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Rethink IT: Try your own vCloud in minutes
Today, we’re announcing that we’re introducing a new service that allows you to get your own vCloud IaaS service in minutes, called vCloud Service Evaluation. We heard from many customers that they came to to learn more about vCloud services, but that it wasn’t easy to sign up with a credit card, kick the tires, and learn by doing. vCloud Service Evaluation will provide a quick, easy and low-cost way for you to learn about the advantages of a vCloud through hands-on testing and experimentation.
You can sign up for the beta here: We’ll be sending out invites to those who sign up the week of August 27th, and those of you who are going to VMworld in San Francisco can see and try the service at the cloud services pod within the VMware booth.
You’ll need a credit card to use the service. It makes the service self-funding, and we can keep things simple, avoiding complex “service quotas” and other artificial restrictions – and also offer Windows VMs. We learned that customers have widely differing requirements for tests and proofs of concept. So, instead of annoying restrictions, you pay a small amount for what you use – a 1Gb Linux VM with one vCPU is $0.04/hour – and you are free to run the VMs you need until you are done. Once you have entered your card details, you’ll get your credentials within 15 minutes. If we need to verify anything, you’ll get a call.
To keep costs down, we commissioned a VMware vCloud service provider to build and operate the service on our behalf. We’re giving you a vanilla example of how a vCloud Powered service – delivered by a VMware vCloud service provider – would work. It’s worth pointing out that vCloud service providers offer significantly more in terms of cloud functionality. vCloud Service Evaluation has all the basics like a catalog of useful VM templates, virtual networking, persistent storage, external IP addresses, firewalls, load balancers, the vCloud API etc., but you’ll get a lot more in a production vCloud service.
To find that production vCloud service, head to the gateway to the world’s largest network of certified compatible public cloud services, including more than 145 vClouds in 28 countries.
To get you started quickly, vCloud Service Evaluation offers a variety of pre-built content templates (at no charge) including Wordpress, Joomla!, Sugar CRM, LAMP stack, Windows Server and a mix of web and application stacks and OSes. You can also Bring Your Own VM (BYOVM). That’s right, you can BYOVM and put it into your own private catalog for deployment. You can do that either by uploading it directly into vCloud Director, or you can run the vCloud Connector VMs into your account (they’re in the public catalog) and use that to transfer your VMs from vSphere or any other vCloud.

July 12, 2012 VMSA-2012-0012
VMware ESXi update to third party library

General Availability of VMware vCenter 5.0 Update 1b Patch
Release Date: 8/16/2012

Detailed information regarding resolved and known issues and enhancements can be found at VMware vCenter 5.0 Update 1b Release Notes:

VMware vCenter 5.0 Update 1b Patch is available for download at:


August 15, 2012
VMware Offers vCloud “Test-Drive” with New Evaluation Service
August 09, 2012
VMware Announces Keynote Speakers for VMworld® 2012 in San Francisco, the Leading Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure Industry Event

VSphereFeed @VSphereFeed
HOL-INF-07 - Address On-Demand Network and Security Requirements for Your Multi-Tier Apps Leveraging VXLAN and Edge...

VMware Planet V12n @PlanetV12n
VMware Now – If you can’t make it to VMworld this year, register to follow On Line (ESX Virtualization)

Ryan Johnson @tenthirtyam
On Standards. 10 Standards Selection Decision Criteria.


VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Develop Workflows [V4.1]
26 Sep - 28 Sep
VMware vSphere: Design Workshop [V5.0]
29 Aug - 31 Aug
VMware vSphere: What's New [V5.0]
27 Aug - 28 Aug
VMware View: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.1]
10 Sep - 13 Sep




Best Practices for Virtualizing Oracle Workloads on VMware


August 21st 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)





VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1 QuickStart Series Part 2: Using Recovery Plans For Disaster Recovery and Site Migration


August 22nd 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)





Tackling Workplace Mobility and Bring Your Own Device Initiatives with the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop


August 23rd 2012 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)






Learn about VMworld’s End-User Computing Track


Prepare for the post-PC era in

VMworld’s End-User Computing track, featuring solutions that help your organization transition from PC-centric to user-centric computing. Review business cases, take technology deep-dives, hear real-world examples and learn about best practices around delivering freedom to end users while keeping IT in control. Solutions featured in these sessions include VMware View™, VMware ThinApp, VMware Zimbra®, VMware Horizon Application Manager, VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation.



Don't Miss VMworld Spotlight Sessions


Spotlight Sessions provide an opportunity to hear about VMware and partners solutions and technologies.


