For all the geek's out there.... Just in time for Christmas you should be seeing hardware PCoIP zero clients with updated firmware that works with VMware View 4 and PCoIP. What does this mean? For anyone that does not know. Teradici started  PCoIP initially with a hardware based solution. This solution is comprised of a hardware zero client and a PCIe host card and for sometime now we have been working with Teradici to deliver PCoIP in software based solution for VMware View.


Historically, the PCIe host card is installed into any system with a PCIe slot and a GPU hosted in a central secure location such as a datacenter. The PCoIP zero client is deployed desk side and used to securely access the remote system across the LAN or WAN. This is intended  to be used in a  1:1 manner and is extremely high performance. This solution tackles delivering some of the most demanding workstation workloads for users such as designers and illustrators that typically require dedicated 3D graphics.  


With the release of View 4, existing 1:1 PCoIP hardware based solutions can be brokered by View. For existing users of PCoIP hardware, this greatly enhances the flexibility they have for addressing the entire spectrum of desktop and workstation workloads. Now they can easily add virtual desktops for thier productivity work while also providing a solution for their most demanding workstation needs using the same client and brokering infrastructure.


With the updated firmware for existing PCoIP hardware clients can easily be updated and used to access both Virtual desktops resources and PCoIP hardware resources. PCoIP hardware zero clients are not just for workstation workloads. PCoIP hardware zero clients also provide a  high performance, low cost zero touch management client that can be used when accessing VMware View based virtual desktops using the software implementation of  PCoIP.


With a PCoIP hardware zero client there is nothing to patch, manage or manually configure. No virus's, worms or malware. All further reducing the overall cost of a virtual desktop solution. PCoIP zero client firmware can easily be updated adding additional features. Firmware updates are easily handled in an hands off automated manner using the Teradici PCoIP Management console; a web based solution available as a virtual appliance.


Using the preferred discovery method Domain Name System Service Record ( DNS-SRV ) existing network connected PCoIP portals or newly added PCoIP portals are automatically discovered by the PCoIP management console, once discovered configuration polices or firmware updates can easily be applied to each client. For larger deployments PCoIP clients can easily be managed in groups allowing different configurations for each.


PCoIP hardware zero clients and Integrated dispaly's ( LCDs with integrated PCoIP clients ) will be VMware View Certified and available from the growing ecosystem of hardware PCoIP solution providers such as, WYSE, Samsung, Devon IT, Dell, ClearCube, Fujitsu, EVGA, ELSA, Leadtek, Amulet Hotkey and others. For a list of VMware View Certified Clients see the following - VMware View Ready Clients


The following video is a demonstration of a PCoIP hardware zero client and a VMware View 4 virtual desktop.