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VMware TAM Newsletter 3.01

Posted by nisserow Jan 28, 2011


From the editors Virtual Desk


Hi Everyone, well it seems as though apart from a few teething problems last week’s newsletter was received by all in good condition using the new system. I am very pleased with the result and intend to continue to refine the newsletter to better fit the needs of my customers. There were a few mentions on the size of the font last week so I have decided to make a change to try and ensure increased readability of the newsletter. Please feel free to send any other suggestions to make the newsletter more useful for you.


Next week I will be in the US for our yearly VMware kick off event. This is always something that I really look forward to and I am especially excited this year with all of the new products that we have introduced in the past year to see what we will be focusing on for the next year. The industry really is moving forward at a rapid rate and it does seem that many of our competitors are resorting to some strange tactics to catch up by using signage to try and create some FUD. But our wonderful customers know just how awesome our technology is and that we will continue to deliver on this promise which is what makes me especially proud to be a VMware employee.


This week’s newsletter is not as long as usual but I hope that you enjoy the newsletter, and find the format easier to digest.


Thanks you for reading this far, and please feel free to contact me anytime.


Best Wishes

The VMware Queensland TAM Team


Neil Isserow - VMware TAM (Editor)


Paul James - VMware TAM


Blogs and latest news articles from around the web


How and where to change default ports for communication with ESX(i) hosts if needed

ESX Virtualization 22/01/11 2:49 AM Vladan SEGET Server Virtualization change default ports to connect to ESX or ESXi server Changing ports of ESX VMware ESXi changing ports


The title of the post says it all. If for whichever reason you need to change the default connection port for communication with ESX or ESXi i host, you might want to know where to go and how to modify it. And also which services (daemons) to restart.

Fist of all you must have an access to the console. For the ESXi server you’ll need to use vMA – vSphere Management Assistant, because the use of those vifs command requires the remote CLI application to be installed on the Workstation where the CLI is installed. You can download the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) here.

How to install and use the vMA virtual appliance is explained in excellent new training from Trainsignal - vSphere Troubleshooting Training - created by David Davis.  I’m studying this course and I just few days ago I passed the section with the video explaining about how to configure vMA to connect to ESX(i) servers and how to use vMA.

Here is the how to for the change of the default ports on the ESX host:


Cores and more Cores… We don’t need them! 12/01/11 8:51 PM Andre Leibovici vdi virtualization intel Nehalem VDI



In September 2010 during the IDF conference in San Francisco Intel unveiled their next-generation server Xeon CPU, which has been dubbed Westmere-EX. The numbers are  impressive, 10-core / 20 Thread Processor with ability to address 2TB of triple-channel memory, which is two times the addressable memory of the previous generation.

In May Intel announced a new 32-core server chip based on a new high-performance computing server architecture that mixes general x86 cores with specialized cores for faster processing of highly parallel scientific and commercial applications. The chip will be available in the second half of 2010.

“Knights Ferry includes 32 main Xeon chip cores in the server CPU socket, with corresponding 512-bit vector processing units in the PCI-Express slot. The chip runs four threads per core and includes 8MB of shared cache, and up to 2GB of fast GDDR5 memory.”

Fantastic pieces of technology for large number of different workloads, especially databases which will be able to run solely from memory as opposed to a non-volatile storage device. However, waste of money and deprecated high availability for VDI solutions.

My customers often ask me for my recommendations, and at the same time tell me that they had been thinking about buying Nehalem processors with four, six, or even eight cores. My answer invariable is a rhetoric question – Why?


APAC Virtualization Roundtable (Backup & Recovery Strategies) – Wed 19/1 18/01/11 5:49 PM Andre Leibovici virtualization acronis backup podcast recovery



We are back for another year of APAC Virtualization Roundtable. This year we start with Simon Howe and Jerome Boutaud from Acronis. Simon is the Australia country manager, and Jerome is the Senior Solutions Engineer in Acronis Virtualisation practice and will be joining us from Boston, US. Not many know but Acronis has been actively developing backup solutions for virtualization and cloud.

Hey! This will not be a vendor podcast. It’s a free talk about backup and recovery strategies for virtualisation and cloud! Join us.

If you interested in joining the APAC Virtualization Roundtable initiative to host or guest a episode please reach out to me or Alastair Cooke.


