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Hi everyone, VMworld Europe was another great success with thousands of delegates participating in this awesome event. I have added loads of excellent VMworld TV videos this week as well as VMware TV videos into the newsletter, there is so much excellent content that I have tried to summarise as many of these new videos as possible for you.

This week we turn our attention to vForum in Sydney which for the APAC region is the premier VMware event. I am lucky enough to be participating in this event in a number of ways including as a presenter and host for the TAM program. I will bring you more info on vForum over the coming weeks which I hope to see many of you at soon.

Please make sure you check the KB articles in the newsletter as well as the HOT NEWS section which highlights important news of the week.

Have an excellent week everyone and I look forward to speaking to all of you next week.

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Newsletter Archive:

-       vForum Sydney 2012 Agenda is live
-       TAM Customer, speak to your TAM about the TAM Lunch at vForum in Sydney
-       Loads of new video’s released from VMworld Europe and VMware TV
-       Microsoft Patch 2661254 may prevent connection to vCenter 4.0.x and other products using a security certificate with less than 1024 bits.

Tips for VMware vCloud Suite Partner Enablement
Did you hear the news coming out of Barcelona this week? At VMworld Europe, we introduced new cloud management solutions—available separately or as part of the vCloud Suite—as well as important enhancements to the VMware Partner Network program.
To help you get up to speed on everything we introduced, we’ve added 5 hours of content to Partner University TV(Partner Central login required). The new videos cover our Q4 launches, VPN updates and VMware Cloud Operations services. Currently the vCloud Suite videos are translated into 9 languages. Additional language support will be added, so if you don’t see the videos in your local language, please check back soon.

Join Thousands of IT Professionals at vForum 2012
The most important annual event in the virtualization, cloud and end-user computing calendar is here. vForum 2012 is your chance to get up-to-date on all that’s happening with the latest technology and its applications to transform IT and your business.
VMware executives and industry leaders discuss the latest technology and trends
Learn in more than 75 Sessions and build your technical skills through the Hands-on Labs
Engage with the many IT organisations showcasing the latest virtualization, cloud and end-user computing solutions

Wednesday and Thursday
14 & 15 November 2012
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre,
Exhibition Hall 5.

Virtualize Business Critical Applications Blog: Top Reasons To Virtualize Business Critical Applications on vSphere
The figure below lists some of the top business and technical reasons to virtualize business-critical applications.

October 4, 2012 VMSA-2012-0014
VMware vCenter Operations, CapacityIQ, and Movie Decoder security updates

August 30, 2012 VMSA-2012-0013
VMware vSphere and vCOps updates to third party libraries

VMware vCenter 4.0 Update 4a Patch is available for download at:

October 09, 2012
VMware Introduces Enterprise Purchasing Program
October 09, 2012
VMware Extends Cloud Management Capabilities with vCloud Suite Updates
October 04, 2012
VMware Simplifies Compliance for Business-Critical Applications in the Cloud

VMware vForum 2012 Sydney, Australia - Are you attending -
VMware TAM Program @VMwareTAM
vForum Sydney 2012 Agenda is live - …

Mozy Online Backup @mozy
We've got $50 for you and your scary haiku -

VMware vCloud @vCloud
Check out insights from @Gartner_Inc & more as they share their knowledge on the growing public #cloud space:

Angelo Luciani @AngeloLuciani
#VMworld 2012 Barcelona - VMworldTV Video Round-Up (via @esloof) #VMware


VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0]22 Oct - 26 Oct
VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Develop Workflows [V4.1]24 Oct - 26 Oct
VMware vSphere: Fast Track [V5.0]05 Nov - 09 Nov






Virtualization Made Easy


October 23rd 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)



Escape from JEE Bloat: Implementing a Lightweight Application Server Architecture


October 25th 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)






vForum 2012 – TAM Day Lunch – details coming soon or speak to your TAM




: TV


VMworld 2012 Barcelona - VMworldTV Video Round-Up




The Final Day at VMworld Europe 2012!

