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Well another big news week from VMware. yes there were a few who did not feel as if our new licensing model was appropriate for them and vented their frustration on the forums and blogs. Well far be it from VMware to just sit by and do nothing, in the tradition of a great company who listens to their customers the licensing has been revised. Please see the featured article below for more on this.


As for me I have spent most of this week with vCenter Operations Enterprise and building up a proof of concept using the Linux build of this awesome technology that I can deliver to my customers. This was very productive and fairly easy to accomplish with not much effort. I now have a fully portable vCenter Operations VM that I can take to customers and do a full proof of concept on, pretty happy about that and I know my customers will be too.


I have also been presenting my vSphere what’s new to my customers and this week was part two for many of them which was all around vSphere, vCenter, networking and so forth. Continuing with this I will be doing new features in Site Recovery Manager (SRM) with many of them next week which is one of my favourite solutions.


We are also heading towards VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas and in line with this awesome event I will be providing VMworld related information in the newsletter to get everyone ready for the event.


I also want to point you to the collection of Mind Maps to help you troubleshoot issues that are all now in a single convenient place for you to find. See below for more info.


I have a busy week ahead and hope that you too have a productive one.


Take care until next time.


Neil Isserow (Newsletter Editor)

Queensland Technical Account Manager



Changes to the vRAM licensing model introduced on July 12, 2011

As many of you know, with the introduction of vSphere 5 we also announced changes to the vSphere licensing model in order to align costs with the benefits of virtualization rather than with the physical attributes of each individual server.  These changes generated debate in the blogosphere, across the VMware communities, and in conversations with customers and partners.  Some of the discussion had to do with confusion around the changes.  We have been watching the commentaries on the blogs very carefully, and we have been listening in the customer conversations very intently. We got a ton of feedback that probed the impact of the new licensing model on every possible use case and scenario, and equally important, reflected our customers’ intense passion for VMware.

We are a company built on customer goodwill and we take customer feedback to heart.  Our primary objective is to do right by our customers, and we are announcing three changes to the vSphere 5 licensing model that address the three most recurring areas of customer feedback:

We’ve increased vRAM entitlements for all vSphere editions, including the doubling of the entitlements for vSphere Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.

We’ve capped the amount of vRAM we count in any given VM, so that no VM, not even the “monster” 1TB vRAM VM, would cost more than one vSphere Enterprise Plus license.

We adjusted our model to be much more flexible around transient workloads, and short-term spikes that are typical in test & dev environments for example.

Below is a description of what we heard from our customers and partners, the changes we are making and the impact we expect they will have:


Please read the rest of the article at:


VMware Support Insider: Index of Resolution Path KB Articles

VMware Blogs 4/08/11 2:25 AM

We have featured many Mind Maps in this blog and gotten fabulous feedback on them, so today we are presenting an Index so you can easily locate and download the ones most relevant to you.

Mind Maps are a visualization of our Resolution Path KB articles, which are collections of modular steps that can be used to solve tech support issues. Being modular, they can be re-used in other resolution paths. A good example is using the ping command to test network connectivity. This step is used in all kinds of troubleshooting procedures. Put a number of these steps together, and you have a method.

Troubleshooting ThinApp Issues

Troubleshooting Storage Issues

vSphere Install Troubleshooting

Vsphere Licensing Troubleshooting

Resolution Paths for VDR Issues

Resolution Paths for VMware Site Recovery Manager Issues

Unpresenting LUNs from ESX/ESXi 4.x

Resolution Paths for OS Issues

Resolution Paths for Converter Issues

Resolution Paths for Lab Manager Issues

vSphere Troubleshooting Network Issues

VMware View Resolution Paths

vSphere Troubleshooting Management Issues

VMware Update Manager Resolution Paths

VMware Fusion Resolution Paths

VMware Workstation Resolution Path

Fault Resolution Paths

Capacity Planner Resolution Paths



Education News

Buy One, Get One 50% OFF

Extend your VMware product training or share the gift of knowledge with a co-worker through VMware’s Buy One, Get One 50% off limited time offer.


Register for ANY VMware-delivered, instructor-led class of three days in length or more, delivered between July 18, 2011 and August 31, 2011 and receive 50% off your next class of equal or lesser value. The one-time discount is applicable for any VMware-delivered class completed by September 30, 2011 and can be used by you or someone else in your organization.


