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Get ready for a huge week folks. In APAC on the 13th of July is the big announcement and I am really excited to be part of it. If you haven’t registered then please register as soon as you can and don’t whatever happens miss out on this amazing event.


From next week I will be focusing of course on all of the new announcement material so please stand by for what will be a very exciting series of newsletters that will be coming up.


I look forward to seeing you all online at the event on the 13th, please don’t forget to register at


Take care until next time.


Neil Isserow (Newsletter Editor)

Queensland Technical Account Manager



VMware to Announce Next Step in Cloud Infrastructure

Please join VMware executives Paul Maritz, CEO and Steve Herrod, CTO for the unveiling of the next major step forward in Cloud infrastructure. Paul & Steve’s 45 minute live webcast will be followed by additional online sessions where you can learn more about the industry’s most trusted virtualization and cloud infrastructure products and services. Join VMware and experience how the virtualization journey is helping transform IT and ushering in the era of Cloud Computing.


To register, please go to:



Virtual Cloud Day - Unveiling the Infrastructure of The Future!


VMware Virtual Cloud Day is an online event not to be missed – Join us and discover how VMware’s unique approach addresses what is most important to your business, so that you can build the only cloud that matters - YOUR CLOUD. -


Unveiling the Infrastructure of The Future!


Every business needs to be agile and requires an IT organization that keeps pace with their business needs. VMware's industry proven solutions help enterprises meet these requirements so that you can build the only cloud that matters - YOUR CLOUD.


Please join us at the VMware Virtual Cloud Day, an online event where Paul Maritz, CEO and Steve Herrod, CTO will unveil the next major step forward in Cloud Computing.


MTN Blog: Who's got the golden ticket? Win a free VMworld pass at our July 12 online event

VMware Blogs

Not signed up yet for our July 12 online Cloud Infrastructure event? You should take care of that right now before you forget, because if you register and attend the event this Tuesday, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE pass to VMworld 2011 in either Las Vegas or Copenhagen. Onsite registration for VMworld is $2195, but if you're a winner you'll be attending VMworld -- for FREE -- with thousands of other IT innovators as you learn how to unlock the full power of virtualization and cloud computing for your organization.

It's not to late to register for this free, online, live event. You'll get an email telling you how to attend the event starting at 9am Pacific time on Tuesday, July 12. Join VMware CEO Paul Maritz and CTO Steve Herrod live as they introduce the next generation of cloud infrastructure. A virtual conference with in-depth breakout sessions and a live Q&A chat with VMware experts will finish out this 3 hour experience.


MTN Blog: Who's got the golden ticket? Win a free VMworld pass at our July 12 online event

VMware Blogs

Not signed up yet for our July 12 online Cloud Infrastructure event? You should take care of that right now before you forget, because if you register and attend the event this Tuesday, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE pass to VMworld 2011 in either Las Vegas or Copenhagen. Onsite registration for VMworld is $2195, but if you're a winner you'll be attending VMworld -- for FREE -- with thousands of other IT innovators as you learn how to unlock the full power of virtualization and cloud computing for your organization.

It's not to late to register for this free, online, live event. You'll get an email telling you how to attend the event starting at 9am Pacific time on Tuesday, July 12. Join VMware CEO Paul Maritz and CTO Steve Herrod live as they introduce the next generation of cloud infrastructure. A virtual conference with in-depth breakout sessions and a live Q&A chat with VMware experts will finish out this 3 hour experience.



Cool Apps on Cloud Foundry - Revisited

Cloud Foundry 9/07/11 2:11 AM

It has been a while since our last look at interesting applications people have built on Cloud Foundry,so we thought we’d share a few more.  Developers are using Cloud Foundry to experiment with new technologies, play with new frameworks and languages, launch sites and more.  Below is a list of a few new applications and projects that are running on Cloud Foundry.  These apps have also been added to our Cool Apps on Cloud Foundry list.  If there is an app that you have written that you would like to add, just click on the Cool Apps on Cloud Foundry link and enter your app in the comments section.

Cool Apps :

Inflikr is a Flikr Explorer that has a cool UI (In beta for Chrome and Safari browsers only)

Vaadin is a Framework that does Server side rendering (Primarily Java Focused)

Word MindMap provides an interesting way to look at Synonyms through a MinMap style UI

An experimental node.js application for tracking Taxi Receipts (Source | Node.js & MongoDB based)



VMware Core Spring Training

ESX Virtualization

Spring Training VMware Spring Training

VMware Learning recently introduced some new VMware Trainings.