-             VMworld Europe Day 2 Highlights



VMworld 2012 Europe Day 1 Highlights

-             Juniper Networks Announce Renewed Partnerships and Products



Service Providers Talk Cloud at VMworld 2012

-             Demo of the New Features of vSphere 5.1 at VMworld Europe



Find Out More About VMware Certification at VMware Europe

-             An Interview with Joe Baguley - CTO of EMEA at VMware



VXLAN and the vDistributed Switch

-             Interview with Rob Tribe from Nutanix at VMworld Europe 2012



Interview with David Bieneman and Jason Maddox - Liquidware Labs at VMworld ...

-             Nicira behind the scenes with Thomas Kraus, Chris Colotti and Kamau Wanguhu



Data Management For Your Cloud at VMworld Europe

-             Meet The Organisers Of VMworld Europe 2012



A Sneak Peek Inside the VMworld Europe Hands On Labs with Pat Gelsinger!

-             Steve Herrod Answers Your Questions at VMworld 2012 Europe



Innovation at VMware with Steve Herrod and Julia Austin

-             An Interview with Carl Eschenbach at VMworld 2012 Europe



Virtualizing Oracle: Caging the Licensing Dragon

-             From Ideas to Reality - A Closer Look Inside VMware Innovation



Demo of Business Management Advisory Services

-             VMworld Demo of Cisco Nexus 1000v Free Edition



VMware vSphere Multi-Hypervisor Management Demo

-             Welcome To Partners Day VMworld Europe 2012



Welcome to VMworld Europe 2012




VMwareTV: VMware View Bootcamp - Business Process Desktop: Cisco VXI


VMwareTV: VMware View Bootcamp - Business Process Desktop: Securing Outsourced Infrastructure with Trend Micro


VMwareTV: VMware View Bootcamp - Business Process Desktop: Optimizing Storage with Nexenta VSA


VMwareTV: VMware vCloud Customers: Leveraging Cloud Management


VMwareTV: VMware Application Management - vFabric Application Director


VMwareTV: VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 and Cloud Management


VMwareTV: VMware Cloud Management Solutions Overview


VMwareTV: VMware Cloud Business Management Overview


VMwareTV: VMware Cloud Operations Management Overview


VMwareTV: VMware Cloud Service Provisioning Overview


VMwareTV: A Fact-Based Approach to Run IT Like a Business


VMwareTV: VMware Application Management Suite Overview


VMwareTV: VMware: Real World Advantage: Weekend Update


VMwareTV: VMware Real World Advantage: Web Server Challenge


VMwareTV: VMware Real World Advantage: Hardware Failure Challenge


VMwareTV: VMware Technology Preview: User Interface Virtualization



VMware Technical Communications Video Blog:


VMware Technical Communications Video Blog: Creating Scheduled Tasks in the vSphere Web Client


VMware Technical Communications Video Blog: Using the Log Browser in the vSphere Web Client


VMware Technical Communications Video Blog: Using vSphere Host Profiles in the vSphere Web Client


VMware Technical Communications Video Blog: Deploy a Virtual Machine from a Template in the vSphere Web Client


VMware Technical Communications Video Blog: Deploying and Exporting OFV Templates in the vSphere Web Client


VMware Technical Communications Video Blog: Add VM Kernel Networking to a vSphere Switch in the vSphere Web Client


VMware Technical Communications Video Blog: Add a NIC to a vSphere Standard Switch in the vSphere Web Client






5 Scenarios and Best Practices for Running Multiple Instances of Tomcat or tc Server


With multiple Tomcat instances, each runs in its own JVM, with its own configuration, and can be started or stopped independently, while still running against the same core binary. There are a variety of reasons to do this in practice. For example:



5 Trends Driving Change in App Architectures


From mainframe to client-server to web-based to cloud-oriented, application architectures have evolved.  Now, the cloud services market will be

over $100B in 2012 (source

Gartner) and IaaS is set to grow 45.4% – extremely fast in a tough world economy. This growth means companies are prioritizing cloud services and evolving application architectures very quickly. From the viewpoint of our customers, we see five key themes driving change in IT application architectures:



APPsolutely Amazing! VMworld, vCloud Suite, Application Director and APM



is off to a roaring start. New VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger took the main stage this morning in front of 8,000 customers and partners and lost no time touting the advances in the VMware stack.