VMware Spotlight Sessions take place on Monday, August 27 in the LAM Research Theater.



VMworld 2012 US Opens Sunday, August 26, Register Now!


VMworld opens in less than 2 weeks and will feature more than 300 unique

breakout sessions, 30+

labs and more than 250

sponsors and exhibitors.

Register today and get the tools and training you need to move with the boldness of an industry that never sleeps.



Hear Industry Leaders in General Sessions


Don’t miss out on

General Sessions to hear from VMware leadership, key technology partners and 3 technology visionaries.






Announcing TAM Customer Central at VMworld 2012 (US)


TAM Day 2012 continues in its 8th year as the premier inaugural event to VMworld as an exclusive benefit to TAM customers on Sunday, August 26th. As part of VMware’s ongoing commitment to enhance the entire week-long VMworld experience we are pleased to announce VMworld 2012 TAM Customer Central. This new and exclusive TAM customer-only room is designed to ensure that TAM Customers have the best possible experience from Monday-Thursday during the conference.




: TV

-- See what's new in VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.

-- VMware vSphere, the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures, enables you to run business critical applications with confidence and respond to the business faster.

-- In this session we explore the complete, end-to-end architecture for the Mobile Secure Desktop, built on best of breed compute, networking, storage, security and collaboration technologies. This blueprint provides a prescriptive guide to removing the "guesswork" from delivering unified workspaces that embrace BYOD along with enterprise-grade collaboration and virtual desktops, built on a compute architecture that offers streamlined management with high performance for hundreds, to hundreds-of-thousands of use





tc Server Best Practices with RPM Install



vFabric tc Server, we are building several conventions and other techniques into the software to form a core set of best practices. With this new installation method for tc Server, we are going beyond copying files. These steps implement a set of conventions designed to enhance the manageability, consistency, and security of a tc Server installation. For sysadmins, it isn’t a cure for “on the job insanity,” but it helps.



Top 5 Reasons App Teams Should Come to VMworld


VMware is excited about the upcoming VMworld 2012 in San Francisco on August 26 through 30. The VMworld team published the

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Come to VMworld, including getting the inside information on what’s next, hands-on training, and meeting the industry luminaries that this event attracts. However, some may not glean from this list that VMworld is aimed not just at virtualization infrastructure teams, but at app teams as well. While VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud technologies, we are also squarely focused on helping customers build apps that are optimized to run on this infrastructure, and the vFabric team’s presence at VMworld this year underscores this fact in spades.



4 Drivers behind Intel’s Cloud Foundry Choice and Why


Our goal at Intel was to let software developers get an innovative idea into production in less than a day.


One of the large aspects of meeting this goal is delivering a robust

PaaS solution. We made a decision in mid-2011 that PaaS would enable this goal, and for our wide range of data and security requirements, running it in our private cloud was paramount. In searching for a PaaS solution for our Enterprise Private cloud, we conducted a study of solutions that could be landed within an enterprise. We specifically wanted a solution that could run on an

IaaS and help address our key challenges.



5 Ways IT Benefits From The New Cloud Operating Model


It’s official. IT’s investment in the cloud is accelerating. Gartner recently reported that spending on public cloud services will reach $109 billion this year, up from $91 billion from last year’s spend. That’s an increase of over 20% in one year, and the fastest growing area of spend according to their predictions.



SpringSource Tool Suites 3.0.0 released – reorganized, open-sourced, and at GitHub


Introduction We are proud to announce that the newest major release of our Eclipse-based developer tooling is now available. This is a major release not only in terms new features but because of other serious changes like componentization, open-sourcing and the fact that for the first time we are making multiple distributions available, each tailored



Cloud Foundry Now Supports Auto-Reconfiguration for Node.js Applications


Cloud Foundry has long supported

auto-reconfiguration for Spring and

Ruby applications. Now we are pleased to add auto-reconfiguration support for Node.js applications as well. Deploying Node.js applications to Cloud Foundry previously required

parsing of environmental variables and overwriting server and service connection function calls to use Cloud Foundry specific parameters. This approach was not intuitive to developers who just started to use Cloud Foundry to deploy their applications. They would need to consult the documentation and figure out what port and host they need to connect to. Moreover, if an application uses services, developers would need to configure their applications to use the proper service connection parameters.






New vSphere Design Training by Scott Lowe


VMware IaaS infrastructure clouds are built upon solid vSphere infrastructures. Those infrastructures are only solid if they are designed properly. Improperly designed vSphere infrastructures can result in unreliable and poorly performing cloud infrastructures (and no one wants that). Whether you are using vCloud Director today, or not, proper vSphere design is imperative.