One of those trainigs is VMware Core Spring Training. This 4 day training is where the students will be introduced to Spring, learn how to configure the application, go through the Middle-Tier architecture, Implement Enterprise Information Connectivity and integrate with Enterprise Services.

The course is available to attend online but also in physical locations. You can see all the details in this page.


vCloud Training by VMware Education

ESX Virtualization

VMware vCloud Director

Another of the new VMware trainings available is VMware vCloud Training.

One have to really follow about how many things are happening at VMware. vCloud Director as a product was launched already some time ago and I haven’t tested or installed the product in my lab yet. It’s on my to-do list. But for people looking for a training for vCloud Director might be interested in this VMware Training.

The  VMware vCloud Training is provided by VMware Education and one has got the possibility to attend an online class or travel to a physical location and sit the class there. The training is delivered during 3 days.


Free Second Chance for VCP 4

ESX Virtualization

Did you know that there is a Free second chance offer for VCP 4?

If you’re hesitating to register for a VCP exam thinking that you don’t have enough knowledge to get enough points to pass the exam, it might be interesting to know that you have Free Second Chance to pass the VCP 4 exam. To become VMware Certified Professional a student must follow an official VMware Training Class.




ESXi Chronicles: More Tips on Migrating to ESXi

VMware Blogs

Piggybacking on my last post where I highlighted Rick Vanover’s Top 5 Tips for Migrating to ESXi, here are some additional tips to help in your ESXi migration efforts.

Ensure your hardware is supported
Remember, starting with vSphere 4.1 only 64bit hardware is supported.  This also applies to vCenter Server, which in addition to a 64-bit server also requires a 64-bit Windows OS.  Take the time to verify your hardware is supported by checking the vSphere Hardware Compatibility Guide.


VMware vCloud Blog: vCloud Director 1.0.1: Networking Samples

VMware Blogs

By: Massimo Re Ferre', vCloud Architect

This is a repost from Massimo’s personal blog, IT 2.0 – Next Generation IT Infrastructures.

My old vCloud Director Networking for Dummies post is still going strong according to my blog statistics. I believe this is an indicator that people are looking for more information about this topic so I thought I’d give it a little bit more color and create a few real life examples on how this theory works in practice. I suggest you read the Networking for Dummies post linked above before you dive into this one.


VMware End User Computing: How well prepared are government agencies for the next major natural disaster?

VMware Blogs

By Pam Takahama, Product Line Manager, VMware View – Federal Government

Lately everyone is talking about the weather--from tornado warnings at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to 14,000 lightning strikes in Hawaii--severe weather and other natural disasters require an emergency response plan. And, an effective emergency response plan should provide the ability to help first responders make rapid and precise decisions. Living in an earthquake prone area, there are plenty of emergency preparedness classes but the reality is when a major disaster strikes we often rely on local, state and federal government agencies to provide  assistance. Government cuts to emergency response programs are not well publicized but are on the increase.  For example, according to a recent article in the magazine, Emergency Management, thirty three cities did not receive funding for their emergency preparedness programs.  This begs the question in the midst of shrinking allocations--how well prepared is our government for disasters and natural calamities?


vCenter Orchestrator Blog: Browsing the Netflix catalog using the vCO HTTP-REST plug-in

VMware Blogs

Here is another example how to use the new vCO HTTP-REST plug-in. Let's  browse the Netflix movie catalog using vCO. We will implement a workflow that retrieves all available titles given a simple query.

First thing we need to do is define our Netflix REST host.


vCenter Operations Enterprise 1.0.1

Yellow Bricks

I just noticed  VC Ops Enterprise had an update, version 1.0.1 was just released. Although it is just a minor release and I more or less promised myself not to do articles about minor release or upgrades I do feel it is worth checking out. VC Ops is one of those tools that can make your life a lot easier when it comes to monitoring and pinpointing bottlenecks. Especially the new resource detail page (see screenshot below) is very useful. You can find the release notes here and you can download it here.

A new widget to display relationship and performance of objects in vSphere environment.

Introduction of resource detail page to show vSphere performance characteristics, Key Metrics, and Events.

Introduction of Analysis page to view performance of vSphere objects for a given metric via Heat map widget.

Enforcement of unique remote collector names.