Follow the Sun in Hyperic HQ Enterprise


For those sysadmins who manage 24/7/365, mission-critical systems, or global operations, a “follow-the-sun” model is part of the job.  But when you are NOT on duty, you would prefer not to receive any notifications.  So, an important function of alerts is the ability to alert different people depending on the schedule of who is on duty. Schedule-based alerts  are useful even in during a single shift as you can plan coverage for lunches, regular meetings or temporarily disable alerts to allow focused time to work on special projects.



Using Visual Statistics Display to Analyze GemFire Runtime Configuration, Resources, and Performance


vFabric GemFire

is a sophisticated product in a complex problem space: data management in distributed systems. In order to help our users get the most out of GemFire, we are starting a “cookbook” series, which will provide tried and tested recipes that we hope every GemFire user will find useful.


Scripted: A JavaScript editor from VMware


The first version of the Scripted code editor has been released this week on github: Although Scripted is a general purpose code editor, the initial focus is building a great JavaScript editing experience. Scripted itself is built entirely in JavaScript and HTML/CSS. It is a browser-based editor that runs locally on a developer's machine






Building An Effective Partner Program – A Guide for VMware Service Providers (Part 1)


Earlier this year, we wrote about

how partnering together can enable VMware Service and Solution Providers to be more successful, by allowing them to focus on their core competencies and deliver better solutions to customers.


We aim to provide our Service Providers partners with a blue print to develop a successful partner program, and in turn, expand your business reach – in Part 1 of this series, we’ll cover how to prepare building your partner program.



Building An Effective Partner Program – A Guide for VMware Service Providers (Part 2)



Part 1 of this series, we covered how VMware Service Providers can prepare building for an effective partner program with Solutions Providers. In this post, we’ll explain how to begin executing your partner program.


Execute a Pilot with a Small Number of Solution Providers



Columbia Sportswear Looks to a VMware-Based Hybrid Cloud for Disaster Recovery


Back in August, we featured Columbia Sportswear in our Another VMware Cloud series and discussed

how Columbia’s VMware-based hybrid cloud solution was able to provide the company with significant disaster recovery solutions. In a recent article in InformationWeek, Michael Leeper, Columbia Sportswear’s Director of Global Technology, provides more details around the events that led to the company’s decision to move to a VMware-based hybrid cloud model, as well as the benefits they were able to achieve by doing so.



New VSPP Management Bundle Provides Revenue Opportunities for vCloud Service Providers


Here at VMworld in Barcelona, the theme for the opening day is all about management. We’re focusing on how customers can deploy more automation capabilities to advance further down the path towards the

software-defined datacenter, a vision that was articulated at VMworld San Francisco a few weeks ago.



Announcing vCloud Connector 2.0 – One Network, One Catalog, One Cloud


Today, VMware introduced vCloud Connector 2.0, the latest version of our tool for reliably and efficiently transferring virtual machines and data between vClouds. VMware’s vCloud platform is unique in that deploying applications and data to any cloud is a core capability. Rather than building an application so it can run in just one cloud, your application can run without changes in any vCloud, whether your own, or from one of our

160+ vCloud service providers.



Updates to vCloud Suite Cloud Management Capabilities Announced at VMworld Barcelona


VMworld Barcelona kicked off today with a bang, with more than 8,000 attendees taking part in more than 250 unique breakout sessions and labs. During today’s keynote, Pat Gelsinger and Steve Herrod announced significant enhancements to VMware’s Cloud Management solutions – addressing cloud service provisioning, cloud operations management, and cloud business management.



Get your Share of 1.27 Million Square Feet of vCloud Powered Datacenter Space


With more than

150 certified VMware based IaaS clouds in 29 countries, there is a vCloud waiting for you that can reduce your cost and give you tremendous speed to market.  But you might be thinking how to get started or what use cases are companies currently deploying in the cloud today?  Hear from IT experts representing Gartner, VMware,

eMix and

University of Oxford as they share their knowledge around cloud best practices.  Need more cloud use cases?  You can

learn how companies got their share of the cloud.










