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Hi everyone, hope you have all had a good week and enjoying the biggest sporting event in the world. I have had quite a busy week and have spent time looking at some VMware solutions for my customers that I have not had the chance to use in the past.

The first of these is Application Discovery Manager (ADM), I am still learning about this solution but suffice to say that it is one amazingly powerful solution to map out your application’s and all of their connections. Once you start to use this technology it is amazing what you find out about your environment. ADM is able to map connections to all of your systems and is particularly useful in a heterogenous environment with both virtual and physical servers still in play.

Continuing on this theme I have also started to work with VMware Infrastructure navigator (VIN). This solution is much easier to install and have up and running very quickly. It is targeted at your virtualised environment and can quickly start to map connections between all of your applications. One really useful feature is that if you are running SRM then it can discover the SRM resources and alert you to any potential issues should you require to fail over to your DR site but may have dependencies that are not part of the DR plan, quickly ensuring that your DR plan will actually work as required.

A busy week to say the least and I will be continuing with both of these solutions for the next few weeks and start to understand their role in the management and compliance stack for my customers.

Have a great week.

Best Wishes
Neil Isserow (Newsletter Editor)
Queensland Technical Account Manager
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TAM Day & VMworld 2012, Your Customized Experience.
Please accept my personal invitation to TAM Day and VMworld 2012.
With VMworld quickly approaching, we have made some enhancements to the VMworld experience, specifically for TAM customers, that I wanted to share:
TAM Day is a great start to your VMworld experience; you will not want to miss this year’s event. TAM Day is exclusively for TAM customers!  There are exceptional presenters lined up to answer your top of mind IT questions, whether you are an IT or business leader. Within this exclusive forum you will have a unique opportunity to network with industry peers and ask questions of VMware executives. If you have not registered for TAM Day, act now! With limited seats, contact your TAM for registration details.
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TAM Central
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I am personally looking forward to seeing all of you at TAM Day 2012 and in TAM Central! It’s going to be an amazing experience!
Chris Nolan
Director, Americas TAM Program

July 12, 2012 VMSA-2012-0012
VMware ESXi update to third party library

General Availability of VMware vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a Patch
Release Date: 7/12/2012
Detailed information regarding resolved and known issues and enhancements can be found at VMware vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a Release Notes:


VMware vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a Patch is available for download at


ESXi 5.0 Patch Release Notes:

July 23, 2012
VMware Reports Second Quarter 2012 Results

VMware Blogs @VMwareBlogs
VMworld Blog: VMworld 2012 (San Francisco) Social Media & Community Guide

VMware Blogs @VMwareBlogs
VMware End User Computing: VMware View Client with Local Mode: Curious about how it works?

VMware vCloud @vCloud
Move to the #cloud w/ #VMware & achieve improved performance & reliability: Another VMware Cloud stories to come!
VMware @VMware
Day 6 View Bootcamp Series: Setting Up Radius 2-Factor Authentication -- Best Practices


VMware vSphere: Fast Track [V5.0] 06 Aug - 10 Aug
VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Develop Workflows [V4.1]
20 Aug - 22 Aug
VMware vSphere: What's New [V5.0]
27 Aug - 28 Aug







VMworld 2012 Blogger & Twitter Coverage


Whether attending or following VMworld 2012, do you plan to blog and/or tweet about the conference?  If so, please sign-up to be a Blog or Twitter contributor for VMworld 2012 San Francisco and/or VMworld 2012 Barcelona.



VMworld 2012 Gatherings, Tweetups, Parties


Back by popular demand, here is our VMworld Community list for VMworld 2012 gatherings, tweetups, parties and all other activities during the conferences.  This list includes both the official VMworld Conference events as well as all other unofficial VMworld Community organized events.  And this includes events for both VMworld 2012 San Francisco and Barcelona.



1-Day Conference and Expo Only Passes Now Available


Looking to attend

VMworld, but couldn’t get the budget for a full conference rate approved; don’t worry as we just launched our

1-Day Conference and

Expo Only passes for the US event.


