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We’re pleased to announce that StorMagic has released a new White Paper “Preventing Branch Office Downtime with VMware & Storage Virtual Appliances.”


To access the White Paper, download it here.


Managing multiple branch locations presents unique IT challenges for organizations as management complexity, and often a lack of IT resources, can make it difficult to maintain continuous up time.


Shared storage is a key enabling technology and an absolute requirement for VMware’s advanced availability features such as High Availability, Fault Tolerance, vMotion and DRS. StorMagic recognizes that organizations are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver more reliable environments to their branch offices.Especially when routine business operations come to a standstill if and when things go wrong.


Without High Availability and the ability to effectively manage branch environments from the central office, ensuring continuous business up time and effective down time resolution can put increased pressure on IT administrators. This increases both IT costs and complexity.


CIOs and IT administrators face common challenges when implementing shared storage at their branch offices, including:

  • High hardware acquisition
  • High maintenance costs
  • The lack of on-site skilled IT staff


Download StorMagic’s new White Paper, “Preventing Branch Office Down Time with VMware & Storage Virtual Appliances,” to learn how to solve these common challenges.

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