For anyone that was not able to attend VMworld this year; I want to take a second and share with you some exciting news that came out though several announcements.


We are entering the second phase of a long term strategy as VMware continues to add value and evolve the way we use desktop and personal computing as we know it today.




The vClient initiative continues to build on the VMware VDI efforts that were pioneered by VMware several years ago to help solve desktop challenges faced by all IT organizations with distributed PC and traditional server based computing solutions. As Enterprises have rapidly moved toward adopting VMware VDI as their standard for server side hosted desktop deployments, cusotmers are now ready to expand the same value and benifits they have received from VMware VDI to client virtual desktops.




VMware View is a suite of products that deliver users a single consistent personalized view of all their applications and data called "myview". 




As part of the vClient initiative, VMware View will include new technologies such as client virtualization, image management using VMware View Composer and offline desktop.




Client Virtualization runs on laptop and desktop

computers and provides a robust layer that tightly manages user devices

cost-effectively while providing a PC-like end-user experience.  Client

virtualization will also provide a centralized management solution to

administer, deploy and update applications and operating system images

across desktops and laptops.




VMware View™ Composer, an advanced desktop image

management solution, allows customers to reduce storage requirements by

up to 90 percent while reducing desktop provisioning time from hours to

just minutes.  VMware View Composer will make updating and patching

seamless to desktop users and efficient for IT administrators while

retaining individual user data and settings. Now IT staff can

streamline management and manage thousands of desktops while

guaranteeing that all use systems are up to date.




Offline Desktop provides an innovative new way for

organizations to operate in a virtual desktop environment by enabling

users to access their server hosted desktops offline. Offline Desktop

will let users run their virtual desktops locally for the best user

experience, while simplifying life for IT staff by enabling desktops,

whether run locally or centrally, to be managed through the same

administration framework.




For more information visit VMware View