (2031839) Date Published: 10/17/2012

VM Snapshot Size (GB) alarm incorrectly triggers on virtual machines with no snapshots (2037464) Date Published: 10/15/2012

Identifying supported MIBs for ESXi versions (2036047) Date Published: 10/15/2012

Mounting a Linux partition/USB device as an NFS share to an ESXi host (2035815) Date Published: 10/19/2012


VMware Service Manager

Passing a Date extension field as a parameter from Service Manager to vCenter Orchestrator fails with the error: Date parameter is null or blank (2033012) Date Published: 10/15/2012

Getting VMware Service Manager 9.x into a loop when choosing a CMDB Item in a CMDB Update Task (2037371) Date Published: 10/15/2012


VMware vCenter Chargeback

User accounts with the Superuser role cannot delete other Superuser accounts in VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.x (2037401) Date Published: 10/15/2012

Configuring vCenter Orchestrator Plug-In for vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 (2037145) Date Published: 10/19/2012


VMware vCenter Configuration Manager

vCenter Configuration Manager collections fail with the error: Failed to obtain encryption certificate for machine id N (2037578) Date Published: 10/18/2012


VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vApp)

VMware vCenter Service health alert generated in vCenter Operations Manager 5.x (2037405) Date Published: 10/15/2012

All datastores do not display during the configuration of What-If scenarios in VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5.x (2037460) Date Published: 10/17/2012

Login attempts with error in vCenter Operations Manager 5.x: This product is unlicensed or cannot connect to the vSphere Server (2037573) Date Published: 10/17/2012


VMware vCenter Server

Subsequent Test Failover for Fault Tolerance virtual machines fail after the first time (2033523) Date Published: 10/16/2012

vMotion fails at 14% when VLAN tagging is enabled (2037486) Date Published: 10/19/2012

vMotion fails at 66% with the error: Cannot open the disk ‘/DIR/P-DBECM1-V.vmdk’ or one of the snapshot disks it depends on (2037308) Date Published: 10/19/2012

Adding vCenter Single Sign On Identity Source fails with the error: Unable to detect baseDN (2037365) Date Published: 10/19/2012

vCenter Server 5.1 Teaming and Failover Healthcheck reports the warning: Warning – Non-IP Hash Mismatch (2037454) Date Published: 10/19/2012


VMware vCenter Server Appliance

Cannot connect to the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (2035070) Date Published: 10/16/2012


VMware vCloud Director

Supported high availability options for the vCloud Director database (2037802) Date Published: 10/18/2012


VMware vSphere Data Protection

Cannot use Japanese characters in VMware Data Protector backup job names (2036888) Date Published: 10/16/2012













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