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Learn how StorMagic addresses these challenges with SvSAN technology. During this 45 minute webinar, StorMagic will provide a technical overview of how some of our customers have addressed these problems in their POS and multi-site environments.


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Remote sites and branch offices present unique challenges for IT managers. This is especially apparent in the retail, restaurant, and hospitality sectors. Outages due to hardware and network failures and requirements for off-hours software maintenance impact sales, staffing and support costs, and the company brand. At the same time, a limited per-location budget, a lack of on-site technical skills, and virtualization’s requirement for additional hardware and software, prevent organizations from accessing the high-availability benefits of virtualization.


  • Limited space:  Stores, restaurants, remote sites and branch offices typically have limited space to accommodate additional servers, storage and networking equipment.
  • Limited budget: IT budgets are often based upon an assumption that the applications will be hosted on a single low-cost, PC server, however, this cheaper hardware option is a single point of failure that can interrupt the ability to service customers, record transactions, manage staffing and inventory, and process payments. In addition, maintenance must be done during high-cost, off hours.
  • Lack of local IT: Few organizations can afford trained IT staff at all of their branch locations. It is equally inefficient to leverage centrally located IT staff to provide emergency onsite support. This approach increases travel costs and extends the problem-resolution time, which directly impacts profitability.


These unique challenges require an equally unique solution; a solution that not only provides the shared storage you need to achieve high availability, but also requires little additional space, enables remote monitoring and maintenance, and avoids high-cost emergency repairs.

This is where StorMagic’s SvSAN steps in.

SvSAN is a storage virtual appliance that is not constrained by the typical limitations of external, shared storage and other Storage Virtual Appliances. How does it solve these unique challenges?:

  • Limited Space: SvSAN can be installed on as few as two low-cost servers and leverages the internal storage of those servers as shared VMware datastores. Unlike other high-availability approaches, which require three servers to achieve high-availability, SvSAN requires no Quorum (Neutral Storage Host).
  • Limited budget: Not only is SvSAN is one of the most affordable SVA’s available it can also provide HA on any edition of ESXi 4.1 or ESXi 5. SvSAN can even provide high availability on free versions of ESXi.
  • Lack of local IT: SvSAN can be setup in as few as 5 minutes and can be managed from a central office or remotely. Where vCenter is preferred, SvSAN is integrated to provide further ease of use.


Learn how SvSAN can solve these challenges for you!


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"Eliminates storage barriers to high availability server adoption"


The  day has arrived, SvSAN is now available for use with vSphere 5, the new  version offers the same familiar single-pane-of-glass management as  well as some great new features.


SvSAN now also includes the  functionality to provide High Availability without the need for vCenter  which will enable users to achive HA on versions of ESXiwhere it was  previouslt impossible (such as ESXi free edition as well as ESXi  Essentials). SvSAN is also the only SVA that does not require Quorum  i.e. the 3rd point of contact Neutral Storage Host (NSH), this means  SvSAN can be used to configure simple 2 server configurations without  the need for additional bulky hardware.

In recent news it’s difficult not to notice that many large retail  companies have been having issues with their networks, especially in  restaurant and fast food chains. Some locations go down for such a long  period of time that they end up giving the food away or closing their  doors.

Typically to achieve business continuity HA at any location you would  spend a large amount of money on both deployment and management:

  • Servers (at least 2)
  • VMware ESXi Essentials + (minimum)
  • SAN (There’s half your budget gone, and if you went virtual you would still need Quorum i.e. Neutral storage host)
  • vCenter either with KVM switch or physical PC (Not sure if I want the branch staff to have access to that)
  • The all-important keyboard, mouse and monitor (Just to entice staff curiosity)
  • Trained Staff (In case something does go wrong you need at least one person there who can do something)

In fairness this is the ideal minimum scenario at each branch, it  would most likely cost you less giving the food away every once and a  while when the systems go off line.

SvSAN is a Storage Virtual Appliance (SVA) that is designed with  multi-Site deployment and management in mind. All you need are 2 servers  with any version of ESXi (Including free ESXi) and SvSAN, creating a  simple 2 server set and forget solution which can be managed either  remotely or from a central office.

Smart Storage Made Simple:



Remote office / Branch Office (ROBO) management is a huge cost driver for mid- to large-size organizations.  Additional hardware, inconsistent technical skill, and an inability to scale the benefits of virtualization are just a few of the challenges facing IT Managers today.


SvSAN is a unique storage virtual appliance (SVA) which is not restricted by traditional limitations found in existing solutions for VMware environments. SvSAN is more than just another storage solution as it is able to provide robust High Availability without the need for vCenter and without the need for Quorum (i.e. the third party Neutral Storage Host).


It’s additional functionality like this that makes SvSAN an idealstorage solution for multi-site environments as it can be deployed as a simple 2 server, set and forget HA solution which can be managed remotely and at a central office.




StorMagic SvSAN™ highly available shared storage solution providesconsolidated data availability at a fraction of traditional cost.


As one of the leading retailers for food and consumer goods in Western Canada, they are often confronted with unique challenges. One of these challenges involved cost effectively setting up a virtual server environment that would be easy to manage for their 120 stores with over 16,000 employees.

Their challenge was being able to effectively consolidate their servers with a shared storage solution. They needed a low cost solution that would not only make life easier in terms of management, but also provide the required High Availability for added protection as they are a 24/7 business.


The Solution

The search for such a solution led the retail giant to quite a few providers. After taking a look at some other options, SvSAN emerged as the most cost effective solution. SvSAN not only gave them the simplicity and High Availability they were looking for, it also happened to have a very unique integration with VMware which makes life a lot easier.


The SvSAN virtual storage appliance (VSA) requires no additional storage adapters and it virtualizes existing storage within the ESX/i servers to optimize utilization, and enable enterprise caliber features such as application clustering and dynamic resource scheduling (DRS). Additionally, the creation, management and provisioning of datastores is simple and straight forward for SvSAN – all from a convenient console embedded into VMware’s vCenter, which eliminates the cost, training and complexity imposed by separate management consoles for storage.


The Result


Today, one of the leading retailers in Canada can enjoy the benefits of shared storage without the added cost and complexity that is usually associated with server consolidation. SvSAN gives multi-site environments one of the easiest management tools in the industry coupled with High Availability.