Migrating your 32-bit vCenter Server to 64-bit

Yellow Bricks

I am working on a whitepaper about vCenter Server migrations and stumbled upon this great tool which is hidden away on the vCenter install media called “datamigration”. The data migration tool allows you to backup a vCenter Server configuration which is hosted by the MS SQL Express databases that is packaged with vCenter. Now this might seem like a limited scenario but I bet many people start out using the Express database that comes with vCenter using a 32-bit OS and found yourself more or less locked in. If you are still using 4.0 with a 32-bit platform, this is your way out. It is fairly straight forward if I may say so. The beauty of it all is that you can keep your current vCenter config, be it disabled… but you always have a roll back option might it be needed.


VMware HA Survey

Yellow Bricks

The Product Management Team reached out to me this week and asked me if I could help getting some real world data around HA by posting some information about a survey. These surveys are generally used to priorities features or even add functionality. So if you want to contribute please take the survey. It will roughly take 4 minutes to complete.


vCenter Ops Enterprise

Professional VMware

Was catching up on feeds this weekend and noticed on Duncan’s site that vCenter Operations Enterprise had hit 1.0.1, and there is some good stuff in the release itself:

User Interface

A new VirtualCenter Relationship Widget that displays the performance status of objects in your virtual environment and their relationships. You can click objects to highlight their related objects. Double-click an object to navigate to its Resource Detail page.

A new Resource Details page that displays information about the main performance characteristics, key metrics, and events of VirtualCenter objects collected through the vCenter Adapter. The Resource Detail page for resource pools, datastores, and folders resembles the Resource Detail page for non-vCenter resources.

This release includes a new VC Analysis Page under the Forensics menu. It can show predefined heat maps to compare the metric values of different objects in your virtual environment or you can create custom heat maps.


Automation 101 – Orchestrator & AD, Revisited

Professional VMware

As mentioned here, I have been playing around with the “nuke from orbit” bits in vCO for both Virtual Machines & their AD objects. One of the snags I hit was the fact that one of these things was not like the other. That is, the VC:VirtualMachine bits that the vCenter plug-in uses could not be passed directly to the AD:ComputerAD that the Active Directory plug-in uses.

Translation from VC:VirtualMachine to AD:ComputerAD

So to go from one to the other we need to use the getComputer method from the ActiveDirectory scripting class (from the plug-in) and call it using the name of the VM we’re working with:


Wireless vMotion Using Laptops

Pivot Point

In June of 2011 I visited China as EMC’s vSpecialists kicked off a program of technical workshops for VMware enthusiasts. We invited pre-sales teams from VMware, Cisco, and EMC to gather for presentations, discussions, and labs all focused on EMC and VMware products and how they work together. We call this group the vAmbassadors. And we are building communities like this throughout the Asia Pacific region.

To kick off the Chinese vAmbassador program, we wanted to show everyone EMC and VMware configurations on very simple hardware. I suggested that we try and demonstrate vMotion using our laptops and wireless Ethernet with the Celerra VSA as the embedded host storage. While I was sure it was technically possible, I had never seen this before. As it turns out, it was pretty straight forward. And was also damn fun to watch.


Securing Display Protocols for VDI 6/07/11 8:39 AM Andre Leibovici vdi virtualization PCoIP VDI view4.6

Security in IT environments is an incessant quest nowadays. During the client/server era the ability to encrypt data between datacenter and applications was indispensible to many organizations. Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and IPsec were widely used to secure data transmissions; and still are.

With the introduction of hosted desktops (VDI) organizations were able to centralize and consolidate application processing and data. Beyond consolidation advantages from a capacity standpoint, this centralization and consolidation process moved the high security perimeters from the edge of the organizations to the datacenter.


VMware View Administration Training Released

ESX Virtualization

There has been a new release of VMware Video Training from TrainSignal.

This time its Brian Knudtson which had the honor of making this Training for TrainSignal. Brian blogs at and he is a triple vExpert, triple VCP working as a system engineer forVital Support Systems…. wow…  One can be certainly sure to get a high level of training with a guy like him.


VMware End User Computing: Get Ready for Desktop Virtualization with VMware View! New FREE Training Series…

VMware Blogs

By Courtney Burry; Product Line Manager, Enterprise Desktop BU

Starting July 19 through July 29th, join our VDI experts for a FREE 9-part bootcamp training series. In these online sessions-we will show you how to get started and successfully roll out and deploy your virtual desktops and applications. You’ll learn about key design considerations, storage and networking best practices, PCoIP tuning and how to optimize your base image. We will also touch on VMware's security server for PcoIP, how you can take advantage of powershell to write your own scripts and much more!


VMware View: Helpful tool for View admins

VMware Blogs

As a View developer, I spend a lot of time accessing remote desktops using the vSphere client and I don't really use 95% of the vSphere client's features.  As a result, I tend to do what I can to avoid launching the bulky vSphere client, especially given that I need to launch 1 instance per VC server.