Better Management of End-User Technology for Remote and Branch Offices


When it comes to managing IT in branch offices, it’s not uncommon for organizations to look at centralization. Why? Because it simply isn’t efficient to maintain local IT staff and resources in each location, especially when the work tasks being supported in each location are near-identical.  Not only is the inefficiency of replicated and distributed IT management an unnecessary resource drain, it can expose the organization to greater risks of lost productivity and revenues by creating many more points of vulnerability.



Using VMware Mirage in Remote and Branch Offices


Desktop management at remote and branch offices presents a significant challenge to IT departments. The challenge is magnified not just because of how IT must accomplish this feat, but also how they must accomplish it within a reasonable cost structure, while operating centrally or remotely, but with as little disruption to their end user base as possible. This is where the

VMware Branch Office Desktop and specifically one significant component of this solution-

VMware Mirage- come in.



IBM and VMware Validate New Desktop Architecture Optimized to Deliver Desktops as a Managed Service to Branch Offices


Following the launch of the

VMware Rapid Desktop Program at VMworld in San Francisco, the global VMware and IBM teams committed to not only delivering a validated solution based on the Branch Office Desktop, but also creating and certifying an IBM Rapid Desktop appliance based on the

IBM System x and

IBM Flex Systems hardware families.



Cisco and VMware Team Up to Offer New Bundle to Support Branch Office Workers


Back in September-Cisco created quite a bit of buzz with the announcement of their new Cisco UCS-E series Server in the Branch-in-a-Box with VMware View . And today at VMWorld Barcelona, they have teamed up with VMware to offer a new bundle through the channel designed to make it easier than ever to buy and deploy this new all-in-one solution.



Breaking the Shackles of Legacy Infrastructure in the Branch Office


Today’s distributed businesses rely extensively on branch offices for selling to, servicing and satisfying new and existing customers. Yet far too many of these remote locations remain hamstrung by legacy infrastructure, ultimately impacting the ability of the business to grow revenue and profits.






Memory Performance Counters – An Evolved Look at Memory Management


vSphere memory management has evolved over the years taking advantage of new technologies and techniques like using large memory pages, compressing memory, and using solid state devices (SSDs) for swap caching. This evolution has changed the way we need to look at memory usage and memory over-commitment in vSphere virtualized environments. To understand memory management and usage in vSphere we need to understand the metrics available to us, what they mean, and how to use them.



When monitoring performance, just knowing what performance metrics are available and what they measure is half the battle. A good place to see the performance metrics available in vSphere and their definition is in the

vSphere SDK documentation for the PerformanceManager object.






VIB Author

September 28, 2012

The VIB Author tool allows ESXi administrator to create custom VIBs at the Community Supported level. VIB stands for vSphere Installation Bundle and is a way of packaging programs that run on ESXi hosts. The custom VIBs can then be used in house, or made available to a wider audience.


VMware Open Innovation Contest 2012


Have a Fling with VMware and win a free pass to VMworld 2013!


Welcome to the VMworld 2012 Open Innovation Contest. We’re challenging you to share your best ideas for innovative new VMware Labs Flings! The contest will be open from August 26 - October 31.



Read more:





VMware Accelerate: Aligning our Cloud Vision to Customer Strategies


In our experience, enterprise customers the VMware Accelerate team works with are looking to a number of specific cloud-related initiatives to address these business and IT objectives and strategies, including how to:


-                              Drive to a more virtualized data center infrastructure


-                              Start a private cloud


-                              Address the increasing number of new client devices within the stakeholder community


Determine how to develop applications using a more modern, cloud and mobility capable approach



VMware Accelerate: IaaS, then PaaS, then SaaS, then… We’ll See


It‘s been a few years now since companies started to implement and use cloud computing. It’s been an interesting journey so far that is probably only at the beginning of what cloud computing can really mean to our lives, to the way we interact with each other, to the technology that will enable the creation and diffusion of applications and services.



