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Hi everyone, well we are getting closer to vForum 2012 in Sydney and things are getting exciting. For starters the official agenda has been published this week. I am also confirmed to do a session this year and will be presenting on the first day after lunch. I will publish more details when I get them and I hope that many of you will attend not only vForum but my session.

It would also be great to meet anyone who is going to vForum who get’s the newsletter. I will supply details on my whereabouts for the event closer to the time as I know them.

I have had a lot of conversations this past week on certification and with the new VMware certification tracks that were announced at VMworld this seems to have gathered a lot of momentum and interest. I am also very keen on getting more certifications and the 2 most intersting to me right now are the VCAP-DCD and VCP-ITAAS. Because of this I will include more on these two certs in coming newsletters.

If you want to get in touch please feel free to email or use one of our excellent Social Media assets such as Twitter (@VMWARETAM) or Facebook (VMWARETAM). Please sign up to both of these as well to receive notification of anything related to VMware and the TAM program in general as well as more on vForum.

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-       TAM Lunch at vForum Agenda announced
-       Loads of new videos from VMworld released

And the Winner Is…
Now is the time to nominate your organization for a VMware Partner Network Award. You just might find it’s your business that we’re recognizing for outstanding excellence and performance at Partner Exchange (PEX) 2013. Open to all VMware partners worldwide, this year’s award ceremony features 18 different categories. Partners compete with the regional winners to earn a chance to win a global award.

VMware Solution Enablement Toolkits – Monetizing Solution Competencies
We recently caught up with David Forsch, Director of Partner Solutions, where he spoke to the great results partners are seeing by utilizing Solution Enablement Toolkits (SET). Watch the short video below to hear more details about the toolkits and how they help partners accelerate their business and maximize their ROI from Solution Competencies.

Join Thousands of IT Professionals at vForum 2012
The most important annual event in the virtualization, cloud and end-user computing calendar is here. vForum 2012 is your chance to get up-to-date on all that’s happening with the latest technology and its applications to transform IT and your business.
VMware executives and industry leaders discuss the latest technology and trends
Learn in more than 75 Sessions and build your technical skills through the Hands-on Labs
Engage with the many IT organisations showcasing the latest virtualization, cloud and end-user computing solutions

Wednesday and Thursday
14 & 15 November 2012
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre,
Exhibition Hall 5.

Sessions List -

October 4, 2012 VMSA-2012-0014
VMware vCenter Operations, CapacityIQ, and Movie Decoder security updates

VMware vCenter 4.0 Update 4a Patch is available for download at:

·       October 15, 2012
SpringOne 2GX 2012 - Tackling Today’s Biggest Enterprise Development Challenges with Spring, Groovy and Grails
·       October 09, 2012
VMware Introduces Enterprise Purchasing Program
·       October 09, 2012
VMware Extends Cloud Management Capabilities with vCloud Suite Updates



Manfred Meier @meier_manfred
Introduction to VMware IT Business Management Suite:

Manfred Meier @meier_manfred
Introduction to VMware IT Business Management Suite:

Manfred Meier @meier_manfred
Network Virtualization Overview:

VMware @VMware
#VMwareANZ: CV upgrade? Pitch your cloud ideas to VMware CTO Steve Herrod @ #vForum2012. Submit your ideas! -








Virtualization Made Easy


October 23rd 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)



Escape from JEE Bloat: Implementing a Lightweight Application Server Architecture


October 25th 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)






vForum 2012 – TAM Day Lunch – Agenda (Register via your TAM)


12:30pm:Registration (foyer, Level 2)
Welcome and introduction by Mike Walshe, TAM Program Manager, VMware APJ
12:45pm:Steve Herrod, CTO and Sr VP of R&D, VMware Inc.
1:20pm:Neal Mueller, Product Marketing Manager, VMware Inc.