The 1-Day Conference pass is only valid for all activities on day of purchase (except for Solutions Exchange which will open for you throughout the week). During the registration process you will select the day you would like to attend (Monday – Wednesday). Note that once you made your selection and purchased your pass you will not be able to change your day.



Learn about VMworld's Application Track


Today's business applications are becoming increasingly data-intensive and dynamic in nature and are more likely to be deployed to run on virtual environments. This

VMworld track explores how the infrastructure to build, run and scale those applications is evolving as well, producing dramatic benefits in the form of faster time to market, breakthrough performance and outstanding availability.  Learn best practices for virtualizing business-critical applications on the VMware vSphere platform and how to use the VMware vFabric cloud application platform to deliver modern, data-intensive applications in cloud environments.



VMworld 2012 (San Francisco) Social Media & Community Guide


It's that time again -- VMworld 2012 is here.  This year will be bigger than ever and to take full advantage of all the announcements, networking, opportunities and highlights of the conference, you need to be connected and aware.  That is why Social Media is the key ingredient for every attendee and follower of VMworld 2012.





TAM Day Presenters, Panelists and Moderators at VMworld 2012 US


Each year at the VMworld TAM Day event, the VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM) Program provides our customers exclusive access to the experts to discuss the best practices and innovative technologies that address the challenges IT and the business face as they transition to support this era of technologies — and this year's keynote, breakout sessions and birds or a feather sessions promise will be the best yet.



TAM Day agenda is available online and covers focuses on end user computing infrastructure, optimization & management, and executive vision.


Below are the presenters, panelists and moderators for this excelusive event — if you haven't registered contact your Technical Account Manager today to register.










Who Moved My App? VMware’s “Cheese-Aware” Application Management


Learn more about vFabric Application Performance Manager:


Click Here


Did you ever read the book “

Who moved my cheese?” It was a 5-year New York Times Bestseller by Dr. Spencer Johnson.


The book speaks of how people react to change and offers several approaches to coping with change. The author, very eloquently, identifies the challenges of reacting and adapting to various changes in our lives.


In the book, Dr. Johnson helps us to understand that as we mature, we come to realize that change is constant: people change, schedules change, jobs change, friends change, and more. We are, for the most part, able to intellectually and emotionally cope and continue moving forward.



VMware on How Big Data Meets Fast Data in the Cloud


Big Data allows you to find opportunities you didn’t know you had.


Fast Data allows you to respond to opportunities before they’re gone.


The combination of Big Data and Fast Data working together may enable new business models you never could have achieved before.


To elaborate, the idea here is to analyze the historical "Big Data" and look for trends or patterns that have lead to good results in the past. Then you try to model those patterns in such a way that you can detect them as they are unfolding in real-time based on incoming Fast Data. If we could analyze large amounts historical as well as recent data quickly enough, we have an opportunity to influence the behaviors of the actors real-time, and have a better chance to steer them toward the patterns that produce results.



Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse Now Supports Tunneling to Services


Today we announce a new release of Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse which features the ability to open a tunnel to any Cloud Foundry data service. Now Eclipse users can use familiar client applications to directly analyze, manipulate, or port the data contained in their Cloud Foundry applications.



The Most Amazing Java Type Declaration Ever


I'd like to think I'm pretty comfortable with Java and generics but I recently came across this bit of Java code and it stopped me in my tracks : public abstract class AnnotationBasedPersistentProperty<P extends PersistentProperty<P>> extends AbstractPersistentProperty<P> {..} This class is internal to the Spring Data framework's Repository Support which removes the need to write






VMware Provider Guide: Help Customers Move Workloads to the Cloud (Part 1)


Enterprises small and large deploy public clouds with the goal of minimizing costs by decreasing IT infrastructure and increasing usage of a private cloud. However, some offerings in the market make it expensive and time-consuming for customers to make this transition to the cloud. At VMware, our vCloud Powered public clouds offer smoother workload transition with an easy-to-use approach and tools that customers are already familiar with.