VMware for Small-Medium Business Blog: Free Training Videos: Site Recovery Manager – with Mike Laverick


The one thing that always resonates in the SMB space is that special four letter word – the word

FREE. As you may (not) know, vSphere Replication is now included in the vSphere package. This kind of makes sense given the name “vSphere Replication,” it was never called “Site Recovery Manager Replication.” VR is great solution for the SMB customer because it comes baked into the platform. It literally takes minutes to download the appliance, register it with your vCenter and you’re away. It’s soooo much easier than the previous release which required a separate “management” appliance along side the VR appliance that did the donkey work of replicating the blocks around. In case you don’t, VR ships with so simple options to recover a VM from one.



The Console: ¡Viva Cloud Management!


VMworld Europe

kicked off today in Barcelona

with approximately 8,000 attendees. My keynote this morning

focused on the software-defined datacenter and our updated cloud management portfolio

. This management offering includes enhancements to the management products in the recently released VMware vCloud Suite

, and stand alone tools, plus the newest member of our cloud management solution: vCloud Automation Center.


Office of the CTO Blogs: Heterogeneous Cloud Management at VMworld Europe


In a

recent blog post, Steve Herrod outlined how VMware products are embracing support for heterogeneous environments. VMware’s Enterprise Management products are no exception. Heterogeneity is important because while many of our customers have chosen a VMware-first policy, the reality is that their environments may not be completely vSphere: there are pockets of physical servers that have yet to be virtualized, developers run around IT’s back and go straight to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to test their latest changes, or the company makes an acquisition whose datacenters don’t run vSphere. So any management solution must be able to support heterogeneous environments. This is exactly what we’ve designed our Enterprise Management products to do.



Office of the CTO Blogs: Application Management in a Software-Defined Datacenter


In a

recent blog by my colleague Kit Colbert, he outlined a number of implications that a transition from traditional systems to a cloud environment have on management. Traditionally dedicated infrastructure tied to specific applications lead to tightly integrated vertical silos and significant complexity in management tooling. With the move to software-defined datacenters these silos are turned on their side, applications are “unlocked” from their dedicated infrastructure and an opportunity to reap significant operational benefits is created.



Office of the CTO Blogs: Software-Defined Datacenters, Clouds & PuppetConf 2012


Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of speaking at

PuppetConf 2012.  PuppetConf is a great conference focused, somewhat unsurprisingly, around

Puppet, a declarative, model driven framework for automating systems and IT management.  The conference brings together a community of pretty hard core systems admins from the

DevOps world and beyond.  Automated management is clearly a key ingredient in building

software-defined datacenters and Clouds, and something that we, at VMware, have more than a passing interest in.






VMworld 2012 Barcelona – My Top 3 picks


VMworld Barcelona is a history now.

Mattias Sundling, a fellow vExpert from vKernel has asked me about which 3 was my top picks during VMworld in Barcelona. Difficult tasks, there were so many cool technologies and great atmosphere.



vCloud Connector 5.1 – What’s new?


vCloud Connector 5.1

which has been announced during VMworld 2012 in Barcelona

, brings new features and new user interface. This release of vCloud Connector brings also 2 versions – Free Basic Edition

, and Advanced Edition

(included in the vCloud Suites).


Some ESXi CLI Commands


Having not used the ESXi command line as often as I should, I logged in and found myself in an unfamiliar place. My objective was to enter maintenance mode, reboot the host, and exit maintenance mode.



VSA Cluster Service Considerations


Some changes have been made to the VSA Cluster Service in version 5.1. Previously, the VSA Cluster Service was installed on the vCenter Server – there was no way to decouple it. However in VSA 5.1, the VSA Cluster Service is a stand-alone entity. It can still be deployed on the vCenter server, but it can also be deployed outside of it.



VMware Mirage – VMworld Barcelona – Demo video


I passed by the VMware stand during my stay at VMworld Barcelona 2012, and I was able to record a demo of product called

VMware Mirage. A product that I have already wrote about in my article

here (see the architecture pic and video).



vCenter Operation Management Suite 5.6 – What’s new


vCenter Operation Management Suite 5.6 announced


The update or vCOPs was just announced during

VMworld Barcelona 2012. It’ one of the news which has been announced by Steve Herrod. Another news which I blogged about is the new release for vCloud Connector, and also vCloud Automation Center.



VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal–iPad App


Do you find it hard to locate the latest VMware documentation ? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an iPad where the documentation and videos could be synchronized to your iPad enabling you to take it with you and learn on the train or wherever you need it.  Want no more !


The VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal is now available and ready to download from the app store here:


Some questions about Stretched Clusters with regards to power outages


Today I received an email about the vSphere Metro Storage Cluster paper I wrote, or better said about stretched clusters in general. I figured I would answer the questions in a blog post so that everyone can chip in / read etc. So lets show the environment first so that the questions are clear. Below is an image of the scenario.



vCloud Automation Center Introduced by VMware


vCloud Automation Center – leverages vCD to provision applications to virtual datacenters.


Multi Platform and Multi-cloud Service provisioning and management.


vCloud Automation Center

in additon of vCloud Director, brings the automation and policies. VMware has announced new product for vCloud admins that enables to design, implement and orchestrate cloud workflows. The product is base on product called DynamicOps, previously acquired by VMware, but the vCloud Automation Center was completely rebuilt.


VMware vCloud 5.1 Networking for dummies part 3


I hope you enjoyed

part 1 and

part 2 of my VMware vCloud networking series. At least I learned a lot from writing these posts and I have now much more confidence in being able to deploy a vCloud environment. In this part I’m going to explain how to publish a Web Site  from a vApp to the outside world (my home network) and since it would also be nice to manage that server remotely I would like a RDP connection to that Windows 2012 Server.



VMware vCloud 5.1 Networking for dummies part 2


In the first part I wrote on “

VMware vCloud 5.1 Networking for dummies” I showed an easy way to setup and attach VMs to an organizational network and give them access to the external network and the internet. In this second part I will show you how to connect VMs to a vApp network and protect them from the organizational network, but make it possible for them to access the external network.






The VMware User Group is an independent, global, customer-led organization, which maximizes members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events.






VCAP-DCA Upgrade Period Extended


We have extended the upgrade period for current VCAP4-DCAs (VMware Certified Advanced Professional 4 – Datacenter Administration) to become VCAP5-DCA with just one exam.



vFabric GemFire Fundamentals: Free eLearning Training


Always wanted to learn what vFabric GemFire can do for you? Now is your chance because SpringSource has released a

free 2.5 hour eLearning training called

vFabric GemFire Fundamentals.


VMware vFabric GemFire is a distributed data management platform providing dynamic scalability, high performance, and database-like persistence. This 2.5 hour eLearning training introduces you to GemFire Enterprises 6.5.






After Microsoft Security Advisory update, connection to vCenter Server 4.0.x web services may fail

Base Management alert Microsoft Security

Earlier today, Microsoft released this security advisory:

Microsoft Security Advisory: Update for minimum certificate key length

After applying the Microsoft Security Advisory:

-                              Connections to secure http (https://) web services such as the Managed Object Browser (https://vcserver/mob) and to WebAccess (https://<vcserver>/ui) fail if the vCenter Server certificate is 512 bit

-                              Redirection of communication from http to https fails and communication proceeds over the http connection

The patch effectively disables communication with any security certificate which is less than 1024 bits long. With vCenter 4.0.x we use 512 bit certificates by default and as such we see connections to https Web Services fail.

For further information, updates, and resolution to this issue, refer to KB article: After installation of Microsoft Security Advisory update (KB2661254), connection to vCenter Server 4.0.x web services may fail (2037082)



Embedding Socialcast into Salesforce via a Visualforce page


If you’ve ever done any development work in you’ve probably come across Visualforce. Visualforce is a framework that allows developers to build sophisticated, custom user interfaces that can be hosted natively on the platform. The Visualforce framework includes a tag-based markup language, similar to HTML.



Poor network performance or high network latency on Windows vms


We recently updated one of our popular performance related KB articles, and let’s face it, we’ve never had a complaint from a customer about a vm performing too quickly!






Please consider checking - regularly for new and updated KB Articles.


