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One of the biggest challenges faced in achieving High Availability in Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO)  environments, is managing multiple sites without requiring technically  trained staff locally and without having to depend on centrally  based/external IT to visit on site to resolve issues


Central Management enables IT administrators to resolve issues from a  central location without having to leave the comfort of their desk (To  be fair they could do with a little sunshine). So central management  means no more IT staff at local sites and no more IT travel expenses,  Right?


Well central management means you can manage the site centrally (Duh!) but without high availability you’re in the same situation, as if the server goes down……you guessed it, pack your bags.


But traditionally to achieve high availability you would implement a SAN or a NAS into a 2-3 server infrastructure,  that’s great if you have $40,000 spare to spend on each site (And that’s  just the SAN)


But on top of that, essentially a physical SAN / NAS is a single  point of failure, this means that if/when it fails, the benefits of  central management are redundant as it would require an IT person on  site to get back online.


An SVA like SvSAN on the other hand is the ideal safety net for multi-site environments as it mirrors information across multiple servers meaning  that that it can fail as can any one of the servers and business  applications can continue until the issues are resolved centrally.




StorMagic has received confirmation from VMware that our Storage Virtual  Appliance has passed the evaluation and testing process and is now  listed on the VMware Partner Product Catalog to include additional  certification for vSphere 5


Only a few select SVA solutions have passed VMware’s extensive certification testing and StorMagic’s SvSAN continues to be the only certified solution solely focused on VMware Environments. Customers seeking StorMagic’s familiar single-pane-of-glass management can continue to manage SvSAN from within VMware’s vCenter, assured that SvSAN makes best use of VMware technology and is ready for deployment in Multi-Site customer environments.


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StorMagic’s SvSAN can be found within the online VMware Partner Product Catalog at Hardware products can also be found within the online VMware Hardware Compatibility List at