Try Your Own vCloud in Minutes


Today, we’re announcing that we’re introducing a new service that allows you to get your own vCloud IaaS service in minutes, called vCloud Service Evaluation. We heard from many customers that they came to to learn more about vCloud services, but that it wasn’t easy to sign up with a credit card, kick the tires, and learn by doing. vCloud Service Evaluation will provide a quick, easy and low-cost way for you to learn about the advantages of a vCloud through hands-on testing and experimentation.



VMware Provider Guide: Securing Hybrid Clouds with vShield Edge VPNs (Part 3)



Part 2 of this series, we demonstrated how to establish single-site and multi-site VPNs in vShield Edge. In this final part of our three-part series, we will walk through establishing an Enterprise-to-Site VPN.  This involves configuring the VPN appliance at the enterprise location, which may be a bit more complex. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before establishing the VPN from the vShield Edge appliance. 











VMware and EMC: Charting a Joint Path to End-User Computing


One of the biggest IT challenges today is the fundamental shift in the way employees work.  They’re no longer tethered to an IT-provided PC—now they want to bring in their own devices, including iPads, Android devices, iPhones and laptops.   To stay relevant, the IT department has to accommodate—even embrace—this trend.  And that means rethinking how to deliver end-user services.



Boomerang Update with View Client Functionality


In the View Client team we are constantly working on making your experience using our product better. In the past year you may have noticed that we rewrote our Linux View Client and have been constantly improving our Mac and mobile clients by releasing every 3 months. You may be wondering, what about the Windows View Client?






vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) & Fault Tolerant VMs


I was recently involved in some discussions about how Fault Tolerance would behave on the vSphere Storage Appliance.


The crux of the matter was what would happen if a host in the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) suffered a failure. Those of you who are familiar with the VSA will be aware that the VSA takes the local storage from an ESXi host and presents it as a mirrored NFS datastore. Therefore both compute and storage are on the same host. In the event of a host failure, another VSA node (ESXi host) in the cluster takes over the role of presenting the shared storage, and promotes its mirrored copy of the NFS datastore from secondary to primary.



VMworld 2012 - Networking sessions


VMworld 2012 is fast approaching and I wanted to provide you a quick update on some of the key networking sessions conducted by VMware folks. Obviously, I will be one of the presenter and would like to invite you to that session more than any other sessions !! ( just kidding )


Networking is definitely going to be one of the hot topic of discussion at VMworld 2012. This is not only due to the Nicira acquisition but also due to the amount of new networking capabilities and features we are going to announce during the course of the conference.



Storage vMotion Considerations when using dedicated VM Swapfile Datastore


I had a query recently asking if I could explain why the space usage on a dedicated VM swapfile datastore increased during a Storage vMotion operation. I did some testing in-house and noticed that  a second .vswp file is created on the dedicated VM swap datastore during a migration.



VMworld 2012: Auto Deploy , ESXi Security, and vSphere Upgrades


What do Auto Deploy, ESXi Security and vSphere Upgrades have in common?  These are the three VMworld 2012 breakout sessions I'll be presenting at this year.  I’ve been a little out of pocket the past few days working on the slides and am glad to finally have them done (well, mostly done ;).  Now I just need to find a way to resist the urge to keep tweaking things.



Cannot Change ESXi "Scratch" Location With Auto Deploy 5.0


When using Auto Deploy to provision ESXi hosts there is no requirement for a local boot disk or any kind of local storage.  When you boot a "diskless" host using Auto Deploy the host’s "scratch" location will default to /tmp/scratch (i.e. ramdisk), which is not recommended.  This basically means your log files are running in memory and will be lost each time you reboot.  The same thing happens when you boot your hosts using USB/SD – do to write sensitivity with USB/SD ESXi will not use them for scratch, even if there is plenty of available space, and when there is no other local storage scratch will go to /tmp/scratch. 






VMware Technical Journal, Spring 2012



VMware Technical Journal is a new publication for the company. We are looking forward to producing future journal issues at regular intervals to highlight the R&D efforts taking place in several different areas of engineering. Our current issue includes papers related to distributed resource management, user experience monitoring, and statistics collection frameworks for virtualized environments, along with several other topics. In future issues we will highlight other areas of VMware R&D, including Cloud Application Platform and End User Computing, and research collaborations with academic partners.