To help with this process, today we released a "fling", VMware Boomerang, which gives you the ability to easily perform a few operations with various vSphere servers.  It runs in the background, remembers your credentials (if you opted into it), and is available for on-demand access to remote desktops.  You also can mark certain VMs as favorites in case you have a lot of servers that you are managing and only a few that you really use.

In my daily administration of my View test servers and agents, this tool helps save me a lot of time.  Boomerang keeps track of the subset of vSphere servers that I care about and I have a few favorites that represent the VMs that I interact with on a daily basis.  When I need access to a console to the remote desktop, I simply access the UI from the lower-right corner of my screen, select my VM, and click Connect.


Go ahead and explore this Interactive PDF licenisng document

ESX Virtualization

Mind-MAP pdf for VMware Licensing.

Few weeks I published a news article about some VDR troubleshooting tool, which is basically a PDF document with clickable areas in it. Today, I just discovered another one, from VMware KB blog. This time you can troubleshoot VMware Licensing. By clicking on different areas when you open the document -  which you can download from this page – you’re able to uncover one deeper level etc..

Once you uncover the deepest level, you’re presented with KB articles which explains the different areas of VMware Licensing together with Support contracts. If someone find its way through the VMware licensing in some way, the support contracts sometimes might be more difficult to memorize or get use to it.

Not only vSphere 4, but also ESX 3.x,  Desktop and Infrastructure and Operations Management Licensing.


ESXi Chronicles: Resources to help with ESXi Migrations

VMware Blogs

There's been a lot of great information recently posted on the ESXi Info Center and I thought it would be good to highlight some of the more popular resources.

The ESXi 4.1 Operations Guide which provides an overview of the operational differences between ESX and ESXi along with examples of how to perform common datacenter tasks in your ESXi environment.

The ESXi 4.1 Migration Guide which provides an overview of the ESXi migration process along with several recommendations to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

The ESXi migration checklists which help guide you through your ESXi migration and ensure important steps don't get forgot.

A sample host configuration worksheet which you can use as a template to make sure you capture the important ESX host settings prior to migrating to ESXi.

Also, don't forget to join the ESXi Community where you can ask questions and learn from the experiences of others.

More information is coming so be sure to book mark the ESXi Info Center and check back frequently.


VMware Virtualization Management Blog: vCenter Operations Knowledge Series - a free, technical best practices event

VMware Blogs

vCenter Operations gives infrastructure and operations teams the visibility and intelligence to proactively manage service levels in dynamic environments, using patented analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration management. Recently we started the vCenter Operations Unplugged series of posts to explain the cool features in the product.

Now VMware is also launching vCenter Operations Knowledge Series - a series of ½ day events, kicking off on July 13th. It is a technical best practices event - free to attendees and will be run in about 21 cities.So please register to attend one nearest to you.


VMware Knowledge Base Weekly Digest: New Articles Published for Week Ending 7/2/11