VMware KB Digest – New Articles Published for Week Ending 10/6/12



Sign-in via Single Sign-On (SSO) in Socialcast displays the error: Email has already been taken (2036730) Date Published: 10/4/2012


Socialcast On Premise

Embedding Socialcast Reach Extensions in Salesforce via a Visualforce page (2036573) Date Published: 10/3/2012


VMware Data Recovery

Data Recovery plugin fails to connect to VMware Data Recovery 2.x appliance (2036027) Date Published: 10/3/2012

Creating a new backup job in VMware Data Recovery fails with the error: trouble reading files, error – 3956 (operation failed) (2016550) Date Published: 10/4/2012


VMware ESX

ESX host booting from SAN or local storage stops with error at vsd-mount (2030355) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Large I/O block size operations show high latency in Windows 2008 in ESX 4.x and ESXi 4.x / 5.x (2036863) Date Published: 10/5/2012


VMware ESXi When using Juniper EX4200 Physical Switch, vMotion fails with the error: Migration to host <<unknown>> failed with error Already disconnected (195887150) (2014037)

Date Published: 10/4/2012
Changing the thick or thin provisioning of a virtual disk (2014832)

Date Published: 10/4/2012
Riverbed Steelhead EX Appliance with VMware vSphere Hypervisor (Partner Verified and Supported) (2036523)

Date Published: 10/1/2012
Powering on a virtual machine after upgrading to ESXi 5.1 fails with the error: File [VMFS volume] VM-name/VM-name.vmdk was not found (2036572)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
Determining which drives/volumes match which disks in a Windows virtual machine (2021947)

Date Published: 10/1/2012
Cisco Nexus 1000V loses network connectivity with Cisco VSM when a VMware Update Manager baseline includes Critical 1000V fixes for ESXi 5.0 hosts (2036048)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
Storage vMotion fails with the error: Failed to copy one or more disks (2030986)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
Deploying an OVF fails on vCenter Server 5.1 when VMware tools are installed (2034422)

Date Published: 10/2/2012
LACP is enabled for Virtual Distributed Switch (2036296)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
LACP is disabled for Virtual Distributed Switch (2036299)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
Inactive uplinks disable LACP (2036302)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
Inconsistent uplink duplex modes disable LACP (2036304)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
Uplink moved out of link aggregation group (2036306)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
Uplink blocked on virtual distributed switch (2036308)

Date Published: 10/5/2012
Uplink connected on virtual distributed switch (2036311)

Date Published: 10/5/2012

VMware Fusion

Downgrading from Fusion 5.x to Fusion 4.x (2036104) Date Published: 10/4/2012


VMware Service Manager

Assignments for a task in a Service Manager workflow template are removed when a Take Action operation is performed on the task (2034603) Date Published: 10/3/2012

Custom fields created in the custom Request Details screen in Service Manager do not appear in the Task Forward Internal screen (2036169) Date Published: 10/4/2012

Activity logs and Event logs show history longer than what is specified in System Settings (2036795) Date Published: 10/4/2012

The Service Window in Service Manager is not visible when using a 1280 x 800 or lower screen resolution (2034188) Date Published: 10/3/2012

Report in VMware Service Manager 9.x fails with error: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset (2036717) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Remaining idle following login in VMware Service Manager 9.x fails with error: Session Expired or Logged out (2036824) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Last_Updated_By field not set correctly after update by external officer (2036900) Date Published: 10/5/2012


VMware ThinApp

When you perform Appsync from 4.7.0 to 4.7.2. AppSync displays the following error message “The system cannot find the file specified” (2036567) Date Published: 10/3/2012


VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vApp)

Unable to log in to the admin UI after upgrading to vCenter Operations Manager 5.0.1 (2019676) Date Published: 10/4/2012

Unable to login to the vCenter Operations Manager 5.x Custom UI (2036516) Date Published: 10/1/2012


VMware vCenter Server

The tooltip message for HA-protected virtual machines with Restart Priority set to Disabled indicate the virtual machine is not protected (2000062) Date Published: 10/2/2012

Adding a vCenter Single Sign On Active Directory Identity Source fails with the LDAP error: The server requires binds to turn on integrity checking (2035934) Date Published: 10/3/2012

Scanning ESX hosts with agent upgrade checker fails with connection error in vCenter Server 4.x and 5.x (2036413) Date Published: 10/1/2012

