I am pleased to announce the availability of the VMware VDM 2.1 Reviewer's Guide. I had the honor of working with Doug Brown, founder of DABCC, well known expert and long time contributor to the Server Based Computing, Application Delivery and Virtualization communities.  Many of you might be familiar with Doug Brown's Methodology in Box (MIAB) deployment and install guides. Doug's MIAB takes a step-by-step approach to deploying and installing server based computing and virtualization products.


By taking a simple step-by-step real world approach MIAB can ensure audiences from all levels of technical aptitude and background are ensured a successful deployment.


Partnering with Doug for the creation of the VMware VDM 2.1 Reviewer's Guide just made sense. Who better to help create this guide. The VMware VDM 2.1 Reviewers Guide is a subset of a typical DABCC (MIAB), with the goal to provide a step-by-step guide for people interested in evaluating VMware VDI for their VMware based VDI deployments. By using the the VMware VDM 2.1 Reviewer's Guide new comer to VMware VDI and VDM 2.0 can quickly and easily get a full VMware VDI environment up and running for evaluation.


At a later date Doug will follow-up this work with a more extensive MIAB available from DABCC.


For more information about DABCC please visit - www.dabcc.com


The VMware VDM 2.1 Reviewer's Guide can be found here - VMware VDM 2.1 Reviewer's Guide