VMware Blogs

VMware End User Computing: Top 10 Reasons to Attend VMworld

VMware Blogs 2/08/11 6:07 AM

If you haven’t yet registered for VMworld 2011, do it today as hotel rooms are selling out quickly and airfare won’t drop significantly in the near future. VMworld is THE place to learn about the hottest virtualization and cloud computing technologies and get a sneak peek of what is coming up next.

Here are Top 10 reasons why you won’t want to miss VMworld 2011.

1. Dive deep into VMware vSphere.
Get the latest updates to the best platform for building cloud infrastructures with Sessions and Labs dedicated to vSphere 5.0.

2. Get a grip on cloud computing.
Learn what cloud computing is all about, including how to use it to reduce IT complexity and enable IT as a service.

3. Arm yourself with knowledge.
Choose from more than 175 unique Breakout Sessions led by subject-matter experts.

4. Get your hands dirty.
Explore how virtualization can make a powerful impact on your organization by choosing from Hands-on Labs covering over 20 topics.

5. Hear from the top in General Sessions.
VMware’s Paul Maritz, Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Stephen Herrod, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of R&D, present VMware’s vision for IT as a Service.

6. Participate in the ultimate show-and-share.
With more than 250 exhibitors, the Solutions Exchange is the perfect place to network, learn and explore the latest virtualization and cloud infrastructure products, services and solutions.

7. Stay in the know.
Be one of the first to hear exciting announcements from VMware. We've got some great ones coming up that you don't want to miss.

8. Pick the brain of an expert.
Hear subject-matter experts present in Sessions, lead Group Discussions and then meet them one-on-one to cover topics that relate specifically to your organization.

9. Network, network, network.
Meet, connect, and share your experiences with virtualization and cloud computing with peers from around the world and across your industry.

  1. Revel in your "developerness".
    If you're a developer building and delivering solutions on VMware platforms, the Technology Exchange for Alliance Partners is the premier event for you.


ESXi Chronicles: Customize ESXi 4.1 images with ESXi-Customizer

VMware Blogs 3/08/11 3:36 AM

vSphere 5.0 comes with the ESXi Image Builder CLI to create and maintain custom ESXi images.  However, Image Builder only works with ESXi 5.0 which doesn't help if you're running ESXi 4.1.  For those on ESXi 4.1 check out the ESXi Customizer.   A very useful tool...


VMware vCloud Blog: Top Resources to Learn about vCloud Director – UPDATE AUGUST 2011

VMware Blogs 3/08/11 6:39 AM

By: David Davis

In September 2010 I published a very popular article, Top Resources to Learn about vCloud Director, here on the VMware vCloud blog. Since that article a major revision has been released to vCloud Director and copious resources have been released or updated.

On July 12, 2011 VMware introduced “the first comprehensive cloud infrastructure suite” with policy, reporting, and self-service provided by the newly announced (and soon to be available) vCloud Director 1.5.


Virtualization for SAP Solutions: First SAP SD Benchmark on vSphere 5

VMware Blogs 3/08/11 6:49 PM

Results: 4600 SD Users and 25150 SAPS* in a 2tier setup with 24 vCPU's

This is the largest 2 tier virtualized benchmark in history, and an excellent proof-point for:

VMware vSphere  scalability

Large  virtualized databases

Supportability  of large SAP systems

Extremely low overhead of just 6% compared to the same native System

Details on the SAP SD benchmark certificate :


VMware End User Computing: Desktop Virtualization with vSphere 5: Licensing Overview (Update 8/3/11)

VMware Blogs 4/08/11 7:00 AM

By Raj Mallempati, Director, Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

<<This is an updated to this blog as of August 3, 2011. For additional information on vSphere licensing, please read Bogomil Balkansky, VP, Product Management's blog here.>>

As we have been interacting with customers and partners over the past couple of weeks and based on those conversations, I want to provide a primer on the desktop virtualization solutions licensing options provided by VMware.

In my blog post a while back, I outlined the how VMware’s new licensing model forvSphere 5 includes some important updates for our customers who are deploying VDI.  Today I want to highlight and discuss three key scenarios for VMware customers and partners in light of today's announcement:


VMwareTV: My Cloud - VMware for Education

VMware Blogs 4/08/11 12:00 PM


My Cloud - VMware for Education -- Extend the reach of education with virtualization and Your Cloud.


VMware Networking Blog: vSphere 5 New Networking Features - Introduction

VMware Blogs 5/08/11 8:36 AM

Before I introduce you to the new networking features in vSphere 5, I want to take a moment and introduce myself first. My name is Venky and I work as Technical Marketing Manager at VMware. I am responsible for technical marketing activities around vSphere Networking features. I am really excited to share and learn with you on this forum. I feel that it is going to be a fun ride

In this blog I want to introduce you to the new networking features in vSphere 5. I will share more details on each of the feature in the subsequent posts.