VMwareTV: VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 - Complete and Integrated Cloud Infrastructure


Overview of the VMware vCloud Suite 5.1, a complete, integrated cloud infrastructure foundation that enables you to simplify IT operations and deliver the best SLAs for any application in the cloud. Learn about the software-defined datacenter, cloud infrastructure, cloud management, and new capabilities including vCloud Networking and Security. Visit "VMware NOW" -- our new on-demand digital experience offering VMware keynotes, product videos and social media collaboration:



VMwareTV: What are the Attributes of an Effective IT Financial Management Solution?


Answered by: Bill Miller, SVP -- IT Finance, Nationwide Insurance



VMworldTV: VMworld 2012 Tech Talks - Orchestrating Non VMware workloads with Steven Bryen



VMwareTV: VMware vCenter Server 5.1 - Inventory Searching and Tagging


VMwareTV: Introduction to VMware IT Business Management Suite


VMworldTV: VMworld 2012 Tech Talks - vTardis Nested vSphere Lab - #NotSupported with Simon Gallagher


VMworldTV: VMworld 2012 Tech Talks - VMware View with (Wanova) Mirage with Jason Langone


VMworldTV: VMworld 2012 Tech Talks - VAAI tips, specifics, common pitfalls and caveats on NFS with Bas Raayman


VMworldTV: VMworld 2012 Tech Talks - Using Fusion-IO for a VMware View deployment with Brian Knudtson


VMworldTV: VMworld 2012 Tech Talks - Managing Data with Scott Lowe


VMworldTV: VMworld 2012 Tech Talks - How the software defined datacenter is going with Mike Laverick


VMware Support Insider: Using the new vCloud Network and Security to load balance multiple vSphere Web Client Servers


VMware Support Insider: Enabling vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check in the vSphere Web Client






Spring Data release train arrived


Access Java Spring Data data access NOSQL


It's a pleasure to announce that we have just released the GA versions of a variety of Spring Data modules. With this release we continue to manifest the commitment of SpringSource to provide Java developers with tools to work with state-of-the-art persistence technologies. In this blog post I'd like to give you detailed insight into Read more...



Escape JEE Bloat: Implement a Lightweight App Server Architecture



If you follow this blog, you know we keep hearing people talk about simplicity when discussing app servers and architectures. We certainly heard this at

JavaOne and also at

VMworld, but it’s been popular for a




Understanding the Difference between Spring Insight Developer & Insight Operations


Every developer knows Byte Code Instrumentation (BCI) is useful. It automates how you instrument your code, and let’s you see exactly how data is being transferred and manipulated within your application. The level of detail is essential to writing and debugging good code.



Deploying a Cassandra Cluster with Application Director



vFabric Application Director supports a variety of products out of the box (mostly

vFabric) and a growing number of products on the

Cloud Application Management MarketplaceBETA (like

Puppet Integration), it is easy to extend Application Director to support additional applications. Let’s take a look at how to use Application Director with Apache’s open source database,

Cassandra. If you are new to Application Director, you might check out this

5-minute explanation. Otherwise, this post will show you how to automate the provisioning and set-up of a Cassandra cluster with Application Director in two main steps: 1) creating the catalog service and 2) defining a blueprint. Then, we will look at an example.



vFabric Suite 5.2 Released


vFabric Suite 5.2 has been released and is now available for VMware customers to

download and deploy. Considered a minor release, this update fulfills VMware’s desire to update the 13 different application components that comprise the suite every six months.  The improvements across the products for this version focus on improving standardization and consistency across products, an important maintenance effort as several of the products are relatively new to the vFabric product portfolio. Customers will universally benefit from standardization across products on five fronts:



Understanding App Delivery Controllers in Hybrid Clouds


Many call

Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) the next generation of load balancers.  Same as load balancers, they sit in front of web servers. In addition to providing the balancing services, they now help improve scale, availability, fault tolerance, security, and routing. But, not all ADCs are delivered as pure software solutions, designed for cloud-based and virtualized deployments, or work in hybrid cloud environments—items which are becoming mainstream requirements for the

Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) that VMware sees as the future of cloud computing.



vFabric VMworld Sessions available On Demand


For anyone that attended VMworld 2012, you can access

content for all VMware sessions here.


If you did not attend, you can

purchase a subscription to access the content online. Content from all previous years is free for all community members along with the 2012 General Session Keynotes.








