There are many social media sites out there. Most of them can be interesting if you have something in common with the crowd that hangs out there. Digg often gets most of the press, but I've always been more partial to reddit.


Reddit works in a similar way to Digg -- people submit items, and everybody votes them up or down. In theory, the most interesting items bubble to the top. Also in theory, as you rate items up or down, the system learns about your interest and starts to show you recommended items.


The reddit crowd has always been a little geekier and a little more interesting -- a bit of lisp, a bit of web culture, and sometimes a funny picture. A quick dip into the programming reddit now and then will help you carry on the conversation at your next party when Erlang or closures come up. (Hmm, I may be going to the wrong parties.)


Reddit just opened up a beta feature to create new topic-specific reddits and I'm very pleased to announce:

virtualization reddit



Virtualization reddit is the place to read news and commentary about virtualization, all chosen by the virtualization community. VMware, Microsoft, Virtuozzo, Xen, whatever. Go ahead, create an account, submit your favorite news article or blog post on virtualization, and rate the others.


I've submitted a few articles, but one man does not a social media site make. Come on in, add your two cents, vote up the most interesting articles, and have fun. Then check back every day to discover today's must-read articles about virtualization technology and the virtualization industry.