Last week at VMware we reached a major milestone in moving the next generation of desktop computing forward with the release of VDM 2. First I would like to thank the 1000’s of beta participants who took the time and downloaded, tested and provided enormous amounts of feedback.  It’s all the tremendous feedback that will help us continue to deliver innovative features that help you execute and deliver your next desktop architecture.


Second I would like to thank the engineering teams that invested countless hours and sleepless nights to deliver a high quality product building a solid foundation that will shape the future of virtual desktop management. In 2005 VMware started executing on the VMware VDI vision. Since some of the biggest names in server based computing have completely changed their business models, rebranded their products, adjusted their message and spent 100’s of millions of dollars in effort to adopt the vision of VMware VDI.


VDM 2 was not a rebranding exercise of slapping a VMware VDM 2 logo on some legacy product. It was a completely new product built from the Propero technology acquired in 2007 with the vision of virtual desktop management in mind. Rather than taking the high road and fastest time to market a conscious decision was made to build a solid foundation from which the future of virtual desktop management could safely rest. 





Some of the enterprise class features offered in VDM 2 included:















  • Support for multiple VirtualCenter instances

  • Support for existing individual virtual machines

  • Support for provisioning virtual desktops using persistent and non-persistent pools

  • Support for XP and Vista virtual desktops

  • Support for XPe, XP, Vista, 2000 Pro, Linux and integrated thin client devices

  • Advanced power control policies for automating suspending, powering off, powering on, destroying and resuming virtual desktops

  • Support for live migration of running desktops using VMware VMotion

  • Support for granular resource allocation using VMware DRS

  • Support for higher availability of virtual desktops using VMware HA


These are just a few features available in this release of VDM 2. In addition we have added a new community forum for VDM 2 that can be found here


Virtual Desktop Manager Forum





We also have started to release several deployment guides and tech notes to help with your virtual desktop deployments. If there are other topics you would like to hear about please feel free to send me your requests.






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Introduction to Virtual Desktop Manager

Windows XP Deployment Guide 

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Thanks again to all the VMware VDI customers for your support.