VMware Provider Guide: Help Customers Move Workloads to the Cloud (Part 2)



Part 1 of this series, we walked through accessing the vCloud Connector user interface via the vSphere client. In Part 2, we’ll break down how to access the interface over the Internet using a standard Web browser.














Microsoft Lync 2010 with VMware View 5.0


There has been a lot of buzz and excitement last week around VMware’s announcement and plans to support Microsoft Lync 2013 (  With Microsoft Lync 2013 and VMware View, customers will have full access to Unified Communications and Collaboration capabilities, and Office 15 integration.



VMware View Client with Local Mode: Curious about how it works?


Do your virtual desktop users need to disconnect from the network, travel with their laptops, and use their virtual desktops offline? Or do you have a bring-your-own-computer (BYOC) program and want to install a corporate virtual desktop on users’ computers? VMware View Client with Local Mode is the answer for these user scenarios.


This blog post is about the clever workings of VMware View Client with Local Mode. This kind of information fascinates me, and if it fascinates you, read on.






SRM Product Survey


Hi all, we're doing another survey of our SRM customers to try to understand your usage and inform our product management decisions with some hard data.  If you get a chance to do the survey we'd appreciate it - shouldn't take more than 15 minutes of your time.




SRM Product Survey



Advanced VMkernel Settings for Disk Storage


As regular readers will know by now, many of these blog posts are a result of internal discussions held between myself and other VMware folks (or indeed storage partners). This one is no different. I was recently involved in a discussion about how VMs did sequential I/O, which led me to point out a number of VMkernel parameters related to performance vs fairness for VM I/O. In fact, I have seen other postings about these parameters, but I realised that I never did post anything myself.



NetApp and IBM both vMSC certified...


More and more storage vendors are certifying their stretched cluster solutions. Recently NetApp and IBM have both been added to the VMware HCL. Below you can find the links to the KB article which describe the supported configuration and the tested scenarios.


Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller


vSphere 5.0 support with NetApp MetroCluster


Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) using EMC VPLEX


Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using HP LeftHand Multi-Site


Those at the point of deploying a stretched cluster I would highly recommend reading these KB articles. Get as familiar as you can with the failure scenarios described, test them over and over again. This is key for operating a stretched cluster and will also give you a deep understanding of how your environment responds to failures.



VMware Employee DR Sessions at VMworld


As we're approaching VMworld I thought I'd write a quick post about the disaster recovery sessions being delivered by the VMware team this year.


Keep in mind, these are just the sessions being delivered by VMware staff, and just the DR sessions.  There is a lot more out there under the business continuity umbrella, including great sessions by our customers and partners, and exploring various topics such as data protection and high availability. 



Upgrading to vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a can fail when using an Oracle database


if your planning to upgrade to vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1a and use Oracle as the backend database you may want to check out the following KB before you proceed.


There is a known issue that will show error: PLS-00905 STATS-ROLLUP2_PROC as invalid and prevent the upgrade from completing leaving you in an unusable state. Full resolution and recovery steps are described in the KB article



Some useful vmkfstools 'hidden' options


VMware vSphere Blog

4/08/12 12:18 AM Cormac Hogan VMware Storage VMware vSphere

I was recently playing around with vmkfstools, checking out a few things for one of our storage partners. I noticed that I was using some undocumented options to look at a few things, and thought I would share them with you here.





Latest Flings:


View Controlled Recompose Script


Guest Reclaim




ThinApp Factory






VMTN Blog: Why did you choose VMware?


We need your help. We're looking for a few people to share their stories with us. But we ask for people to share their stories all the time -- heck, we even have a

customer reference program to help you share your experiences. How is this different?


For one, we don't need a lot from you right now. We're not looking for a long commitment or permission from your management to do a

formal case study. We're actually just looking for you to jot down a few words.



vSphere PowerCLI Blog: Waiting for OS customization to complete


Provisioning of new virtual machines often includes Operating System (OS) customization.