The broadcast is LIVE via

You can participate via web accessing

Title: Backup & Recovery Strategies
Start Time: Wed 19/1/2011 09:00 PM EST (Sydney Time)
Duration (minutes): 45”
Call ID: 75046


PCoIP: Unleash the Throughput 20/01/11 9:37 PM Andre Leibovici tips vdi virtualization PCoIP VDI view4.5 Vmware



PCoIP is a dynamic protocol and contains some very advanced mathematical algorithms to detect the ideal bandwidth, throughput, image quality and codecs to be utilised to stream contents to endpoints. These algorithms utilise arguments such as latency and variance to create what is called ‘rto’ metric. The higher the ‘rto’ the worse is the user experience. When ‘rto’ is close to 100 that’s when the link is in good conditions for a great user experience.


My training videos are available at iTunes now

NTPRO.NL - Eric Sloof 20/01/11 6:27 AM (Eric Sloof) Online Training

Apple has approved my new iTunes podcast located at Online VMware Training. It already contains 16 interesting free episodes. I’m planning on recording more cool videos in the future so stay tuned to my channel. If you want to view one of the episodes, just follow this link and fire up iTunes. When streaming a training video, playback starts in a secondary pop-up window within the iTunes Store. Clicking anywhere in the store outside of the pop-up window will stop playback. To view a downloaded episode, click on Podcasts underneath the Library subheading on the left side of the jukebox window and double-click on your video. The selected video podcast will automatically begin playing in the jukebox window. You can play video back in full-screen mode by clicking the “Fullscreen” button at the bottom of the player.


An alternative way for Changing/Resetting an ESXi 4.1 root password

NTPRO.NL - Eric Sloof 20/01/11 8:55 PM (Eric Sloof) vSphere

This article is written by Ernst Cozijnsen.

A few days back after applying some patches via "Update Manager" we came to notice that our ESXi 4.1 host bacame unresponsive after a reboot. Loggin into the command prompt via ILO was unsuccessful too because the rootpassword was not working anymore. That just sucks!.... but nothing to get all emotional about since is just linux  (well a sort of...)


It is all a question about which path to take.

PlanetVM 21/01/11 6:33 PM Tom Howarth Backup General Storage Tips Windows vSphere

Planning storage is a simple thing,  you go to your Storage Admin’s and say, I need x amount of LUNs of this size please for my ESX servers and they NO, we only do xGB size LUN’s, or they breath thought their teeth like a motor mechanic or plumber and say, Storage doesn’t grow on trees you know, we don’t have much left, are you sure you really need all that space, etc.


No Turtles Were Harmed In The Making of This Post – Long Live PowerGUI

Professional VMware 20/01/11 2:38 AM bunchc PowerCLI powershell turtle


Yesterday, Virtu-Al announced the demise of The VESI… or the Virtualization EcoShell, or PowerGUI with a Turtle:

From now this product is no more, you can still download it at the moment but no further development time will be spent by Vizioncore or Quest on this product, but wait, do not despair, there is good news.

The VMware PowerPack has now come back under the PowerGUI installation wizard and is part of PowerGUI 2.3 which can be downloaded from the PowerGUI site here.


The Future of SRM…

RTFM Education 18/01/11 8:36 AM Mike Laverick SRM

This article concerns the future of SRM. It’s a bit of an exclusive, as I got special clearance from VMware to put it together. Of course, I’m very close to the SRM folks, and VMware generally – so it wasn’t that hard. It’s worth saying that none of this stuff is commitment from VMware, and there are no time frames in the article. But it will give you an idea of where things are heading.

Read on McDuff…

Virtualisation in 2010: VDI and the Cloud gain traction

RTFM Education 18/01/11 8:42 AM Mike Laverick Other

Well, I guess every pundit likes to look back on the previous year and do some kind of review of the previous year – and I’m not different. For me the big stories were the rise and rise of VDI, and increased serious talk about cloud computing.

Read on McDuff


VCAP-DCA/VCAP-DCD Blueprints Updated

vFAIL.NET 10/01/11 11:00 PM Sean Crookston VCAP-DCA VCAP-DCD VMware certification



A few days ago it looks like both the VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD blueprints were updated to reflect new information.


Being fairly familiar with the last couple versions of the blueprint I took a look at the new version (1.6) and see no real differences. I’m sure there is something but I could not find it so please comment if you see any of the differences.


It is now confirmed via the blueprint that the exam is 113 questions. These questions are a mixture of multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and design items using an in-exam design tool. Like the VCAP-DCA update I don’t see any real differences here either, although I am less familiar with this blueprint at this time.


VMworld Session: PowerCLI is for Administrators!

Virtu-Al 13/01/11 10:53 PM Virtu-Al vmware



This post has been a long time coming – but now the PowerCLI book is at last in the final stages of production (you can pre order here) I am finally able to spend a little time updating my blog again, and believe me I have a long list of posts !