VMware Blogs 4/07/11 11:40 PM

Apache Tomcat 7
Enabling the YourKit Profiler with Apache Tomcat (2000747)
Determining the license being used by a specific Grails plugin (2000583)
VMware ESX
Logging in to Windows 2000 virtual machines running VMware Tools using RDP fail with the error: VMwareTray.exe - Entry Point Not Found (2001747)
Applying vSphere host configuration changes after an unclean shutdown (2001780)
The ESX/ESXi host logs report the message: IPMI message handler: BMC returned incorrect response (2001933)
Installing VMware Tools in RHEL 6 using the Yum repository fails (1036099)
Cannot increase the size of the virtual disk hosted on an ESX/ESXi 3.x host beyond 1024GB (2000507)
ESX Server 3.5 June 2011 Rollup CD image (2000591)
Generating an ESX log bundle fails with the errors: "Status: missing" or "Have you run out of disk space?" (1033234)
Powering on virtual machines on available ESX hosts after ESX host failure without HA configured (1038033)
Integrating vSphere 4.x into Microsoft Active Directory (2002054)
VMware ESXi
ESXi Server 3.5 June 2011 Rollup CD image (2000593)
Determining which storage or network driver is actively being used on ESXi host (1034674)
Taking a snapshot of Symantec Messaging Gateway Virtual Appliance fails when the option "Quiesce guest file system" is enabled (2000681)
Virtual machines might stop responding on AMD systems with more than 256GB memory (2000963)
Using hardware-assisted virtualization in Windows Server 2003 32bit virtual machines (2001372)
vMotion fails with the error: The processor does not support a required feature for this virtual machine (2002076)
The vmimages folder contents are not accessible through the datastore browser (2001650)
VMware Service Manager
VMware Service Manager 9.x Quick Solutions do not populate calls (1029724)
Incorrect status settings on bulk forward screens (2002038)
VMware ThinApp
Finding the externalCOM object for applications for use with ThinApp (2000521)
VMware ThinApps fails to send mails in Lotus Notes (2002002)
ThinApped Java does not load on Windows 64-bit operating systems (2002157)
VMware vCenter CapacityIQ
Changing CapacityIQ's registered vCenter Server information (1037742)
Upgrading CapacityIQ using the command line interface (2000391)
VMware vCenter Chargeback
vCenter Chargeback Storage Syncronization fails or servers show 0 MB storage consumed in Reports (1039224)
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
Updating missing RHEL patch bulletins (2000858)
The basicimport command fails after mounting the Windows ISO on a OSP Linux server (2000992)
Accessing the vCenter Configuration Manger console fails with the error: HTTP Error 500.19 (2001827)
Group membership in Active Directory not updating in vCenter Configuration Manager (2000064)
HTTP agent collections in vCenter Configuration Manager fail with the error: Failed to initialize credential with principal tls (2002100)
Searching for patches with vCenter Configuration Manager fails with the message: Not Found (2002101)
VMware vCenter Converter Standalone
Virtual machine fails to boot with a blue diagnostic screen stating: 7B Stop Code after using VMware Converter (2002106)

VMware vCenter Operations Standard
VMware vCenter Operations Standard shows a 100% workload for networking (1036734)
vCenter Operations Manager dashboard is grayed out with question marks (1038994)
Unable to connect to vCenter Operations appliance (2000208)
vCenter Operations Standard 1.0 displays licensing error after changing or updating the license key (2001466)
vCenter Operations plugin is stuck on initialization (2001998)
VMware vCenter Server
Triggered datastore alarm does not get cleared (2001034)
Active Directory account locks out due to repeated failed login attempts from vCenter Server (2001703)
Changing the default log location for vCenter Server (2002125)
How to find the appropriate value for the 'String specifying the time zone' option of Host Profiles (1027572)
VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservice cannot connect to the Oracle 10g database (1030533)
Average memory usage on a cluster in vCenter Server 4.x is incorrect (1031282)
Understanding db_owner permissions and scripting for the vCenter Server database (1036206)
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager placeholder virtual machines and datastores show high provisioned space (2000585)
The vCenter Service status, Licensing Reporting Manager and vCenter Hardware Status plug-ins fail with the error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. (2001986)
Accessing the Storage View tab in vCenter Server fails with the error: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory ([Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid string or buffer length) (2001363)
VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat
Installing VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat on Windows Server 2008 fails with the error: This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy (2001908)
Migrating vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.3 Update 1 and later from identical nodes to non-identical nodes (2002112)
Migrating vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.3 Update 1 and later from identical nodes to non-identical (Updates MS DNS) nodes (2002117)
VMware vCenter Update Manager
VMware Update Manager fails to start after a fresh install (2000615)
VMware vCloud Connector
Location of vCloud Connector log files (2002152)
VMware vCloud Director
Logging in to vCloud Director using an LDAP user account that is a member of more than 200 Active Directory groups fails (1037308)
Customizing a guest operating system in vCloud Director fails with the error: Guest OS customization is not supported for this OS type (1039045)
VMware vCloud Director cells shut down after 15 minutes (2000087)
VMware vCloud Director Cell fails to start with the error: CacheException while starting the cell (2002155)
VMware vFabric Enterprise Ready Server
Installing VMware vFabric Enterprise Ready Server on Linux (2001867)
Installing VMware vFabric Enterprise Ready Server on Windows (2001977)
VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent
Setting the HQ_JAVA_HOME system environment variable for a vFabric Hyperic Agent in Windows (2001730)
VMware View Manager
Creating or provisioning a VMware View desktop pool fails with the error: View Composer Fault: VMware.Sim.Fault.VcDatastoreInaccessibleFault (2001736)
View Composer service fails to start after changing the vCenter Server password (2002004)
Moving videos across the screen fails when using Bloomberg's software with Multimonitor setup (2002009)
High CPU utilization on Windows XP View Agent when Smartcard service is not running (2002109)
VMware VirtualCenter
Shrinking the size of the vCenter Server SQL database (1036738)
VMware vShield Edge
Cannot establish a vShield Edge VPN connection (2000168)