Another VMware Cloud – NYSE Euronext Runs Its Public Cloud on VMware


Feargal O’Sullivan, Global Head of Alliances at NYSE Euronext, shares of the company’s Capital Markets Community Platform (based on VMware cloud technology),

“We knew that we were going out well ahead of everybody else and we were very keen to do so, because we see and understand the cloud vision that VMware and EMC in particular have been promoting over the past few years. We agree with it fully. We feel like we’re uniquely positioned within the capital markets industry as the neutral party.”









Using VMware Mirage in Remote and Branch Offices


Desktop management at remote and branch offices presents a significant challenge to IT departments. The challenge is magnified not just because of how IT must accomplish this feat, but also how they must accomplish it within a reasonable cost structure, while operating centrally or remotely, but with as little disruption to their end user base as possible. This is where the

VMware Branch Office Desktop and specifically one significant component of this solution-

VMware Mirage- come in.



IBM and VMware Validate New Desktop Architecture Optimized to Deliver Desktops as a Managed Service to Branch Offices


Following the launch of the

VMware Rapid Desktop Program at VMworld in San Francisco, the global VMware and IBM teams committed to not only delivering a validated solution based on the Branch Office Desktop, but also creating and certifying an IBM Rapid Desktop appliance based on the

IBM System x and

IBM Flex Systems hardware families.



Better Management of End-User Technology for Remote and Branch Offices


When it comes to managing IT in branch offices, it’s not uncommon for organizations to look at centralization. Why? Because it simply isn’t efficient to maintain local IT staff and resources in each location, especially when the work tasks being supported in each location are near-identical.  Not only is the inefficiency of replicated and distributed IT management an unnecessary resource drain, it can expose the organization to greater risks of lost productivity and revenues by creating many more points of vulnerability.



Breaking the Shackles of Legacy Infrastructure in the Branch Office


Today’s distributed businesses rely extensively on branch offices for selling to, servicing and satisfying new and existing customers. Yet far too many of these remote locations remain hamstrung by legacy infrastructure, ultimately impacting the ability of the business to grow revenue and profits.



Making the Business Case for VDI for Small to Mid-Sized Organizations


In the last survey we posted with Spiceworks on the Trends around Desktop Virtualization for Small and Mid-sized Organizations for SMBs (published May 2012)- we found that over 60% of small to mid-sized businesses with up to a 1000 employees were planning to roll out or evaluate VDI this year.






vSphere Data Protection (VDP) and vSphere Replication (VR) Interoperability


We have been getting a fair number of questions regarding interoperability of vSphere Data Protection (VDP) and vSphere Replication (VR) both of which are included with vSphere 5.1 (Essentials Plus and higher). I spent some time in my lab with these questions and decided to focus on the two most common questions:


-                              Do VDP and VR interfere with each other?


-                              Can I use VR to replicate VDP to another site?


VDP and VR protecting the same VM



Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) Tech Preview [with video]


Following on from some of the major storage announcements made at VMworld 2012 this year, I wanted to give you an overview of the

virtual volumes feature in this post. Virtual Volumes is all about making the storage VM-centric – in other words making the VMDK a first class citizen in the storage world.



vSphere 5.1 – VDS Feature Evaluation Videos


As you start looking at the new features of vSPhere 5.1 release, you will find substantial improvements to the vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS). In the earlier post

here, I briefly talked about the new VDS features and also provided link to the

white paper.


To help you evaluate some of the key features of the VDS we have put together following videos:






VMware Academic Program Summer 2012 Update

It has been a very busy and exciting summer so far for VMAP. The program has had ongoing success in areas such as licensing and conference attendance, and continues to build out research funding and technology initiatives.

Learn more »


VMware Open Innovation Contest 2012


Have a Fling with VMware and win a free pass to VMworld 2013!


Welcome to the VMworld 2012 Open Innovation Contest. We’re challenging you to share your best ideas for innovative new VMware Labs Flings! The contest will be open from August 26 - October 31.