The hardcopies of the journal and USBs loaded with the journal can be requested by sending a request to






vCenter Orchestrator Blog: Your Guide to Orchestration Goodness at VMworld 2012


It's hard to believe

VMworld 2012 will start in just 10 days...


Automation and orchestration are hot topics these days and, after a record number of

submissionsfor vCenter Orchestrator sessions, we're glad to see a record number of vCO presentations and hands-on-labs this year!


So to help with your orchestration immersion planning, below is a list of events you won't want to miss:



Office of the CTO Blogs: VMware acquires Log Insight technology and team from Pattern Insight


I’m pleased to announce that VMware has acquired Log Insight together with its technology and team from Pattern Insight. The technology provides real time search and analytics for large scale unstructured log data and will enable VMware to meet our customers’ growing need for advanced analytics-based approaches to operations management in highly dynamic virtualized and cloud environments. Pattern Insight’s log search and analytics technology will enhance VMware’s portfolio of solutions to help customers more easily detect, diagnose and prevent IT infrastructure issues, delivering improved quality and decreased cost of service.






I Love The Cloud Stickers


I went ahead and had some stickers made for VMworld and I wanted to give my readers the first chance to obtain some of these wicked pieces of art! These are high quality full color stickers printed on premium 70lb label stock with a high gloss UV coating applied. They’re oval in shape and are 3.5″ wide x 2″ tall, they’ll fit perfectly on your laptop or anywhere else you want to stick them.



I set restart priorities but still my VMs seem to be powered on in a different order!


On the VMware Community someone asked this question about

restart priorities. At the same time I received a question on a similar topic via email. This particular question was as follows:


I have restart priorities defined on my cluster. However even if I place my virtual machines for which this order applies on one host and test a failure they seem to come online in the wrong order…



Installing vCloud Adapter for vCenter Operations Manager


I had to go through the installation of the vCloud Adapter into vCenter Operations Manager today and although the steps are in the doc I couldn’t get it to work, I ended up following

Kendrick Coleman’s post here, although this worked I was later informed there was a much easier way to do this.


Randy Keener who works for DevOps at VMware showed me how to do it the correct (and easier) way, as I was going through this again so I thought I would take some screen shots to make things easier for anyone else who is unable to follow documentation like me !



SQLXML 4.0 SP1 10.0.1600.60 for VMware vCenter Configuration Manager


SQLXML 4.0 SP1 10.0.1600.60 vCenter Configuration Manager vCenter Configuration Manager 5.5 VCM VMware web service


A very quick posting to maybe save someone some time while trying to get this component installed and for vCenter Configuration Manager’s system checks to verify it.


One of the components required for the installation of the collector and web server for VCM is SQLXML SP1. The installation documentation from VMware states the below in relation to the requirement:



VMware Thinapp managed by Horizon Application Manger Video


A video from VMware showing the integration of VMware Thinapp 4.7.3  and VMware Horizon.


The video shows the whole process, like the prescan process > installation of a software > and then a post scan. The new screen which presents the integration checkbox where it’s possible to specify the URL of Horizon appliance, and where the presenter is building a Virtualized Internet Explorer 6. In fact, when you check the box for the application to be managed by Horizon, the standalone exe file can’t be executed. A message saying that the application is managed by Horizon is showed.






The VMware User Group is an independent, global, customer-led organization, which maximizes members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events.










VMworld 2012 is Quickly Approaching

This year's VMworld 2012 is being held in San Francisco August 26 through the 30th. If you've been procrastinating in getting yourself registered, here's your friendly reminder


VMware ALERT: Using the vSA 1.0 Manager GUI to enter cluster maintenance mode


VMware has become aware of an issue where clusters can enter an inconsistent state when placed into cluster maintenance mode using the vSphere Storage Appliance Manager. This inconsistency can lead to virtual machines becoming inaccessible.


VMware recommends that you do not use the Cluster Maintenance functions in the VSA Manager GUI to take a VSA 1.0 cluster offline. Instead, please follow the instructions in KB:

Using the vSA 1.0 Manager GUI to enter cluster maintenance mode can result in clusters entering an inconsistent state (2033400).


This Knowledge Base article will be updated if new information becomes available (you can subscribe to rss feeds for individual KB articles for this purpose). If you have been affected by this, please read the KB.



Connecting to, or checking out, a Virtual Desktop fails


If connecting to, or checking out, your virtual desktop fails, you may encounter one of the following error messages:


This desktop currently has no desktop sources available. Please try connecting to this desktop again later, or contact your system administrator.


This desktop cannot be checked out. There are currently no unassigned virtual machines in its pool. Please try later, or contact your system administrator.