A typical provisioning workflow could look like this:


1.  Clone a virtual machine from a template and specify a customization specification


2.  Start the VM. This triggers the customization process


3.  Wait for the customization to complete


4.   Perform additional setup steps



VMware Go Blog: The Importance of Patching Third-Party Applications


Almost every organization has a methodology in place for patching Microsoft applications.  And as every savvy IT security professional knows, patches close vulnerabilities, which is critical to keeping data and business processes safe.  It’s the same old security story: lock one door and the thief will find another – and now we’ve got the whole vulnerability/patch war extending beyond Microsoft to applications from other vendors like Adobe and Apple.



vSphere PowerCLI Blog: VMware and Cisco UCS Integration


One of the main areas of PowerShell that always impresses me is the integration of applications which were not designed to work together, it is often an overlooked and yet very powerful feature which enables products from the same company and even products from multiple companies to be glued together by Power


Shell and integrate data and automation actions to perform some fantastic integration.


vCenter Orchestrator Blog: It's Raining vCenter Orchestrator Plug-ins!



VMworld 2012 preparations and other ongoing work, this blog announcement was WAY overdue.  But as the saying goes... "better late than never!"


In response to many customer requests, we are glad to announce the availability of two new vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) plug-ins and several updates to existing ones:


1. The NEW

vCenter Configuration Manager workflow package allows organizations to automate compliance and patching operations around VM templates and guest operating systems.  A must-have... unless you have the time or enjoy doing this manually, one template at a time... ;-)


2.  The NEW

vCenter Chargeback Manager plug-in helps automate the on-boarding of new cloud customers and configuration of chargeback reports.  Try it today!



Workstation Zealot: We heard you. Quickly Download VMware Player.


We’ve received feedback that it’s too difficult and time consuming to download VMware Player.  No longer.  We’ve dramatically simplified the process.


1) go to

2)  click the “download” button for the version of player you would like.


Office of the CTO Blogs: The Post-BlackBerry Era


In June 2010 Steve Jobs famously declared that the Post-PC era is upon us. Whether or not you agree with that statement, you will no doubt agree that smartphones and tablets have completely revolutionized how we use mobile devices. One of the profound changes in this paradigm shift is the impact on RIM – so in this note, I make the case that we are in the Post-BlackBerry era and discuss what that means to IT professionals.


Before I talk about the Post-BlackBerry era, it is important to understand how things were in the BlackBerry era, which I call the Pre-iPhone era.






VCP5-Infrastructure as a Service - Mock Exam


The VMware Certified Professional 5 – Infrastructure as a Service (VCP5-IaaS)

validates your ability to install, configure and administer a Cloud environment using vCloud Director and related components. Achieving this certification demonstrates your understanding of basic cloud concepts including public/private/hybrid clouds, multi-tenancy and cloud security, as well as your skills in using vCloud Director to create and manage vApps, service catalogs, and organization/provider VDCs, as well as administering cloud enabled networking and storage.


DaaS Scalability and Elasticity


Giving continuity to my recent Desktop-as-a-Service series it’s time to tackle those components that make a true DaaS solution be able to dynamically provision and de-provision resources on-demand, near real-time, without users having to engineer for peak loads.


This article is built on top of my previous DaaS articles:


DaaS Identity Management, Federation & Multi-Tenancy


DaaS Mobility and Portability



VMware View Recompose and MAC Address


This week I answered to this question to someone on Twitter and then I saw it again at VMware internal forums.


-  How to persist MAC Address during recompose operations?



VMware Fling Boomerang Now supports PCoIP via VMware View


VMware Boomerang is a radically simple client application that allows you to use multiple vSphere servers simultaneously. Simply select “Add a Server…” to connect and login to an ESX server, vCenter server, or View Connection Server and you will be presented with a list of all available virtual machines.



Zero Client Touch-Enabled Display


For couple months I had a GVISION 19″ TFT LCD Display on my work desk. No, it was not my primary display, but it was nice to test it. This display is a Touch Enabled device that runs PCoIP natively using the Teradici chipset and connect directly to VMware View just like other PCoIP zero client displays. The difference is that this one is touch screen.