Read more:





Office of the CTO Blogs: VMware at the OpenStack Summit


It has been a very busy week at the OpenStack Summit. Unfortunately, I am not there but Quantum is.


What is Quantum?


Quantum is the networking-as-a-service capability and most talked about aspect to OpenStack’s Folsom release. Quantum has become a game-changer when it comes to enabling advanced networking in OpenStack environments, and the Nicira team at VMware has been leading the charge both in open source Quantum development and in deploying Quantum in production OpenStack environments.



VMware Go Blog: vSphere Essentials + VMware Go Pro = Worry-Free IT Management for SMBs


In its early days, virtualization was seen as a luxury for IT departments. Sure, it would save you considerable money on hardware and utility costs and improve overall performance for your IT infrastructure—but there was also a significant upfront cost and technical training required to get it up and running. At that point, it was essentially limited to the IT 1%-ers (come on, it’s election season – grant us that one terrible analogy…).






Spotted a RUN DRS t-shirt at VMworld and wondering where to buy them?


I had so many people ask about these RUN DRS shirts I had made in the last weeks… Unfortunately it was a limited print so I cannot offer them, and to be honest I don’t really want to sell them either. Frank created the design and I asked Frank if it would be okay to share it so that everyone who wants one can get it printed themselves.



vSphere HA fail-over in action – aka reading the log files


I had a discussion with

Benjamin Ulsamer at VMworld and he had a question about the state of a host when both the management network and storage network was isolated. My answer was that in that case the host will be reported as “dead” as there is no “network heartbeat” and no “datastore heartbeat”. (more info about

heartbeating here) Funny thing is when you look at the log files you do see isolated instead of dead. Why is that? Before we answer it lets go through the log files and paint the picture:



Database clustering support for vCloud Director added in version 5.1!


Those who have been architecting vCloud Director environments from the early days know that this has always been a pain point. I personally have had many discussions with product management and engineering to get support for database clustering like Oracle RAC or Microsoft clustering services for MS SQL. Unfortunately neither 1.0 and 1.5 supported it. So the big questions always was, when will database clustering support for vCloud Director be added?



New esxcli namespaces (incl. SMART disk monitoring)


With ESXi 5.1 there were several enhancements to the esxcli command that you can use in an ESXi shell, but also remotely, to get and set system configuration parameters. You can now e.g. configure VMkernel IPv4 and IPv6 network routes (esxcli network ip route ...) configure SNMP (esxcli system snmp ...) enter maintenance mode (esxcli system maintenanceMode) and shutdown/reboot the host (esxcli



The status of SMP Fault Tolerance


VMware FT (Fault Tolerance) has been around for a while an enables you to protect a VM in a way that allows for a seamless non-disruptive fail over to a copy of it running on another host. The execution of the primary and the secondary copy of an FT-protected VM is synchronized through the vLockstep protocol by sending all input data over a dedicated FT logging link to the host that runs the



Free vCenter Operations Manager Now Included with vSphere


vCenter Operations Manager Foundation will give you insights and visibility into performance and health of your vSphere infrastructure and is now included free with VMware vSphere.



VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite

provides automated operations management using patented analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration management.


Enabling vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check in the vSphere Web Client


The network configuration for the vSphere infrastructure is a two-step process, whereby users must configure the physical network switches to which the vSphere host is connected and then configure the VDS. There are key network parameters, such as VLAN, network adapter teaming, and MTU, that should be configured properly on physical and virtual switches.



Strange DRS behavior during vSphere 5.1 upgrade


This week I upgraded a customer running vSphere 4.0 Update 1 to vSphere 5.1 when discovering a strange DRS behavior. My upgrade path was to first install a fresh vCenter 5.1 and then move the ESX 4.0 hosts into vCenter 5.1. Next step was to put the first host into maintenance mode, shutdown, remove from cluster, perform a fresh install with ESXi 5.1 and then add it to the cluster.


After the first host was installed with ESXi 5.1 and added to the cluster, I suddenly saw DRS moving virtual machines to that first host. Not just a few but a lot of VMs. The host got loaded to 96% and then DRS stopped migrating VMs.