UPDATE: New Release vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1b


vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a has been replaced with vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1b. This release is functionally identical to vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a but also includes the fix for the issue encountered when upgrading with an Oracle database.


Customers who may have already downloaded the vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a release but have not yet upgraded are advised to download the vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1b release and proceed to upgrade with this release.


Please refer to KB article:

Upgrading to vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a from 4.x fails on an Oracle database with the error: PLS-00905 STATS_ROLLUP2_PROC is invalid (203277) for further information.






Please consider checking - regularly for new and updated KB Articles.


New Articles Published for Week Ending 8/11/12

Apache Tomcat

Configuring Apache Tomcat 5.5/6.0/7.0 or VMware vFabric tc Server 4.0 to rotate log files by size with (2014609)


Share via E-mail (Dropbox) functionality does not work after upgrading to Socialcast On Premise 2-66 (2032959)

Spring Framework

Spring Framework 3.x With-Dependencies release download (2014581)

Virtual Disk Development

Enabling vixDiskLib.disklib.EnableCache greatly reduces VixDiskLib_Read() speed (2031896)

VMware Data Recovery

The Send time field in Email Properties of VDR 2.x displays time in 12 Hours format without the AM/PM information (2014211)

VMware ESXi

Removing a host from vDS fails with the error: The resource 'port-id' is in use (2015435)

Attempting to reconnect an ESXi host that appears as Disconnected in vCenter Server fails with the error: Timed waiting for vpxa to start (2031936)

Starting Mac OS X 10.7.4 on ESXi 5.x takes a long time (2032348)

When creating or consolidating snapshots, the virtual machine fails with the error: Unexpected signal: 11 (2032839)

Storage rescan takes long time when read-only LUNs are presented to the ESX hosts (2032955)

Upgrade to ESXi 5.x using Update Manager 5.x (2014084)

VMware Fusion

Screen flickering issues after upgrading to Mountain Lion (2032739)

VMware Service Manager

Finding Extension Data from Submission Forms in VMware Service Manager 8.x (2014080)

Cannot add multiple email templates to Message Type 4001 in VMware Service Manager 8.x/9.x (2014096)

Service Catalog Item names are truncated in the Service Manager Catalog screen (2031887)

Saving a Service Manager Officer record after changing Security Roles fails with the error: An application error has occurred (2032939)

SQL Server 2008 compability mode 90 for VMware Service Manager 9.x (2032953)

VMware vCenter Orchestrator

You might not be able to configure the vCloud Director plug-in (2032703)

Issues with vCenter Orchestrator plug-in for vCenter Server (2032840)

Accessing the vCenter Orchestrator Configuration Interface remotely fails with the error: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage (2032929)

VMware vCenter Protect SDK

ProductBit Values for vCenter Protect SDK 8.0.x (2033034)

VMware vCenter Server

Windows 2003 virtual machine upgrade to Hardware Version 8 may lose access to locally stored profile in VMware ESXi 5.0.x (2009762)

Intermediate certificate is not configured and loaded in VPXD's SSL connection (2030421)

Installing the intermediate certificate chain for vCenter Server 5.0 (2030422)

vCenter Linked Mode Troubleshooting Checklist (2031115)

Virtual disks added to a virtual machine may not be stored in the working directory when host is managed by vCenter (1038274)

VMware vCenter Server Appliance

vCenter Service Status shows a performance statistics rollup warning when running vCenter Server Appliance 5.0 Update 1a (2032300)

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Replicating a virtual machine fails with the error: VR server localhost.localdom has no hosts through which to access destination datastore (2032571)

Protection group in vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.x hangs in reprotecting state during the reprotect task (2032621)

VMware vCenter Update Manager

Scan for guest patches and updates will fail on Windows XP and Win2K3 virtual machines in VMware vCenter Update Manager 4.0.x/4.1.x (2018897)

VMware vCloud Usage Meter

Historical data is not migrated when upgrading from vCloud Usage Meter 2.2 to 2.3 (2032963)

VMware View Manager

Troubleshooting ThinPrint redirection performance (2010005)

Best Practices for Upgrading to VMware View 5.0 (2010166)

Connecting to a View desktop with the View Client displays the error: The connection to the remote computer ended (2013003)

View Connection Server fails to replicate (2014488)

Attempting to authenticate to a View Connection Server using CAC fails with the error: Failed to query Global Catalog (2031785)

VMware View Multi-Monitor PCoIP display results in resolution change and/or black screen (2032657)

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance node logs show duplicate IP address errors when exiting maintenance mode (2032536)













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