There are two broad types of networking capabilities that are new or enhanced in the VMware vSphere 5 release. The first type improves the network administrator’s ability to monitor and troubleshoot virtual infrastructure traffic by introducing features such as

• NetFlow V5

  • Port mirror (SPAN)


vExpert/External Blogs

Using hardware-assisted virtualization in Windows Server 2003 32-bit virtual machines

VMware Front Experience 9/07/11 5:09 AM Andreas Peetz performance cpu windows 2003 vSphere 4 mmu

This is the title of a VMware KB article (KB2001372) that was recently posted, and it includes very interesting information for anyone running virtualized Windows 2003 servers on vSphere (so, probably all of us).


ESX(i) is able to use different methods for virtualizing the CPU and associated MMU (memory management unit) instruction sets. You can configure that for a VM in its Advanced Options / CPU/MMU virtualization:


mprove your vSphere client's performance

VMware Front Experience 17/07/11 5:33 AM Andreas Peetz performance vSphere Client vSphere 4 slow views

Are you tired of staring at this window?


vSphere Client taking ages to load a VM view

If you manage a vSphere environment with several hundreds of VMs you might notice a disturbing slowness in screen refreshes when you initially look at lists of lots of VMs, try to refresh such views or resort them by clicking on the attributes' columns.


We have been struggling with this for a long time (in fact, since we upgraded to vSphere 4) without ever finding out how to improve or resolve this.

Now I got the tip to look at VMware's KB1029665. It exactly describes this symptom and recommends tuning the Java Memory pool of the Tomcat installation that is used on the vCenter server.


vSphere 5.0 HA: Changes in admission control

Yellow Bricks 3/08/11 4:13 PM Duncan Epping BC-DR cloud Server 5 5.0 ha high availability vSphere

I just wanted to point out a couple of changes for HA in vSphere 5.0 with regards to admission control. Although they might seem minor they are important to keep in mind when redesigning your environment. Lets just discuss each of the admission control policies and list the changes underneath.

Host failures cluster tolerates
Still uses the slot algorithm. Major change here is that you can have a value larger than 4 hosts. The 4 host limit was imposed by the Primary/Secondary node concept. As this constraint has been lifted it is now possible to select an N-1 value. So in the case of a 16 host cluster you can set the value to 15. Another change is the default slotsize for CPU. The default slotsize used to be 256MHz. This has been decreased to 32MHz.


vSphere 5 – Metro vMotion

Yellow Bricks 3/08/11 10:00 PM Duncan Epping BC-DR cloud Management & Automation 5 5.0 metro vmotion vSphere

I received a question last week about higher latency thresholds for vMotion… A rumor was floating around that vMotion would support RTT latency up to 10 miliseconds instead of 5. (RTT=Round Trip Time) Well this is partially true. With vSphere 5.0 Enterprise Plus this is true. With any of the versions below Enterprise Plus the supported limit is 5 miliseconds RTT. Is there a technical reason for this?


Using EMC Unisphere over high-latency RDP connection trick

Virtual Geek 3/08/11 6:07 PM Chad Sakac

I sometimes connect into my labs over high-latency connections.   Sometimes, I have to have use a jump box, which makes running Unisphere in the full client manner a non-option.   In those cases, I RDP to the jump box and then open Unisphere from there (or even worse, RDP in RDP).

So… Unisphere has been getting rave reviews (I haven’t heard anything negative, though I’d welcome the feedback – even if critical so long as it’s courteous) – and one of the reasons is that it’s a nice, shiny, modern UI.   With each passing version, legacy moves further and further behind us (I for one won’t be sad when no JRE is needed anymore!).


VMworld 2011 Sneak-Preview Details and Links

Virtual Geek 2/08/11 11:50 PM Chad Sakac

All – the details behind VMworld 2011 are starting to solidify publicly, but there’s still lots to “sneak peak” :-)

Bogomil Balkansky (VP, Product Marketing at VMware) joined me on last-week’s live VMware/EMC webcast (every week, same bat-time and same bat-channel – Thursdays at 11am ET) which covered VMworld 2011.   We talked about:

what’s big things are in store

key sessions to attend

a sneak peak at the epic hands-on-labs

Some things to leverage for spouses

Tips on locations and schwag

and of course, the social scene – both in terms of social media, but also the night-life.


vSphere 5 License Entitlement changes

Virtu-Al 3/08/11 10:48 PM Virtu-Al PowerCLI powershell vmware

Following my previous post VMware have just announced a change to the License entitlements to vSphere 5, I know I work for VMware and therefore my view is obviously slightly tainted but I personally think this is a good move and it proves that they do listen and value their customers opinions.