How-to increase the default timeout value of vSphere Web Client


The vSphere Web Client will become the main client for managing the VMware vSphere Infrastructures. There is a default timeout value which is 30 min, but it’s configurable. Think twice if you have a real reason, in production environment, to change this value.



vCloud Director 5.1 & Storage Profiles


In my 10 part series of posts on the new vSphere 5.1 Storage Features, I called out in part 3 that there was now even greater interoperability between features like Profile Driven Storage and

vCloud Director. The purpose of this blog is to highlight this particular interoperability in even more detail.



Link Aggregation and LACP with Open vSwitch


In this post, I’m going to show you how to use link aggregation (via the Link Aggregation Control Protocol, or LACP) with Open vSwitch (OVS). First, though, let’s cover some basics.


In the virtualization space, it’s extremely common to want to use multiple physical network connections in your hypervisor hosts to support guest (virtual machine) traffic. The problem is that modern-day networking is—for now—largely constrained by the presence of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), which limits the use of multiple connections between network devices (especially switches). Since most hypervisors have some form of virtual switch to support guest traffic, and since users don’t want to be constrained by STP the hypervisors have had to find workarounds.






The VMware User Group is an independent, global, customer-led organization, which maximizes members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events.






Free Book Excerpts: VMware Press eSampler v2


The free VMware Press eSampler, 2nd edition is now available for

download. It includes chapters from newly released and upcoming VMware Press titles:


-                              Automating vSphere with VMware vCenter Orchestrator, by Cody Bunch
Chapter 3: Configuring vCenter Orchestrator


-                              The O fficial VCP5 Certification Guide, by Bill Ferguson
Chapter 2: Planning and Configuring vSphere Networking


-                              Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments, by Harley Stagner & Sean Crookston
Chapter 3: Operating the Environment


-                              Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0, by Mostafa Khalil
Chapter 5: VMware Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA)


VMware vSphere® 5: Building a Virtual Datacenter, by Eric Maille & Rene-Francois Mennecier
Chapter 3: Storage in vSphere 5







VMware Apps for You

Taking a break from the usual Workstation and My VMware topics, this week I will be talking about some cool VMware / VMware-related apps which just might be what you are looking for your virtualization needs. Maybe you are already using these apps, so feel free to share your views on them here. If you are not using them yet, do try them out for yourself and see how they can help you out. For this week, I will be talking about two apps from VMware and in the coming weeks, I will also discuss other VMware-friendly apps out there.


VMware GSS Virtual Customer Support Day


On November 1st, VMware will host another

online GSS Customer Support Day event. This event is a unique opportunity for you to get answers to your questions directly from our Global Support Services technical experts. You told us that you’d like to see an online version of the popular live events that we’ve hosted in various locations throughout the world. We listened, and now anyone, anywhere can tap in to the advanced technical expertise of our Global Support Services team in this dynamic, interactive forum.



Current Trending Issues and how to fix them


We’ve been doing some trending analysis to figure out the issues that our support folks are running into, beginning with System Management and Networking. Based on our analysis so far, here are the 5 top areas where our customers are encountering issues today. For each problem area, we provide the most frequent resolutions to those problems.



Enabling vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check in the vSphere Web Client



Using the new vCloud Network and Security to load balance multiple vSphere Web Client Servers


Today we have a new video tutorial for your viewing pleasure.  In this video we have a demonstration of

Using the new vCloud Network and Security to load balance multiple vSphere Web Client Servers.



Tech Preview – Virtual Volumes


Following on from some of the major storage announcements made at VMworld 2012 this year, here is an overview of the

Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) feature.






Please consider checking - regularly for new and updated KB Articles.


