We’re on the right track

StorMagics storage virtual appliance (SVA) SvSAN has been developed for enterprise organizations managing multiple branch/remote offices. VMworld 2012 continued to validate our development path as we were inundated with visitors to our booths who were specifically looking for a solution such as SvSAN to enable VMware HA and other features at their branch offices.


The key features organizations are looking for at the branch office are:

  • Minimal hardware
  • Low acquisition and maintenance costs
  • Low IT resource requirements
  • Centralized management, deployment and resolution
  • High performance
  • Scalability and Flexibility



It’s not all going to the cloud

Gradually more and more organizations are adopting “the cloud” as part of their branch office IT infrastructure. But regardless of which strategy they utilize i.e, private, public or hybrid; it’s not all going to the cloud.


The cloud provides many benefits to the end-user and the central office but it is still limited by its inability to guarantee business continuity at the branch. After speaking with many cloud solution providers and booth visitors, most agree that organizations are still and intend to continue to run business critical applications on site.


Cisco recently wrote this great article which identifies what branch applications are being moved to the datacenter/cloud and which are staying in the branch:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/modules/ps10598/white_paper_c11-611291.html



SSD, VDI, & Persistent/Non-Persistent VMs

To refer back to my first highlight and the key features organizations are looking for at the branch office, these are some of the key pieces to that puzzle for many IT administrators.


The advancement in these technologies has been extraordinary and organizations are turning to them and SVAs to help achieve more reliable and cost effective branch office environments.