So what changes have been made ?

VMware have increased vRAM entitlements for all vSphere editions.

The amount of vRAM has been capped at 96GB of vRAM, so if your VMs have over this amount it will only count the first 96GB.

The amount of vRAM is now calculated as a 12 month average of allocated vRAM


VMware ESXi 5 Interactive PXE Installation Improvements

VCritical 1/08/11 8:22 AM Eric Gray Virtualizationism ESXi installation PXE

A flexible PXE infrastructure can be a real force multiplier in your technology arsenal.  Fully-automated installs are great time-savers, but there is also value in being able to perform an interactive (manual) install of VMware ESXi, Linux, or Windows over the network.  Physical installation media is becoming less and less viable in this day of lights-out datacenters, and virtual media capabilities provided with remote consoles, such as iLO, are best reserved for punishing junior members of the team.  It’s easy enough to have a Linux-based PXE server coexist with Windows Deployment Services — useful for environments that need to deploy various operating systems on a single VLAN.


Prime Numbers, PI & VMs

Professional VMware 2/08/11 2:06 PM bunchc CPU ESX VMware


Since vSphere added the ability to have oddly numbered non power of two vCPU configurations, I’ve wondered what it’d be like to run a VM with an odd number. Will Windows react oddly? etc?

I also had some curiosity around doing similar for non standard amounts of ram (non power’s of two or multiples of 1024).


When changing resources on my vCenter VM I decided to take the plunge, Prime numbered CPU’s and 2PI * 1024 (rounded) MB of ram. Into it a few months now and so far so good!


Virtualisation 101 – Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migrations

PlanetVM 2/08/11 12:35 AM Simon Bodecott P2V The 101 series

Following on from last month’s article on deploying brand new virtual machines Simon this month moves on to looking at how to migrate existing Physical or Virtual machines running on earlier or competing virtualisation platforms to vSphere.


What Is P2V?

P2V is the term used for creating a new virtual server containing the operating system, applications and data copied over from an existing physical server. It refers to the process and/or technology used to perform the conversion.


vSphere 5 Video - ESXi Firewall Configuration

NTPRO.NL - Eric Sloof 1/08/11 7:00 PM (Eric Sloof) Online Training vSphere 5

ESXi includes a firewall between the management interface and the network. To ensure the integrity of the host, VMware has reduced the number of firewall ports that are open by default. The ESXi firewall is enabled by default. At installation time, the firewall is configured to block incoming and outgoing traffic, except traffic for the default services. The firewall also allows Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) pings and communication with DHCP and DNS (UDP only) clients.


VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference – My look

ESX Virtualization 4/08/11 12:20 AM Vladan SEGET Specials VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference vSphere PowerCLI Reference

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference – The book –

It’s been some time that I got in my hands this book, but did not find enough time to read it… and even less time to write a review about this book. But finally I made both.

This book is all about automating. It is collaborative work of several Masters of PowerCLI: Luc Dekens, Alan Renouf, Glenn Sizemore, Arnim van Lieshout, Jonathan Medd.

First of all, I just want to repeat, that I’m not a scripting guy, but… If one needs to automate stuff, one need to make some effort and learn stuff, right? I can tell you, one does not have to fear scripting, especially if there are some GUI tools like PowerGUI to get you started….


Video of installation of VMware VSA – vSphere Storage Appliance

ESX Virtualization 3/08/11 3:16 AM Vladan SEGET Videos VMware VSA VSA VMware vSphere 5 VSA

This video comes from VMware and shows the install, configure of VSA

It’s quite enjoyable to watch this video showing the installation and configuration of the new VMware product – VSA - vSphere Storage appliance. The VSA can be leveraged in the SMB market which lucks SAN storage. In fact by configuring VSA with local disks, you can benefit such a features as HA (High availability) and vMotion. All you need to have is 2 or 3 ESX hosts.