VMware KB Digest – New Articles Published for Week Ending 10/13/12


Apache HTTP Server

Open Source Apache httpd support and support methodology (2037258) Date Published: 10/12/2012


Apache Tomcat

Open Source Apache Tomcat support and support methodology (2037255) Date Published: 10/12/2012


Shavlik NetChk Protect

vCenter Protect Essentials fails after completing a scan that includes an SQL Server (2037021) Date Published: 10/10/2012


VMware Data Recovery

Connecting to the VMware Data Recovery Appliance from the vSphere Client fails with the error: The Data Recovery service did not start up (2035765) Date Published: 10/8/2012


VMware ESX

Storage fails to appear after adding software iSCSI targets with the error: iscsid: connection failed for discovery (err = Interrupted system call)! (2005385) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Poor network performance or high network latency on Windows virtual machines (2008925) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Copying files from a virtual machine guest operating system that does not have network connectivity (2036993) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Likewise agents fails and ESX 4.1 host disconnects from Active Directory with Error 6 segfault log entries (2004616) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Cisco Nexus 1000V plug-in install fails with the error: URI is unable to download the plugin (2005620) Date Published: 10/12/2012


VMware ESXi

Adding an ESXi host to a distributed switch fails with the error: NetPortset: 761: DvsPortset-0: too many ports on system already (2036994) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Guest OS customization of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 may not complete (2037366) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Installing OSPs for VMware Tools on SLES10SP3 and SLES10SP4 fails with Error- No installable providers of vmware-tools-esx (2036768) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Differences in the upgrade process for versions of Cisco Nexus 1000V (2004347) Date Published: 10/12/2012

ESXi 4.x hosts disconnect from vCenter Server intermittently and report the error: cannot allocate memory (1035015) Date Published: 10/8/2012

Attempting to mount the NFS volume fails with the error: Unable to resolve hostname (2036182) Date Published: 10/8/2012

vMotion fails with the error: Migration to host <x.x.x.x> failed with error Out of memory (2036890) Date Published: 10/11/2012

The vSphere Web Client incorrectly displays WWNN and WWPN values for Fibre Channel storage adapters (2035448) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Powering on the virtual machine on a standalone host fails with the error: Module FeatureCompatLate power on failed (2036634) Date Published: 10/10/2012


VMware Service Manager

Workflow Process dropdown updates incorrectly when added to Request Screen in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2035644) Date Published: 10/12/2012

SLA clock resets when re-opening a call and clicking Start SLA button (2036898) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Dashboard Daily Stats displays 0 for Escalated Calls in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2037018) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Messaging tasks with multiple recipients activate twice and send duplicate emails in VMware Service Manager (2037137) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Manually installing and uninstalling the Service Manager services from the command line (2036887) Date Published: 10/8/2012

After cloning a call in which the Close FCB link has been clicked, you cannot click the Close FCB link in the newly created call (2036896) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Adding fields to the Resource Mappings screen for CSV Connector in VMware Service Manager 8.x (2037134) Date Published: 10/10/2012

Service Catalog web part displays incorrectly causing reduced readability in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2035643) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Enabling the Data Import Wizard in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2035675) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Scheduled Reports display different results than the manually run reports (2036903) Date Published: 10/8/2012

Running a scan to import information from vCloud Director into Service Manager fails when there are no virtual machines available (2037136) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Template filtering does not work in the New > CMDB Item > Config Item list in VMware Service Manager (2037252) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Email not generated or sent from an Approval Task when it is forwarded by a preceding Conditional Branching Task in VMware Service Manager (2037253) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Color settings are not stored when switching between coloring methods in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2037256) Date Published: 10/11/2012


VMware ThinApp

ThinApped Office 2010 plug-ins do not load into a native Office 2010 instance (2007144) Date Published: 10/12/2012


VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager

Running Reports page of the Reports tab lists stale and inactive reports but does not include new reports (2037008) Date Published: 10/10/2012


VMware vCenter Converter

P2V conversion of Windows XP fails with the error: FAILED: Unable to find the system volume (2005463) Date Published: 10/10/2012


VMware vCenter Orchestrator

Adding the power shell host to vCenter Orchestrator fails with the error: Cannot get kdc for realm (2036986) Date Published: 10/8/2012


VMware vCenter Protect Essentials

Configuring your environment for Wake On LAN functionality in vCenter Protect Essentials Plus 8.0.x (2036613) Date Published: 10/12/2012


