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Unlock VMware with a Storage Virtual Appliance

Wednesday April 4th 2012 at 11:30 am – 12:00 pm EST / 16:30 pm – 17:00 pm GMTRegister Now


VMware® users need a flexible, robust and cost effective shared storagesolution for their virtual server environment. Shared storage systems are required in order to leverage the real benefits of vSphere (such as VMware HA, VMotion TM and DRS TM), but are often seen as out of reach, too complicated or expensive for many organizations.


Prior to the development of Storage Virtual Appliances, customers needed expensive and complex external SAN solutions to enable high-value features such as VMware HA, VMotion and Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS). This server based storage typically costs a fraction of what an external SAN costs and is much easier to manage.


Join our Webinar and we will demonstrate:
• Fast deployment and creation of shared storage;
• Ease of use through vCenter integration ;
High Availability and vMotion


As part of our discussion, we’ll highlight:
• The benefits of Storage Virtual Appliances and ;
• What makes SvSAN a favorite in SMB and  multi-site environments


Who Should Attend:
This educational webinar is aimed at both IT professionals and business decision makers  whose organizations have tens, hundreds, or thousands of locations.


Access Your Complimentary White Paper:
As a thank you for registering for our webinar, we are pleased to share our informative white paper, “Unlocking VMWare with a Storage Virtual Appliance (SVA).”

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vCenter offers VMware’s vSphere users a simple,  efficient  and unified way to manage all your hosts and VM’s in your environment from a single console with aggregate  performance monitoring of clusters, hosts and VMs.

But what about your storage?


Traditional shared storage solutions used to achieve VMware features such as high availability, vMotion and DRS are commonly known for their lack of flexibility and simplicity. Many look at storage virtual appliance (SVA) to solve these challenges but often these are not totally satisfied as many still lack vCenter integration and the many benefits that it provides.


Quick installation and Deployment of Storage

Storage Virtual Appliances (SVA) which are integrated into vCenter enables the end-user the ability to deploy a high availability enabled environment in less than 60 minutes where traditional methods could take the best part of a day.

Intuitive setup wizard’s makes deployment and configuration of shared storage a simplified task freeing time for more productive initiatives.


Ease of Use

Integration offers users the familiar single-pane-of-glass management  of vCenter  which means less time is spent learning a new system and more time is “business as usual”.


Central Management

Multi-site environments have many challenges associated with them and one of the more common is the management of branch offices.

vCenter offers users server and VM management of multiple locations from a single user friendly platform.

Integration into this extends these benefits to the management of the branch office storage which enables IT Administrators to manage the entire branch environment from one familiar user friendly interface.


Finding the right Storage Virtual Appliance can be a challenge in itself and by knowing what to look for in the right appliance separates the right choice from the wrong choice.  StorMagic’s SvSAN provides the single-pane-of-glass management and flexibility end-users look for.


Webinar covers how virtualization solves 3 key common challenges faced in multi-site environments:

  • Limited IT resources;
  • The need for reduced IT complexity; and
  • The demand for high availability

As part of our discussion, we highlight Storage Virtual Appliances (SVAs) and give you the tools to:

  • Achieve high availability without purchasing a SAN / NAS
  • Leverage your VMware vSphere
  • Manage your branch offices from a centralized hub


Q:How Is SvSAN Licensed?

A: SvSAN is sold with 2 licenses which covers a 2 server HA configuration, sinlge licenses are also available on request. Visit the shop at for more info.

Q: With Cloud moving quickly in the market do you see more customers utilizing that instead of local storage.?

A: MTypically customers keep business critical application running locally and utilize the cloud to compliment that by acting as a back-up or for applications which are not business critical. For More information on how Cloud can work with Storage Virtual Appliances get in touch with Matt at D2NA.

Are the raid controllers on the VMware HCL support by SvSAN and what Raid type do you recommend for Storage Virtual Appliances?

A: SvSAN does support all the RAID Controllers on the HCL, for Direct Path we can provide a list of controllers. Varies depending on your hardware, applications running and whether VMDK/RDM. Contact for more information.

Q: What kind of bandwidth do you recommend between the branch and the central office?

A: It is not really relevant, it is more important between the SVA’s for the mirroring for this we recommend a 1GB connection. For remote management bandwidth is not as much of an issue as long as you are able to create a reomte desktop session.

Q: Is there any limitation on Storage Type, HW SAN NAS?

A: No, you can allocate any external storage to the SVA, contact for more information and your requirements