EMC – CX4 FAST Cache cosmetic issues and using /debug


I noticed that one of our CX4s was exhibiting some odd behaviour the other day. When looking at the System Information window, I noticed that FAST Cache seemed broken. Here’s a picture of it.



SRM and SwapFiles


A while ago I had Skype chat with

Greg Mulholland – he’s based in Melbourne, Australia where  he is a Senior Infrastructure Consultant specializing in VMware and Storage (NetApp primarily). Occasionally, I am approached on Twitter, LinkedIn and email to answer questions and queries – and so long as I have the time I will sometimes jump on Skype to discuss it personally.



Building VMware End-User Computing Solutions with VMware View Book


Phew. I know it’s a long title. But I wanted to shoehorn the word “end-user computing” and Barry wanted “VMware View” in the title – so this is the mash-up we can up with.


It’s our joint pleasure to finally make available the end-user computing book that myself, and fellow vExpert, Barry Coombs – have been work in on for sometime. We never thought when we embarked on the project that it would take this length of time. That was partly caused by us both having other projects on the table, and the review process colliding with the release of VMware View 5.1 and ThinApp 4.7.2. It was also delayed by my sojourns into other complementary technologies such as vShield, Teradici APEX, ThinApp Factory and Horizon Application Manager.






The VMware User Group is an independent, global, customer-led organization, which maximizes members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events.



Brisbane VMUG Meeting


Be sure to visit our new

Brisbane VMUG Workspace and subscribe to our listserv!  Connect with your fellow VMUG members in the forum, ask and answer questions about VMware, and get involved in your VMUG community.










Multicore your vCPUs

Hello again everyone and welcome to my sixth post in our series The Support Outsider, a look into VMware from the point of view of an outsider (that's me), Intern Moses Masih


This week was busier than usual but I did come across a cool feature which you can try for your virtual machines. I want to talk about turning single core virtual machines into multicore machines in vSphere and Workstation.

While working on a new video that deals with setting cores in a virtual machine: Setting the number of cores per CPU in a virtual machine (1010184)

so that its operating system can recognise the machine as having multi-core CPUs, I found that this process can be used in vSphere and Workstation 8. I tried it and set my single core virtual machines to 4-core machines and also came across some useful details that I will talk about.


Purple Diagnostics Screen Articles


One thing you'll never see mentioned in a VMware Knowedgebase article is the term PSOD. Those ominous letters harken back to the blue screen crashes we all have seen on Windows based computers. In VMware, our dump screens have a magenta (purple) background, and so the lingo goes:


BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death


PSOD = Purple Screen Of Death


We really hate the negative connotations that these short-forms impart and much prefer to refer to these as purple diagnostics screens, because they do contain a great deal of information you can use to help diagnose the problem you have encountered. Here's what one looks like:






Please consider checking - regularly for new and updated KB Articles.


New Articles Published for Week Ending 7/28/12


Apache Active MQ


Configuring Apache ActiveMQ 5.4 to set the producer's user name as part of the message header (2010473)


Customizing Apache ActiveMQ 5.4 advisories and JMX Methods (2010475)


Apache HTTP Server


SSL/TLS and SSH/SFTP support in Covalent FTP module in vFabric Enterprise Ready Server 4.0 (2010333)


Excessive CPU usage with vFabric ERS or vFabric Web Server 5.0 (2010351)


Confirming file locking when using MPM worker with VMware vFabric Enterprise Ready Server 4.0 or VMware vFabric Web Server 5.0 (2010620)


Configuring Apache HTTP Server 2.0/2.2 as proxy server for backend Tomcat/tc Server instance with multiple virtual hosts (2010334)


Apache Tomcat


Modifying logging configuration for a Tomcat tcServer instance launched inside SpringSource Tool Suite (multiple versions) (2009731)


My VMware


Adding notes to license keys in My VMware (2032145)


Spring Framework


Accessing Spring Instrumented Jars in IVY using Customer Portal Login (2000480)


@Qualifier not working on AbstractJpaTests in Spring Framework 2.5 (2005421)


Consolidate Request Header/Request parameter/cookies in one object parameter in a Controller in Spring Framework 3.0/3.1 (2000214)