So, back in August at VMworld San Francisco and again in October at VMworld Copenhagen my good friend Luc Dekens of and I presented a session called “PowerCLI is for Administrators!”.


Mega, Giga, Ultra, Uber launch!!!!

Virtual Geek 18/01/11 10:36 PM Chad Sakac


That’s right.   Today is the biggest storage event – ever. 

(if you’re reading this, and aren’t watching it on simulcast, something is wrong with you :-)

if you go to – you’ll see details, and get on…

We aren’t shy at this launch – and didn’t do it in a small way (watch the short video to get the highlights, and dive into the sub posts to get all the details – technical, videos, demos and more).   As the leader in shared storage, we wanted to dial this up to 12 :-)


VMware Support Insider: Troubleshooting VMware

VMware Blogs 13/01/11 12:34 AM


Today we have an interesting take today from one of our Trainers, Linus Bourque. Linus once worked on the front lines in Support, but now trains customers in troubleshooting and our products as well (more bio info at the bottom of this post).

One of my favorite IRC quotes comes from

<erno> hm. I've lost a machine.. literally _lost_. it responds to ping, it works completely, I just can't figure out where in my apartment it is.

Although I can admit to never having to run into this issue when troubleshooting, it does highlight something needed by all within the I.T. community, and that is the ability to troubleshoot issues; is of the most powerful skills that anyone needs. While we can learn pretty much any product, how to deal with it when things go wrong is another skill set entirely.


VMware Developer Center Blog: Looking for vShield API sample code ?

VMware Blogs 13/01/11 3:31 AM


Just wanted to let folks know that we just created a new Sample Code category for the vShield APIs. Our first contribution was by CarlosVSZ from vShield engineering team. The contributed scripts allows the user to automate various vShield installation and configuration tasks leveraging the VMware vShield and VMware vCloud Director API's, for example, one showcases the creation of a secured cloud and establishing a VPN tunnel between a private and a public cloud.


VMware vSphere Blog: vSphere 4.1 Wins InfoWorld 2011 Technology of the Year Award

VMware Blogs 13/01/11 7:55 AM

On the heels of winning the CRN award last week, vSphere 4.1 captured an InfoWorld 2011 Technology of the Year earlier today. InfoWorld focused on the product's ability to deliver functionality as described and the new scalability that is possible with the release. Once again, I'd like to give a personal thanks to everyone at VMware that made 4.1 possible. It was truly a team effort.


VMware Support Insider: Setting up Update Manager

VMware Blogs 14/01/11 7:24 AM

Today we have a guest post from Bryan Hornstein, who works in our Broomfield, CO. office. Bryan is a Technical Support Engineer currently in a rotational role to create content for the Knowledge Base. Another in our Resolution Paths series, here are two Resolution Path Knowledgebase articles that will help you sort out some common issues getting VMware Update Manager installed.

VMware Update Manager is a great product, and it allows us to do so many things that would normally take hours to do manually. With a simple point and click Update Manager can do several tasks at once, freeing us System Administrators to do other tasks that our companies need.


The Console: VMware Acquires NeoAccel

VMware Blogs 15/01/11 6:05 AM


Posted by Allwyn Sequeira
CTO & Vice President, Security and Networking Solutions

I’m excited to inform the community that VMware today acquired NeoAccel. NeoAccel’s SSL VPN-Plus product line combines the performance of IPsec VPNs with the benefits of SSL VPN technology, including increased security, simplified management, and reduced cost of ownership.


VMwareTV: VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform

VMware Blogs 15/01/11 12:41 PM


VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform -- Enforce security and compliance policies, ease management, and reduce CAPEX while giving your employees the freedom to use their mobile device of choice.


VMware Security Blog: Announcing vSphere 4.1 Hardening Guide Public Draft Release

VMware Blogs 19/01/11 8:16 AM

VMware would like to announce the availability of a public draft for the vSphere 4.1 Security Hardening Guide.  This guide is an incremental update to the vSphere 4.0 Security Hardening Guide based on new and changed features of vSphere.  As with the earlier guide, this guide follows a standardized structure and format, which is explained in detail in this posting.

You can find the draft at the following link:  This draft will remain posted for comments until approximately the end of February 2011.  We welcome your feedback on this draft; please provide it in the comments section for that document.


Storage IO Control and Storage vMotion?

Yellow Bricks 15/01/11 1:04 AM Duncan Epping Server 4.1 sioc Storage storage vmotion VMware vSphere vstorage

I received a very good question this week to which I did not have the answer, I had a feeling but that is not enough. The question was if Storage vMotion would be “throttled” by Storage IO Control. As I happened to have a couple of meetings scheduled this week with the actual engineers I asked the question and this was their answer:

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