Error:Datastore ‘<datastorename>’ conflicts with an existing datastore in the datacenter that has the same URL (ds:///vmfs/volumes/<UUID>)but is backed by different physical storage. (2036481) Date Published: 10/1/2012

Active Directory users with customized UPN user names cannot use Windows session credentials to log into the vSphere Web Client (2036529) Date Published: 10/1/2012

vCenter Server CPU usage is 100% and vCenter becomes unresponsive (2034127) Date Published: 10/2/2012

Importing a vCenter Server Oracle database schema from one Oracle database to another (2032811) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Logging into vCenter Server 5.1 using the “Use Windows session credentials” option fails with the error: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect username or password (2035510) Date Published: 10/2/2012

Installing or upgrading vCenter Server 5.1 fails with the error: Could not contact Lookup Service (2035965) Date Published: 10/2/2012

Virtual machine swapfiles are not deleted and left unused after HA failover (2035995) Date Published: 10/2/2012

Cannot enable LACP because of incompatible teaming policy (2036300) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Inconsistent uplink speeds disable LACP (2036303) Date Published: 10/5/2012

No peer response from uplink disables LACP (2036305) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Uplink moved into link aggregation group (2036307) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Uplink unblocked on virtual distributed switch (2036309) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Uplink disconnected on virtual distributed switch (2036310) Date Published: 10/5/2012

Installing vCenter Single Sign On fails with error: Unable to create database schema: Invalid filegroup ‘RSA_INDEX’ specified (2036318) Date Published: 10/5/2012


VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

IP customization and command file in vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.x fails with errors (2035981) Date Published: 10/3/2012

vSphere Replication using Site Recovery Manager fails with a java.lang.NullPointerException error (2036571) Date Published: 10/4/2012


VMware vCloud Connector

Troubleshooting connectivity using curl commands in VMware vCloud Connector 1.5.x (2036519) Date Published: 10/5/2012


VMware vCloud Director

Updating the database during a vCloud Director 5.1 upgrade fails with error: Executing upgrade task: Upgrade to 2.0.208 (2036617) Date Published: 10/2/2012

Unable to upgrade to vCloud Director 5.1 with error: java.sql.SQLException: Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘uq_os_name_version_update’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.os’. (2036620) Date Published: 10/2/2012


VMware vFabric Hyperic Server

VMware vFabric Hyperic Server 4.5/4.6 fails to start when another Tomcat instance is running on same machine (2034753) Date Published: 10/1/2012

The vFabric Hyperic Server Operations Center page fails to load with the error: could not initialize proxy – no Session (2036708) Date Published: 10/5/2012


VMware View Manager

Removing stale physical machine entries from the ADAM database in View Manager (2036601) Date Published: 10/3/2012


VMware vShield Endpoint

Downloading and enabling vShield Endpoint on supported vSphere platforms (2036875) Date Published: 10/5/2012


VMware vSphere Data Protection

Generating the vSphere Data Protection log bundle (2036087) Date Published: 10/3/2012

IP/DNS could not be resolved during VMware Data Protection (VDP) 5.1.x installation (2036396) Date Published: 10/1/2012

VMware Data Protection (VDP) Install: Troubleshooting vCenter registration (2036538) Date Published: 10/1/2012


VMware vSphere Storage Appliance

Running the VSA 5.1 scripted installer (install.exe) against a VSA 1.0 cluster is not supported (2036630) Date Published: 10/3/2012


VMware Workstation

Workstation 9.0 Pricing (Australia) (2036669) Date Published: 10/4/2012


ZCS Network Edition

Manually using the Zimbra Collaboration Server lookup service (2021184) Date Published: 10/1/2012

zmaccts truncates long account names (2021196) Date Published: 10/1/2012

Searches and autocomplete tasks take a long time in Zimbra multi-server installations (2021200) Date Published: 10/1/2012

Searches and autocomplete tasks take a long time in Zimbra (2021197) Date Published: 10/1/2012

Retrieving an inactive account list from the CLI (2021195) Date Published: 10/1/2012


ZCS Open Source Edition

Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) mount points (2021190) Date Published: 10/1/2012


Zimbra Collaboration Server

Obtaining more than 500 search results in Zimbra Collaboration Server (2016074) Date Published: 10/2/2012















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