I am pleased to announce the availability first View Client for iPad with PCoIP.  It is not big secret we have been building a View Client for the iPad with PCoIP. Initially we started  demoing the client at VMworld and today it is now available for download from the app store. Best of all it is FREE.


We are happy to make this available to all the cusomters who have been eagerly waiting for it's arrival. The team also is looking forward to working with you to collect feedback  as they rapdily work to get the next version available incorporating your feedback.


What can you expect?

VMware View 4.6 and higher suport - The View Client for iPad supports View 4.6 and higher

PCoIP support - The View Client for iPad uses PCoIP for connectivity and communucation with virtural desktops

Tap and Connect ( Just what I call it ) - The View Client for iPad works with the View Security Server including the PCoIP Secure Gateway. Users connectly remotely can where their organization can seamlessly and securely connect to their remote desktop though the PCoIP Secure Gateway with a simple tap of their desktop. No messing with VPN setups or logins. Of course, if yoour organization uses VPNs for remote connecivity they will still work as well.

RSA Support - Supports two factor authentication when using RSA

Support for 3G and WiFI - Supported using both 3G and WiFi connectivity

Custom Gestures - A lot of work was put into custom gestures to provide the best experaince for interacting with Windows from and iPad

Session Bar - Provides quick access to Help, Keyboard, Touch Pad, Configuration Options, Session Disconnect, Control Keys

Virtual TouchPad - A virtual touch pad for traditional mouse input

iPad Docking - Supports iPad docking accessories

iPad display output - Supports connecting to an external display


The View Client for iPad is avalable on the Appstore for free at the following location: Have Fun!!