VMware Knowledge Base Articles

VMware Knowledge Base Weekly Digest: New Articles Published for Week Ending 7/30/11

VMware Blogs 2/08/11 10:36 PM

VMware ACE
Cannot log in to a virtual machine after changing the domain account password from another machine (2003636)
Date Published: 7/28/2011

VMware ESX
ESX host shows a purple diagnostic screen and the error: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000004 (2004208)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
Configuring the License Server on vCenter Server fails with the error: License server 27000@x.x.x.x is unavailable (2002483)
Date Published: 7/29/2011

VMware ESXi
VMware High Availability fails with the error: Misconfiguration in the host Network setup (2003774)
Date Published: 7/25/2011
Oracle Linux 5.6 kernel packages supported by ESX/ESXi 4.x (2003936)
Date Published: 7/27/2011
esxupdate fails with the error: Another instance of esxupdate is currently running. Unable to open lock file (No space left on device) (2004153)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
vMotion fails at 82% with the error: General system error occured: Source detected that destination failed to resume. (2002379)
Date Published: 7/26/2011
Entering Maintenance mode on ESXi causes host to disconnect and "hostd-worker" process to crash (2003931)
Date Published: 7/26/2011

VMware Service Manager
The Time Zone option in the Work Hours tab of Agreement Details in VMware Service Manager is grayed out (2003879)
Date Published: 7/28/2011
Approvals sent to deleted stakeholders in VMware service Manager go to requester/requester manager (2004002)
Date Published: 7/28/2011
VMware Service Manager reports show duplicate officers (2003546)
Date Published: 7/28/2011

VMware Service Manager
Unable to forward tickets from one group to another (2003861)
Date Published: 7/25/2011
Tasks show selections from all partitions when creating workflow templates (2004120)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
Performing a customer search from within the VMware Service Manager customer portal fails with the error: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP ORA-27072: File I/O error (2001324)

Date Published: 7/25/2011
VMware Service Manager Event Connector passes REF values instead of TEXT values (2001358)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
Call Description is not copied to the Request Description in VMware Service Manager (2001422)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
Copy Solution button on the VMware Service Manager Knowledge Administration toolbar does not copy the solution (2002219)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
Changes to the ticket reporting functionality in VMware Service Manager 9.x (2003550)
Date Published: 7/27/2011
Cannot remove data from custom date fields after saving the Service Manager call or request (2003554)
Date Published: 7/27/2011

VMware ThinApp
Unable to save office docs through sharepoint when using virtualized Internet Explorer (2003722)
Date Published: 7/29/2011

VMware vCenter Application Discovery Manager
Unable to start the VMware vCenter Application Discovery Manager Windows Collector service (2003126)
Date Published: 7/27/2011

VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
vCenter Configuration Manager fails to collect IPv6 addresses from Windows machines (2003718)
Date Published: 7/28/2011
The Collector service fails to start in a fresh installation of VMware vCenter Configuration Manager 5.4 (2004083)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
Running a VMware vCenter Configuration Manager report fails with the error: The item cannot be found. (rsItemNotFound) (2004084)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager Collector service fails to start and reports arithmetic errors (2003523)
Date Published: 7/26/2011

VMware vCenter Server
VMware response to CVE-2011-0534 (2004147)
Date Published: 7/28/2011
Deploying a Windows 2003 virtual machine from a template fails with the error: Customization of the guest operating system 'winNetDatacenter64Guest' is not supported in this configuration (1013902)
Date Published: 7/26/2011

VMware vCloud Director
The resource availability statistics reports are incorrect when vCloud Director uses a cluster in yellow state to deploy virtual machines (1000408)
Date Published: 7/26/2011
Starting a vCloud Director cell fails with the error: nested exception is net.sf.ehcache.CacheException: Problem creating connections: Error decrypting data (2002411)
Date Published: 7/25/2011

VMware View Manager
Exiting screen saver on View desktop fails when Connected with PCoIP (2003793)
Date Published: 7/25/2011
Comparing the effect on SIDs during different View Composer operations (2003798)
Date Published: 7/25/2011
Unassigned desktops in VMware View Manager do not get recomposed (2003999)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
Enabling ThinPrint logging in VMware View Manager (2004001)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
vCenter Server appears to be down with a red arrow in View Admin User Interface (2004056)
Date Published: 7/29/2011
Provisioning linked clones with the Microsoft Office 2010 Click-To-Run software fails with the error: Unknown Failure (2003459)
Date Published: 7/25/2011
Disabling ThinPrint on a VMware View Client (2003626)
Date Published: 7/28/2011

VMware vSphere CLI
Running remote commands from vMA to ESX/ESXi hosts requires authentication when logged in to vMA as an AD user (2004085)
Date Published: 7/29/2011

VMware vSphere Management Assistant
ESXi 4.1 root level users are unable to run the resxtop command (2003773)
Date Published: 7/25/2011