How to register, unregister, schedule, and unschedule Task Scheduler at runtime in Spring Framework 3.0/3.1 (2010476)


Annotation-based configuration of beans i n Spring Framework 2.5/3.0/3.1 (2005447)


SpringSource Other


Tomcat/tc Server log file types (2009881)


Virtual Disk Development Kit


Restoring a virtual machine fails if VMDK disks are aligned using NetApp's mbralign utility on Windows 2000 and 2003 (2031758)


VMware Data Recovery


Excessive traffic between VDR and vCenter Server when communicating over WAN (2031838)


VMware ESX


Linux virtual machines using VMXNET3 driver experience network throughput degradation when connected to Traffic Shaping enabled Distributed vSwitch (2030927)


VMware Fusion


VMware Fusion compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8) (2032208)


VMware Service Manager


Large amounts of records showing POLLING_ACTION with values not equal to zero in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2009636)


Configuration Item field not populated on Call Details screen in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2009816)


VMware Service Manager 9.x Scheduled Reports do not produce a report or take a long time to run (2009944)


Workflow processing extremely slow in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2009976)


Cannot rename Organization field in Person Detail screen in Designer for Service Manager 9.x  (2010456)


Customer portal restrictions allow negative and decimal numbers to be entered in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2011242)


Workflow submitted via the Service Manager Service Catalog portal after restarting the services do not get activated (2031811)


Email notifications in IPK group for internally forwarded calls in VMware Service Manager 8.x (2005255)


Text indexing for KB articles which include data in tables is not being formatted correctly when indexed by the system (2009985)


Customer portal usage for call logging report displays incorrect information in VMware Service Manager 8.x/9.x (2010509)


HTML Editor Tool does not function correctly when editing Portal pages in VMware Service Manager 9.x Designer (2010811)


VMware vCenter Configuration Manager


Collecting vCloud Director data in vCenter configuration Manager fails with the error: vCloudDirector user-id/password incorrect (2031754)


VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vApp)


Managing a VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5.x deployment where the vApp is broken (2031889)


vCenter Operations Manager 5.0.x: Using VMware Data Recovery to Back Up and Restore a vApp deployment (2031890)


vCenter Operations Manager 5.0.x: Using Site Recovery Manager to Protect a vApp Deployment (2031891)


VMware vCenter Orchestrator


Some built-in vCloud Director plug-in workflows might fail (2031804)


VMware vCenter Protect Essentials


Changing logging levels in VMware vCenter Protect Essentials 8.0.x (2032067)


VMware vCenter Server


VMware vCenter Storage Monitoring Service fails with the error: Service initialization failed (2016472)


VMware vCenter Update Manager


vSphere Client randomly reports the error: An item with the same key has already been added (2030029)


VMware vCloud Director


Unable to create or rename vApp in VMware vCloud Director (2010579)


Deleting a system administrator account in vCloud Director 1.0.x/1.5.x fails with error: Cannot delete or deactivate the last system administrator (2010556)


VMware vFabric Enterprise Ready Server


Adding MySQL module support to PHP in vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS) 4.x (2010625)


VMware vFabric Hqapi


Adding a getRole() method to the User class in VMware vFabric HQ API (1032776)


VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent


VMware vFabric tc Server and Hyperic compatibility (2008774)


Samba 3.5.6 is not auto-discovered on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 in VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent 4.5.x/4.6.x (2010640)


VMware vFabric tc Server


Creating thread dumps and heap dumps for a tc Server instance in vFabric tc Server (2010463)


VMware vFabric Web Server


Running VMware vFabric Enterprise Ready Server 4.0 or vFabric Web Server 5.0 as non-root user (2010416)


VMware View Manager


Cannot connect to vCenter Server or View Composer after Upgrading to View Manager 5.1 (2021460)


Deleting linked clones in View Manager fails with the error: Failed to cleanup linked clone (2031433)


Using the vdmadmin command to exclude or include a domain on a search list for View Administrator or Security Server (2006292)