VMware vCenter Server

Installing vCenter Single Sign On fails with the error: Error 20010: Failed to configure LookupService (2036497) Date Published: 10/11/2012

vSphere 5.1 Web Client reports this SSL warning after an installation or upgrade: Failed to verify the SSL certificate for one or more vCenter Server Systems (2036505) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Single Sign On installation details matrix (2036922) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Installing or upgrading to vCenter Server 5.1 fails with the error: Error 25003 Failed to Create Repository (2036970) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Cannot deploy or convert virtual machines from templates after upgrading to vCenter Server 5.1 (2037005) Date Published: 10/10/2012

Setting up port monitoring on a port profile can make Cisco Nexus 1000V become unresponsive (2004722) Date Published: 10/12/2012

After installation of Microsoft Security Advisory update (KB2661254), connection to vCenter Server 4.0.x web services may fail (2037082) Date Published: 10/9/2012

Identifying the vCenter Signle Sign On server deployment mode (2035817) Date Published: 10/8/2012


VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Licensing VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 4.1 Update 1 fails with the error: The license key entered does not have enough capacity for this entity (2005923) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Test Recovery in vCenter Site Recovery Manager succeeds, but reports the warning: Failed to update embedded paths in virtual machine file (2033814) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Installing or upgrading to vCenter Site Recovery Manager using an imported certificate fails with the error: Failed to installed certificate (2036909) Date Published: 10/9/2012

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager virtual machine shows the status: Device Not Found (2010397) Date Published: 10/12/2012

Add datastore wizard takes a long time to populate available LUNs (2035771) Date Published: 10/8/2012

vSphere replication of virtual machines fail with the error: No accessible host for datastore <datastore_name> (2036240) Date Published: 10/9/2012


VMware vCloud API

Using vCloud API 1.0 is with vCloud Director 1.5 reports errors in some cases (2036826) Date Published: 10/11/2012


VMware vCloud Automation Center

IIS Server WindowsAuthentication NTLM Provider displays errors when checking prerequisites (2036911) Date Published: 10/10/2012

Installing the vCloud Automation Center database to a drive root directory in SQL fails with permission errors (2036912) Date Published: 10/8/2012

Retrieving logs from VMware vCloud Automation Center (2036956) Date Published: 10/10/2012


VMware vCloud Connector

Gathering Logs for vCloud Connector 1.5.x (2037185) Date Published: 10/11/2012

Adding additional storage or transfer space to vCloud Connector 1.5.x Nodes (2037241) Date Published: 10/11/2012


VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent

WebSphere 8.0 support for VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent 4.6.x (2035689) Date Published: 10/12/2012


VMware vFabric Hyperic Server

HQ Server UI chart generation is flawed when metrics have negative values in VMware vFabric Hyperic Server 4.6.x (2036638) Date Published: 10/11/2012


VMware vFabric RabbitMQ

Open Source RabbitMQ support and support methodology (2037257) Date Published: 10/12/2012


VMware View Manager

Using the Flash 11 plug-in to play video in full screen mode causes a CPU usage spike on a virtual machine (2037046) Date Published: 10/8/2012

Having HPET enabled in a Windows 7 virtual machine can cause View Agent to become unreachable (2037054) Date Published: 10/9/2012

View Client fails to start with the error: Failed to cache broker connect response (2036570) Date Published: 10/11/2012

Preventing a bootable USB device or a NIC implemented as a USB device from being redirected to a View desktop (2037004) Date Published: 10/8/2012

Printer redirection fails when using PCoIP with the View 5.1.1 Agent (2036725) Date Published: 10/10/2012


VMware vSphere Data Protection

vSphere Data Protection fails to start backup jobs (2037003) Date Published: 10/9/2012


VMware vSphere Storage Appliance

Installing vSphere Storage Appliance fails with the error: Key : SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware VirtualCenter not found. VC is not installed. Unable to proceed (2035883) Date Published: 10/8/2012

vSphere Storage Appliance Manager 5.1 installations fails when creating VSA Networks (2036650) Date Published: 10/10/2012














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