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When: May 30th at 11:30 - 12:30 EDT / 16:30 - 17:30 BST


VMware users continue to turn to Storage Virtual Appliances (SVAs) to solve their High Availability needs at their branch offices. SVAs have enabled organizations with multiple branch locations to achieve business continuity more cost effectively and with less complexity than seen in traditional physical storage solutions.  Find the right SVA solution and the best methods for achieving optimal performance.


In this webinar:

  • Learnwhat to look for in a SVA and how it will enable High Availability at your branch offices more cost effectively
  • Uncoverhow to achieve optimal performance with a SVA
  • Discoverhow Credit Plus achieved higher performance with their SVA solution after replacing their physical SAN


This educational webinar is aimed at both IT professionals and business decision makers whose organizations have tens, hundreds, or thousands of branch office locations.


Access Your Free Whitepaper  As a thank you for registering for our webinar, we are pleased to share our informative white paper, "Factors Effecting SVA Performance" as well as our Case Study "StorMagic Ticks All The Boxes And Replaces Physical SAN At German Bank"



- Steven Santini: Marketing Development Specialist at StorMagic

- Chris Farey: Chief Technical Officer at StorMagic

- Joachim Stainczyk: Managing Director at Stainczyk & Partners

SvSAN / vSphere Storage Appliance Comparison

Unlocking the benefits of VMware high availability, vMotion and DRS is often missed as the traditional shared storage required can be too complex, inflexible and expensive.Storage Virtual Appliances (SVAs) are the most flexible, robust and cost effective alternative shared storage solution for virtualized environments.

Cost Effective Storage for The Branch Office

"StorMagic's SvSAN™was the product that met all of our requirements in terms of functionality, performance, reliability and cost effectiveness" Torsten Kurz, CreditPlus Bank


VMware's vSphere Storage Appliance was announced in 2011 and with that announcement generated plenty of interest into the technology and other similar solutions.

This created many question marks around how they compare and essentially which is the best suited solution for them. With that, StorMagic compiled this FAQ comparison of SvSAN and VMware's vSphere Storage Appliance based on the existing VMware FAQ. Please see the attached Document


Download your free evaluation of SvSAN to experience all these benefits for yourself



Maintaining high availability for business-critical applications continues to be one of the key IT objectives for branch office management. Yet how do you manage and maintain performance, integration, and ease of deployment cost effectively to support the most demanding business requirements?


CIOs are continuing to evaluate the benefits of virtualization and server consolidation to find new approaches to effective branch office management. Storage Virtual Appliances (SVAs) extend the benefits of virtualization and server consolidation by cost effectively delivering high availability in a simplified and manageable solution.


Learn how SVAs can help your organization fortify branch offices cost effectively


In this webinar you will:


• Learn how to implement an affordable, high-availability branch office solution;

• Discover how SVAs reduce the demands on network administrators and enable corporate IT to maintain control and manage branch offices from a single centralized hub

• Learn how E.ON Climate & Renewables achieved high availability at over 100 locations using Storage Virtual Appliances.

Q & A

Q: How many servers can I have using SvSAN storage?

   A: SvSAN provides highly available storage by presenting internal direct attached storage as iSCSI targets. Each SVA has a limit of 1024 iSCSI sessions.   


Q: Does SvSAN support VMware Fault Tolerance?

   A: Yes SvSAN supports Fault Tolerance as well as other VMware features such as High Availability, vMotion and DRS.   


Q: How is SvSAN licensed?

   A: SvSAN is licensed per server and based on mirror capacity requirements, for more information on pricing please visit our shop.   


Q: What Bandwidth is recommended between Central Office and Branch Offices?

   A: Between the SVAs, we recommend a minimum of 1GB connection for mirroring. Between the Central office and the branch a standard internet connection would suit.